Whole School: 29/11/2019

Dear Parents,

The past few weeks have been full with a series of interesting activities, events and meetings. I would like to thank the parents who participated in the Back to Learning Day, those who attended the workshop on stress in students  as well as those who came to the numerous 3-Way Conferences. We were amazed by the great drama performance of the High School kids and by our MUN delegation (Model United Nations) that participated in important debates at the Monza Conference. On the PYP side, preparations continue for the PYP Winter Show under the extraordinary direction of Ms. Whittle. I look forward to seeing you during the upcoming events: the coffee morning on Tuesday, the PYP and EY winter shows and the Secondary Music Winter Concert.

In the meantime, I wish you all a peaceful weekend and I sent my best regards,

E. Ferloni
Head of School

International Mindedness


It would be too simple and obvious to define an international school by its composition and population. It is the vision and the objectives of the educational programmes that make it international.  One of these is to develop a mindset that is open to understanding and respecting different cultures.

Our school offers all students, with different levels of education and understanding, the opportunity to discuss and reflect on ethical concepts such as diversity and similarity in relation to inclinations, rights and responsibilities. They are stimulated to understand that people are different for their beliefs, values ​​and cultures that must be known and recognized, thus overcoming stereotypes and bias.

Our students, young and old, face global issues, learning that there are multiple perspectives that go beyond the immediate boundaries when discussing the environment, health, politics and conflict situations.  Our students are encouraged to exercise fluid communication in more than one language, while giving value to their mother tongue.  Through concrete actions they learn the concept of Service and understand that they can significantly help and serve their local and global communities.  They experience Leadership by using collaboration skills, negotiation, group dynamics, and conflict resolution.

Our school recognizes and values ​​skills and attitudes that form an open and international mindset through which our students will be able to have a positive impact on the global society.  Among these I list some that can easily be observed in the various classes during the various school activities: creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving; the capacity for peaceful conflict resolution and mediation; decision-making skills, collaboration and cooperation skills, and the ability to consider different points of view in a flexible manner.  Great emphasis is given to communication skills: verbal and non-verbal, listening with the intent of understanding, observing, questioning with the intent to learn, explain, express ideas and opinions, respectfully disagree.

In addition to skills, we work to develop attitudes and values ​​such as empathy, care and kindness, tolerance and respect for differences and managing tensions when they arise, risk taking and courage, responsibility for yourself and others.

We expect our students to know how to demonstrate and apply the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values ​​acquired and developed for an international mentality, that they are growing up  as responsible, caring and committed citizens who are able to contribute to a better world.

Alice for Children


Guided by the IB mission of training young minds and hearts capable of contributing to a better world and taking responsible and supportive actions, we have decided to launch a major fundraising initiative in support of Alice for Children.

We have decided to support a project that cares about childhood and education in countries where normal health and learning conditions are still a privilege. Alice for Children in exclusively involved in the lives of children living in the slums of Nairobi, in conditions of total deprivation: https://www.aliceforchildren.it/en/

One of our student’s grandfather’s is a founders of Alice for Children – he goes to Africa every three months and brings us moving testimonials. Mr. Diego Masi, Angelica’s grandfather, will come to school to introduce and present his African experiences and projects that are currently underway.

We like to have important ambitions and to dream big, so we hope to be able to support an entire school class and guarantee them a quality education. With a contribution of 5000 euros we can supply the meals and lessons for this class for a whole year: Alice for Children – Adotta una classe a Dandora

Our Student Council will be very active in organizing initiatives and fundraisers throughout our school year.  I would like to thank those of you who, with your generous contributions associated with the PYP Winter Show, have helped us get started in achieving our goal.

School Dress Code


We understand that, after a series of difficulties and delays, the school uniforms have now all been delivered. I invite all families to respect the dress code of the school and to have your children wear the school uniform every day, whether they are in the Early Years, Elementary or Middle School. High school students must wear the school’s sports kit during all gym classes and sports activities.

In the event that a student comes to the school with inappropriate clothing, they may denied from attending lessons and parents will be asked to bring them home for a suitable change of clothes.

I remind you that Free Friday is provided for middle school students, so every Friday they will be allowed to wear their usual clothes while respecting the school’s dress code. For all other students the last Friday of the month is considered a Free Dress Day and they too can forget about the school uniform for that day.

Open Days


Next week we will have another three other open days, for the Early Years & Primary, the Middle School and High School respectively. Many of the visiting families come to us through your word-of-mouth. This is an important testimony that gives us enormous pleasure. Starting this year, in addition to the days when we schedule placement assessments, we have also included another important element to the process of application to the Secondary School: the participation in a half-day of lessons. This allows the children to “taste” the school climate and the learning methods and to have a first knowledge of our students.

Cafeteria Committee first meeting


The first meeting of the Committee will be on Monday, December 9th at 14.30.
The Leadership and the Parents Members will meet the referents of the Compass company.

The entrance on via Po

Recently the Carabinieri of the local police station have brought to my attention that they are monitoring the traffic in Via Po during our entrance and dismissal times.  Please note that on the entire via Po there is a ban on stopping and therefore it is recommended to use the adjacent car park for the drop off. They tell me that some cars travel at high speed and pay no attention to pedestrians. For obvious security reasons, as well as to avoid unpleasant fines, I invite you to adhere to the traffic laws and to always give way to pedestrians.

Winter Break

The lessons will be suspended for the winter holidays from December 23rd to January 6th. I would like to remind you that, Friday, December 20 lessons will end at 13.00 as indicated on the school calendar. I thank all the families that have respected the dates of suspension of the lessons, and will not be leaving ahead of time.