Whole School: 22/03/2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the spring edition of our newsletter.

I would like to thank all the fathers who participated in our Father’s Breakfast.

I apologize for having to ask to postpone the meeting with the Homeroom Parents that was planned for March 26th.  The first three days of next week, I will be involved in an IB evaluation visit to another international school.

A big “Good Luck” to the secondary school students who at the end of this month will receive their mid-year reports and who shortly thereafter will be engaged in various residential trips.

Congratulations to the Student Council for promoting the DonaCibo food drive in the main entrance of the school.  I see that in particular, our PYP students are participating with great results.

Happy reading and have a good weekend,

Ms. Ferloni

Board meeting with Dr. Spurr

Board Meeting

I am pleased to inform you that on the morning of Tuesday, April 2nd we will have the Term 2 Board Meeting during the visit of Dr. Spurr, the Education Director of the Inspired Group. During the day, he will meet the Leadership Team, in the form of a Board meeting in which the following points will be addressed:

  • School and student performance
  • Appraisal and evaluation of teachers
  • The Self-Study process in preparation for the IB assessment visit for PYP and MYP
  • Staff recruitment

During the morning, Dr. Spurr will also meet with Student Council and the PTA Parent Advisory Board.

The Inspired policy provides that the Board, in the form of one or more of its members, is present at school once per Term throughout the year for an official Board Meeting day with Leadership, students and parents.

Success and Congratulations once again!

infinitybots 2

We have more reasons to celebrate and congratulate the infinityB Robotics team who, with their participation at Nationals, stunned us by ranking for International competitions. Our team was invited to represent Italy at the FLL International Open in Izmir, Turkey, at the end of May. Well done!

What is FFL? First LEGO League challenges children to think like scientists and engineers. This year the theme was INTO ORBIT. The teams had to create their project and presentation having first chosen and then solved a real problem. They built, tested and programmed an autonomous robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology to solve a series of missions in the Robot Game. Throughout their experience, the teams operate under specific Core Values, celebrating the method of research, teamwork and a professional code of ethics. These values ​​must also be documented and demonstrated throughout their project. If you want to know more, click on http://www.firstlegoleague.org/

Infinity Bots earned yet another great recognition called ‘Oltre al Robotica’ (Beyond Robotics).

The ‘Oltre la Robotica’ is an award ceremony for the best scientific projects. From the 100 teams that participate in FLL Italia, the project research judges in each regional select the most interesting project presented at that level. They base their decision on the following characteristics:

  • Application & functionality of the project
  • Innovation
  • Originality

InfinityBots were nominated for the best research project at the Genova Regional competition. The team was then required to create a video, no longer than 2 minutes, to explain their project. A judging committee (composed of FLL judges, representatives of MIUR, a representative of the National Association and Rita Levi-Montalcini Foundation) will identify the best three projects, to be awarded at the Italian Space Agency headquarters in Tor Vergata, Rome on May 21st.  Among these 3 projects is InfinityBots!

To meet the team, please watch InfinityBots’s introduction video for the FLL National event: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MaaP4uaLzpiEtlU9mvBrLYtjNNkU5ZBO

To watch InfinityBots video describing their research project ‘The Space Base’. This video and the animations (except for the asteroid scene) was created by the learners themselves. Please click on the link:

To find out more about Oltre La Robotica, please click on the link:

Our team members were great, but so to were our teachers Ms. Ricco and Ms. Wallace who accompanied them, help them prepare the presentations, and supported them in facing the many challenges. In short, a beautiful example of teamwork, of integration of design and robotics techniques with those of public speaking.


To all of them, I want to express our sincere and affectionate compliments. The challenge is not over and we continue to cheer for them.

The Day

the day

In this newsletter, I would like to dedicate some particular attention to our libraries that are very busy and lively this year in many moments of the day, but at the same time very quiet and a perfect place to concentrate on studying or reading. We have expanded the selection of books and magazines, but we also have many interesting online resources.

In particular, I would like to share with you and invite you and your kids to use: “The Day” and “The Day Explorer”.

It is an online journal full of the best daily updated international news and a lot of activities related to the articles you have chosen so that we can help our students to keep up to date with news from our world!

How to spot fake news? Who to trust? How to deal with information overload? The problem of kids and current affairs has never been more challenging.

The Day is a wonderful tool to help tackle fake news, engage students with the world around them and develop critical thinking.

Taking a good look at two or three of the most significant happenings in the world on any given day, is an essential service in an age where the babble of opinion and the 24-hour streaming chaos of events can easily create confusion for most adults and young people.

Have a look and try it yourself – you will find simplified articles, testimonies, video presentations, movies.

Your children know the login details and password

The Log in Details are on an orange tab on the right hand side Just above the search field.

The Log in Details are on an orange tab on the left.