Whole School: 19/12/2018

Dear Parents,

We have come to the end of the first term and we can begin to see the fruits of the many initiatives and learning opportunities. The past few weeks have been full of events that actively involved us all in the community life here at ISC. All of this was made possible by everyone’s valuable contributions.

Our first football fixture of the year for Grade 7 and some of Grade 6 students at ISMilan was a great experience and our players showed amazing skills!!
Well done!!

The ISC choir led by Ms. Nicoletta Tiberini visited Fondazione Bellaria at Appiano Gentile. The performance was magic and filled us with love.
Our students were surprised to find out how rewarding this experience could be, by seeing the smiles on the residents of Fondazione Bellaria, their enthusiasm to be part of the performance together with us. We were no longer students and teachers visiting an elderly people home, but a group of people of all ages happy to share music together in a snowy afternoon. What a wonderful opportunity to see how music can bring us together and put a smile on our faces!
This was an example of ‘Service as Action’ and ‘CAS’ which our students regularly undertake as part of the IB curriculum. Well done to all participants for this noble initiative! Thanks to Fondazione Bellaria for being so welcoming and to the ISC Choir!


We would like to extend our grateful thanks to all the student representatives and staff of the school who took an active part in pushing forward our Christmas Shoebox Appeal initiative benefitting the fostercare work of Punto Cometa. It is wonderful to see our school body participate so actively and give back to the wider community in such a positive manner and display the characteristics of the IB profile. As a school we look forward to growing this initiative in the years to come and continue to promote and establish connections within our local community.

I want to thank our teaching team, the administrative staff, the parents of our active PTA,  the cafeteria committee, and the many volunteers and supporters that improve our work at school – and, of course, our students.  They are at the center of all that we do, our motivation and hope for a better world.

Winter Shows

I’m thankful that so many of you attended our numerous Winter Shows and shared with us moments of excitement and happiness. The wonderful spontaneity and naturalness of younger children always manages to move me and reinforces my belief that an educational environment based on the ability to express oneself freely, is the absolute best that we can offer to our kids. Our students have confirmed the importance of the arts as they significantly contribute to their social and emotional growth.
This year’s show was possible thanks to the dedication and professionalism of our teachers and an incredible team effort. I especially thank Mrs. Whittle who wrote, coordinated and directed “Annie Meets Oliver” for the Elementary and Ms. Carla for “Lend a Helping Hand” for the Early Years.

School nurse

IMG-20180909-WA0019I am very pleased to announce that a pediatric nurse will be joining our staff when we are back from the Winter Break. Ms. Antonella Goglia comes to us with over 10 years of experience in pediatrics and pediatric emergency care at the Valduce hospital in Como. The medical room adjacent to the gym will serve as a local infirmary and Ms. Goglia will be at ISC every day from 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. It is my intention to also involve her in a program of health education and nutrition for our students.

Arrivals and Departures


January is always marked by arrivals and departures at ISC. It is not easy to say goodbye to students and families who transfer to other countries and schools mid-year, but this is the reality of international schools. We will certainly feel the absence of Alessandro of MYP 5 and of the Pesaresi family, active for years in the PTA, we wish them a lot of luck in the Big Apple.

When we are back to school at the start of 2019 we will welcome several new students in various PYP and MYP classes. The Ceva family, from New York, will once again be part of our community for two months with their three children: Cassandra – Grade 6, Clotilde – Grade 8 and Cooper – Grade 9. We will welcome Maiia and Sofia in Kindergarten, Lorens and Natnael in Grade 1. In the elementary section we will welcome Luana who will join the Grade 3M. The student of Grade 8 will be joined by Luca, Yuxiang (Mike) and Annasofia. While Ishbel will arrive in Grade 11. We offer a warm welcome to all of them and their families.

January 19th – School Day

As has been announced several times previously, this year’s school calendar includes a school day on Saturday. Highlighted on the calendar on January 19, a school day when the lessons will be operational from 08:30 to 13:45. That morning the school will also open its doors to external visitors. Regular bus service and lunch will be guaranteed and thhis day is calculated as an actual day of school.

A special thanks

On behalf of all the staff, i would like to express heartfelt thank you to the PTA for the Christmas gifts. Everybody really appreciated the healthy italian food!

Best wishes to all families

I extend sincere greetings to all families for the festive season and for the New Year, wishing a peaceful and joyous Christmas holiday and hoping that 2019 will bring personal satisfaction and another exciting year for everyone at ISC.


A world of warm wishes this holiday season! Have a wonderful Winter break and see you all again on January 7!

The next Coffee Morning is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15.