Whole School: 28/02/2020

Dear Parents,

In this “extraordinary” period, we have taken extraordinary measures. I want to thank you personally for being extraordinary too.

I have followed the activities on Class Dojo and Managebac every day and I wanted to be a student again with them. Our teachers have managed to transfer what is normally prepared daily for class activities into a Virtual Learning Hub. I am truly proud of everyone! They work online all day supporting each other. We are experimenting with a new form of cooperation and activating new communication channels.

In less than 24 hours, the whole school went from in person to virtual. All the children from Pre-Kinder to High school were able to access live lessons. You have accompanied your children, even the very young, through the activities and videos offered on Class Dojo. Upper Elementary, Middle and High school students have regularly attended class, thanks to Managebac, Google Docs and our technological platforms for the distribution and delivery of materials and work.

I am particularly proud of the professionalism of our team, a feature that has always distinguished us, and for the way that it has been able to adapt in a very short time and ensure continuity of teaching.  The readiness and flexibility of our staff and students has gone beyond all my expectations. Teamwork and professionalism cannot be improvised in an emergency if it doesn’t already exist in everyday life.

Our students, young and old, have shown great competence, clearly showing us those skills that the IB program develops: mental flexibility and adaptability to new situations, creativity, self-confidence, personal autonomy, communication skills and above all curiosity in learning.

We have always kept away from discussions about the value judgment technology in teaching, believing that technology is only a means, not good or bad in itself.  It depends on the use made of it and on the preparation of those who use it. On this occasion, however, we are happy to note that our community has remained united and connected thanks to technology and that our students are proving themselves not only very competent in its use, but also very responsible.

Behind the scenes, since last Sunday the office staff has worked tirelessly to be able to guarantee the implementation of the new procedures for everyone, once again showing flexibility and dedication to our school.

We do not yet know if we can reopen the school next week; I will keep you promptly informed. Among the many positive feedback received from our students, however, is a lack of direct contact, of the social perspective, and of the warmth of friendships that only being together can give. They want to go back to school and are asking me if it will reopen soon!

Sanitizing the School

Much work took place behind the scenes during these days of closure.  All areas have been sanitized with extraordinary measures and the structure is ready to welcome everyone back.

I would like to summarize here the main points provided by the Contingency Plan that Inspired put into action starting at the first sign of an emergency. I would like to thank the entire Inspired team for the great support and guidance that we received these past few days. I certainly felt the strength of a competent and effective team.

  1. Change of detergents currently in use, in favor of those recommended by the Lombardy Region.
  2. Reinforcement of the disinfecting of areas characterized by a large concentration of students and teaching and non-teaching staff such as: cafeteria, gym, school entrance and exit areas, drama studio, indoor playgrounds, and bathrooms. The plan provides for that these areas be sanitized at least twice a day.
  3. Disinfecting of doors, handles, glass, school desks at least 2-3 times a week.
  4. Positioning hand sanitizer dispensers, at the entrance of the cafeteria for hand cleaning on entrance.

These measures will be performed at least for the next 60-90 days.

Mr. Nicholas Wergan- Inspired Educational Director

I am taking the opportunity to share with you a video introduction sent to all staff by Mr. Wergan, who was appointed Inspired Educational Director in January.

I am regularly in contact with him as well as with the other Heads of the Inspired in Italy schools and on March 12 we will all meet for a day of work together in Milan.


Interesting article to read

I am attaching an article written for this emergency by Dr. Fungi, psychologist of the International school of Milan and Monza.  Dr. Fungi specializes in Mindfullness and I highly recommend that you have a read. When we have more time, we will translate it into Italian.


A warm thank you for your collaboration, support and understanding in this moment in which we are all being tested.

I wish you a peaceful weekend – I can’t wait to see you again on campus.

Emanuela Ferloni
Head of School