Whole School: 21/09/2018

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our newsletter/blog! This second edition is all the better for the contributions of our Curriculum Coordinators and I invite you to read the specific articles on the PYP, MYP or DP programmes in the Curriculum Corner section. Since last I wrote, we have had the first parent-teacher meetings in the various sections of the school, as well as the first introductory workshops on the programmes.  The schedules of the various classes have been defined, as have the uses of the various school spaces.  We are ready for our students to kick into gear with a year school full of challenges and initiatives.

At the two-week mark, we have begun activities that happen alongside the regular lesson timetable: weekly assemblies and after lunch sports clubs in the Primary section. In Secondary we have started new courses called “Extended” which include Drama, Judo, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Choir, Rock Band, Journalism, Creative Writing, Fashion and Design laboratory, CAS and Service as Action, MUN (Model United Nations) and courses called “Enrichment” that offer reading clubs, mathematics or extra-maths support, study skills clubs, global issues, chess, and collaborative study groups. Our students were able to independently sign up for their preferred course or club scheduled every day immediately after lunch and before afternoon classes.

The optional after-school clubs, trials of which were held last week, are still on standby because no club has reached the minimum number of students to start. I invite you to contact Mr. Hutchison at clubs@iscomo.com.

A school community based on the values ​​of trust and empathy, responsibility and respect; this is the theme that will encompass our 2018-2019 school year. Starting next week we will be encouraged to reflect on Bullying and therefore we engaged in our personal best in order to highlight what it means to establish relationships based on trust and respect.

I would like to thank all of the PTA parents who have already devoted precious time to the school and who have organized tonight’s social gathering at La Cassinazza.

I look forward to seeing all of you at this wonderful community event this evening and wish you a peaceful weekend.

E. Ferloni

Anti-bullying week

Next week, all ISC students, in their respective age groups, will be involved in activities designed to recognize and reflect on the different manifestations of bullying. You may be asking, what is the school’s position on this important topic?

The International School of Como has a clear anti-bullying policy to ensure that all school stakeholders (students, parents, staff and administration) understand the common definition of bullying and the collective community response to it. The anti-bullying policy covers all aspects of school life, and all stakeholders without exception, to ensure that all those who work in the school do so in a safe, positive learning environment.

The anti-bullying policy is linked directly to the ISC core values and in particular:

  • Creating a Community based on Respect
  • Encouraging Action, Service and Personal Responsibility

Therefore, it is essential that all members of the school community understand and abide by the policy, and model respectful behavior in all situations. This encourages and empowers all stakeholders to be proactive in creating a positive sense of community and responsibility so that the opportunities for bullying to exist are minimalized.

Ways of educating about bullying through the curriculum, learner profile and PYP

The curriculum of the school, the IB programmes and the Learner Profile are all mediums to raise awareness of the nature and causes of bullying and how it affects individuals and communities. Within the programme of inquiry there are also specific units of inquiry that develop an understanding of respect, for others and the environment, and taking responsibility. Assemblies, PSPE (personal social and physical education), class or group social awareness initiatives such as circle time, and specialist lessons, can also have a focus on anti-bullying.  It is important that bullying be addressed directly in the school and proactively throughout the school’s curriculum. All class teachers and specialists need to work on this area of pastoral care.

A buddy system and the use of mentors and monitors in the playground is a proactive way of ensuring that there is a positive climate in the school and that bullying issues are minimalized. Bullying can occur in isolation and therefore it is important that no student is isolated mentally or physically.

School community’s response

ISC has a coordinated and consistent response to bullying in the school. There is a zero tolerance to bullying of any kind and the immediate implementation of an organized procedure to deal with the incident. This includes support for those being bullied and, where appropriate, both support and sanctions for those perpetrating the bullying. This enables all stakeholders to feel secure in being able to visit, work and learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment.

