Whole School: 24/05/2019

Dear Parents,

As we enter the last period of the school year, full of exams and deadlines, we are already planning for big things in the year to come. Inspired schools are increasingly organizing for common projects and programs. We all are very happy for the mutual benefits and strengthening of the team and of the spirit of collaboration. I invite you to read the many initiatives planned for the last few weeks.


I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Grand Summer Ball set with the backdrop of the magnificent scenery of Villa Argenta and I wish you a peaceful weekend,

E. Ferloni

Whole School Parent Class Representatives Meetings

Tuesday, June 4 will be the last meetings of the year for the PYP and MYP/DP Parent Class Representatives.  I want to thank all the parents who offered their precious time and their best energy to support our school.


The leadership team will present a summary of this year’s accomplishments and the goals of the next.

For me, gathering parents’ feedback is an indispensable opportunity to be able to improve and continue to enrich what the school has to offer.  When preparing for a new school year it is good to reflect on, and draw lessons from, the year that has passed.  In this light, I would appreciate receiving critical and constructive reflections that will help us to put new energy into play.

Before the end of the school year, new Parent Class Representatives will be elected for 2019-2020 so I invite you to think about candidacy.

Next Year’s Teachers

teacher recruitment

We have completed the recruitment for the new 2019-2020 teachers.  In the coming weeks we will send you the professional profiles of those who will join our teaching team and the specific class assignments will be confirmed at the end of the summer, when the class compositions are formalized. Where we have two class sections, the leadership will assess the opportunity to mix students to form new classes, in order to maximize socialization and educate our students about change, adaptability and resilience.

Inspired Schools: Student Exchange Programs

student exchange

We are proud to be able to start offering our students one of the great benefits of being part of a large group of international schools.

The Inspired Global Exchange Program will soon be launched. There are 28 schools in the group, including ours, that have chosen to join this innovative program that offers Inspired students to spend a part of the school year, short or long, in a group school around the world. An informative brochure and a dedicated web page are being prepared. Stay tuned and start dreaming!

We have our own start to this program, in our own small way, when we will host Grade 7 and Grade 8 students Inspired students from Modena, Monza and Siena on May 27 & 28 for a “European Math Exchange”. There will be numerous competitions and mathematical games, but also an evening with pizza and a movie followed by a sleepover.

A big “Thank you” to Ms. Blakeway for promoting this wonderful initiative and welcome to all guests!

Laptops at School  

We are required to align ourselves with the Inspired policies, also for what concerns the technologies applied to learning. The Inspired schools operate according to what is called “Bring your own device” policy (BYOD). Starting in 2019-2020 all of our students in the Secondary section, from Grade 7 and up, will be required to bring their own laptop to school.laptop

This year we have adhered to this policy with High School students who have appreciated and valued this choice, and considered it to facilitate in their learning.

Technology is a powerful tool that can enhance the teaching and learning process. One of the goals that we have at ISC is to ensure a positive interaction with technology within the learning environment. Therefore, negative use of any device in/outside the school is not acceptable.

Through focusing on innovation, we can invest in new practices that connect pedagogy to technology. At ISC, we are able to do this through the process of inquiry. This is done within four areas: collaboration, creation, construction and communication. It is an opportunity that allows learners to collaborate effectively with their peers as well as their educators. They are able to personalize their learning process thus ensuring engagement within the learning process. BYOD will help to enrich and extend the learning process by:

  • Providing learners with ‘anywhere, anytime’ education
  • Establishing 21st century skills
  • Completing online formative and summative assessments.
  • A shift to a more student-centered approach where inquiry is emphasised.
  • Educating our learning to leave a positive digital footprint.

Shortly, I will be sending to you the school policy, which also specifies the technical requirements of the laptops that the students must have in order to support the software provided by the school.


yearbookIt has become an ISC tradition to collect images of beautiful moments spent together as evidence of a school year full of events, milestones and challenges that have been overcome. When I go back through our previous yearbooks, I always get quite emotional.  I see young students who are now in the final stages of their studies, I see the faces of teachers who made great contributions to the school, and I relive events and community moments that required the collaboration of many. How much we have accomplished together and how much the school has grown! How many children are no longer at ISC but left a significant mark in our hearts and memories.

This year we will once again have a Yearbook; a collection of beautiful and colorful moments spent together.  You will receive an email with the specifics of cost and delivery dates. If you are interested in booking your copies, please reply to the forthcoming email or send your requests to the Front Office Staff.

School Uniform: Lost & Found

lost-and-found.jpgWe will soon begin to redistribute items found in the Lost & Found that have a label with the owner’s name. I invite all families to check and recover any of your items as many articles are unidentifiable and are still unclaimed. Any pieces left over after the end of the lessons, on June 21, will be donated to Caritas.

End of year Parties

Due to our school growing and to the diverse needs of the different age groups of our students,the PTA and Leadership have decided on some alternatives to the annual BBQ.

Pre-Kinder to Grade 5: Teddy Bears Picnic on Friday, June 7 from 10:00 to 11:00

Parents welcome to join – You must bring a teddy bear!

On the MYP green area, we will have a picnic of healthy snacks and fun activities. Grades 5 and 6 help to run the activities.

Grade 6 – Grade 8 School Social Disco on Friday, June 7 from 14:30 to 16:30 in the Drama theatre/DP hub (students may leave at 15:30) Students only.

PTA have arranged a disco event for students to enjoy dancing, or just enjoy some snacks and social time together. Grade 6 are joining as part of their transition into MYP.

Grade 9 – Grade 12 Aperitivo hour on Friday, June 14 from 14:30 to 15:30 in the Drama theatre/DP hub. Students only.

PTA will arrange an aperitivo with snacks and a disco. Grade 9 are included as part of their transition into High School.

Thanks a lot to our amazing PTA!!!