Whole School: 19/10/2018

Dear Parents,

The school year moves along quickly and we are almost at the first half-term break; time for the first formal evaluations. In the coming weeks there will PYP parent meetings, while the Secondary School students will receive their first interim reports. I advise you to keep up-to-date on the educational activities and the respective assessments that can be found on Class Dojo or Managebac.

In this newsletter, I am pleased to share some thoughts regarding my experience of the first Inspired European Heads Conference and to give you a sneak-peek at a series of interesting initiatives for our students and teachers.

This week should be marked on the ISC calendar: we have finally taken possession of all the new spaces created during the summer renovation! All of our students have started accessing the brand new and well-equipped theater/studio for drama lessons. The students of the Diploma Program have already started to enjoy their basement space for a bit of relaxation. Soon we will organize an official opening ceremony.

In the event you have not yet visited the digital monthly publication, edited entirely by Grade 7 to Grade 12 students, I would like to share with you once again the link to The ISC Times: https://isctimes2018.wixsite.com/news, and strongly invite you to have a good look. I am sure you will not regret it.

I wish you all a peaceful weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week during our United Nations Day festivities.

Ms. Ferloni


Inspired European Heads’ conference

The first Inspired conference for the Heads of all of the Inspired schools in Europe and Central Africa, held in Milan, was a great opportunity for everyone to exchange experiences and to compare our common projects as well as those that are individual. Ms. Nadim Nsouli (founder and CEO of Inspired), Mr. Crawford (Inspired President), Dr. Spurr (Inspired Group Education Director), Ms. Farr (Inspired Education Director) and Dr. Ledermann (Inspired CEO) actively participated in the Conference.

I really appreciated the thematic workshops that facilitated the sharing of knowledge, generated solid discussions, helped to understand common challenges and facilitated brainstorming among colleagues. Among the topics that were discussed that are most dear to me were: “What is great teaching? What makes a great Head? Evaluation practices that improve teaching and learning processes, digital learning and blended learning experiences.

The topic of recruiting the best teachers, their training and evaluation was extensively addressed from the prospective of professional networking that includes 42 schools globally.

I would like to bring to you a quote directly from the conference that resonates completely with my way of thinking. The vision of our school is contained within just these few simple words.

“The most important people in our school are our students.
The biggest asset in our school is our teachers”


Meetings with the Board

Last Wednesday we had the first official School Board Dr. Spurr and Dr. Ledermann who met the Leadership, the parent representatives of the three sections, the student council and our new teachers.

I would like to share with you the Inspired policy as it pertains to the composition of the Board and the reporting system:
“Each School Board consists – as a minimum – of two Inspired executives: the regional CEO/MD and the regional Education Director. The Head of School naturally attends all the Board meetings, together with her/his Senior Leadership Team and any others as required for contribution to specific reports. The School Board reports to the overall Inspired Board.

In all schools there is a Parental Advisory Group comprising elected parental representatives. While this Parental Group is not part of the School Board, the School Leadership meets with it on a termly basis; and Inspired Board Members do likewise during their termly visits.

There are normally three meetings per year, ie once a term. If possible, it is helpful to hold meetings around the time of an important event in school.”

Refurbishment – Complete!

I am pleased to officially declare that the refurbishment started at the end of June is finally completed. The students of the Diploma Program have already started to enjoy their hub space for a bit of relaxation.

The Drama Studio in the basement turned out to be a little gem equipped with the most modern audio/video technologies.


We are planning an official inauguration of these spaces that join our three new scientific laboratories, the Diploma Program classrooms, the libraries and the study hall.

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Global Citizenship

Many really wonderful initiatives are in the pipeline for our students within the Inspired circuit: international summer camps, short and longer stays at other schools around the globe, and boarding experiences. The Inspired marketing department will soon present the programs of these initiatives designed to increase internationality, the openness to experiences of autonomy in a protected but global environment, the exchange of educational and recreational experiences. The Global Camps will be offered in Inspired schools that offer boarding, in the UK, in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Kenya and Italy. If you would like a preview, I suggest you to watch the video I uploaded on the big display that has been animating our main atrium at the entrance of the school.


UN Day

The appointment for this great event at ISC is Wednesday 24 October at 09:00, we will start with a nice assembly and parade. We will celebrate the 42 nationalities of our school community. Everyone is invited to wear national costumes or their country’s colors. Do not miss it!