Respect for the School Uniform

Capture3.JPGYou may have noticed my presence at the school’s entrance in the morning as the students arrive; I like keeping an eye on them both at the entrance and at the exit off of campus. Even the non-verbal exchanges first thing or at the end of the day help me to know them and understand them better. During these times, I notice that some students arrive late or do not respect the school uniform or the dress code. I warmly invite you to respect the school’s rules, starting with the timetable. Arriving late for lessons is disruptive to the entire class and, unless it is an exception, is considered a serious lack of respect. All instances of tardiness are noted and will be recorded on report cards.

Why is it important to respect the school dress code? Not only is it to comply with the rules of the community – which in itself is a worthy educational reason – but it is also related to the sense of belonging to the group and it provides a strong incentive to concentrate on learning and to avoid unnecessary distractions. Wearing the school uniform is also a requirement for all field trips. I would like to remind you that in addition to polo shirts and sweaters and sweatshirts with the school logo, it is mandatory to wear trousers or skirts that are navy blue; unless they are the official school tartan skirt or red dress for girls. Colorful patterned tights are not permitted at any age.

We will monitor for full compliance of the dress code. Infractions will be communicated to parents should the infraction be repeated students will be sent home to change. I trust in your full cooperation in support of our school community.

Collaboration with ERACLE sports center

Capture1I am really pleased to be able to announce the start of a collaboration with the prestigious ERACLE sports center in San Fermo.  The proposal is related to an annual registration of a child which would include a sports course and the transfer by bus – with an assistant who will supervise the children from the moment of departure from ISC to the Eracle Sports Center. The courses that are available are: swimming, football, karate and yoga. This collaboration can start once a minimum daily number of participants is reached, independent of the sports course that you’re your child/children have chosen.

The center’s Marketing and Communication of Sports Activities Director will be with us Friday, September 28th at 08:50 to illustrate the sporting opportunities and the service offered. It’s a wonderful opportunity, do not miss it!

On the Ski Slopes with Giorgio Rocca


While we are still enjoying the beautiful summer temperatures, it might seem out of place to talk about skiing and our Half Term break for Ski Week (February 25 to March 1).  However, the organizational machine requires that we rev up our annual collaboration with the famous skier Giorgio Rocca and his ski school.  On Wednesday, October 3 from 9:00 am to 10:00, Giorgio will visit us once again to present his wonderful ski package for the February break.  I know that there is an enthusiastic group of our families are eagerly waiting to receive this year’s program. Parents interested in receiving information, are invited to attend the meeting with Mr. Rocca here at ISC.

Cafeteria Committee

The PTA parents have informed us of their representatives for the cafeteria committee: Mrs. Giovanna Novati (G7 and G11), Mrs. Fugazzi (G6 and G8) Ms. Rivera Ruiz (G6 – G10) and Ms Trombini (Transition & G3).

A member of the Leadership Team, a teacher and a manager from Serenissima (our supplier) will be part of the commission.

The role of the cafeteria committee is mainly to review the menus and instructions and regulations provided by the ASL (Azienda Sanitaria Locale or Health Authority), as well as to promote health and nutrition education initiatives, and to gather opinions and suggestions that may be of help in improving the health and nutrition of our students. Cafeteria Committee members may also observe the moments of school lunch.

English Language Courses for Parents

I am pleased to be able to propose once again the English language courses for parents that had been suspended temporarily due to the lack of available classes during school hours. The course will be held by Ms. Fabiola Viti, a bilingual professional who specializes in teaching adults (she is certified in CELTA Teaching).  Ms. Viti is also holds an economics degree from the University of Westminster London and graduated from Goldsmiths College London is an interpreter.  If you are interested in the course, I recommend that you visit his site www.e3comms.com. You will receive an email with details of the programs, the possible days and times and associated costs. Ms. Viti will work with us as an external professional, and all organizational and economic aspects will be managed directly by her.

Ms. Viti will be at ISC for a presentation of the courses and to answer your questions on Thursday 27 September at  15:00 In order to provide a suitable place for the meeting, I ask you kindly to confirm your presence at our front desk or directly to Ms. Viti info@e3comms.com .