Whole School: 19/06/2020

Dear Parents,

At the end of a truly unique and special school year, I look back with amazement and admiration: at the many initiatives we’ve gone through, virtually and not, at the challenges that have put us to the test and at the goals achieved – thanks to everyone’s collaboration.

In closing out the year, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the entire school community.

Looking back over the year, I feel an enormous sense of appreciation for our brilliant teachers and staff, and I must express my gratitude for all of the times that they were able to touch our students’ human feelings, inspiring their dreams and supporting their efforts; especially in the past challenging months.  The richness of the IB curriculum is ingrained in our community, but it is the human warmth that is the vital element for the growth and the accomplishments of all of our students.

I would like to thank the Administration staff who accomplish an enormous amount of work every day behind the scenes.  During this lock-down period they worked hard, managing communications and organization.

I would like to thank our students who were truly put through to the test in this year’s recent difficult months. They gave us challenges, joy, many questions and a sense of purpose. They are our true motivation to continue to dream and believe in good values and in a better world.

I would like to express my heartfelt thank you to all the parents who have contributed to the school initiatives, discussions, workshops, coffee mornings, webinars and have made a real difference in our community.

I would like to personally thank all the students, teachers and families who have sent me messages of affection, appreciation and esteem. You moved me to tears. I have wavered and had to convince myself that this is the right time to leave ISC and accept other challenges.

I wish you a beautiful summer, despite all the restrictions.  My best wishes to all the students and families who will start a new adventurous school year in other parts of the world, together with a sincere invitation to remain in touch with ISC.

E. Ferlonithank-you

Congratulations to our Graduates!

A hallmark of each academic year is the graduation ceremony. This year has been really special and exciting for ISC because we celebrated the first IB Diploma graduating class. The IB Diploma obtained at the end of a rigorous course of study opens the doors of the best universities in the world.

It was our most fervent desire to have a special ceremony in the presence of students and parents in the beautiful setting of the Fino Mornasco park…albeit with some mask and rigorous social distancing.  We teach our students to believe in dreams and always have high aspirations, and we help them develop skills and attitudes so that they can achieve them. We have realized the dream of the first Graduation for the International school of Como all together.

The 2020 graduating class will be remembered not for what we lost because of Coronavirus, but for how we dealt with it and for the extraordinarily new things we learned.

In congratulating our 11 graduates I wished them to pursue every ambition, to go as far as possible with their studies and to be ready to embrace new responsibilities to contribute to a better, fairer, more sustainable and peaceful world.

Many congratulations also to our Grade 6 students who, after a magnificent PYP Exhibition, amazed us with an online Graduation full of speeches, images and emotions. ELVIA PUTS PHOTOS. A truly heartfelt ceremony that held 90 participants actively on Zoom for more than an hour. Our students are always full of ideas and have loads of things to share.

Congratulations to our Grade 9 students who ventured into the world of the “Terza Media exam”, preparing a paper and making an online presentation. The Fino Mornasco school has already complimented us on the preparation and mastery of our students. We will receive the grades shortly.

Changes and Challenges require Trust & Collaboration

This year has certainly been a year of challenges and changes. Students, teachers and parents had to adapt quickly to new forms of learning, communication and collaboration. We have discovered new frontiers, developed new skills and exercised resilience and adaptability to the extreme. Along with all this, there were moments of uncertainty, tiredness or difficulty. It is good to recognize and understand these moments too, to frame them in a context and to ask ourselves if more could have been done and differently.  We grow and evolve much more in fatigue.

Now looking to the future, I know that you have uncertainties and fears about the return to school and the change of leadership. Changes and the unknown can raise fears and uncertainties. When this happens, it is the values ​​on which the relationships in our school are based that we must bring into play to regain trust. Values ​​such as:

  • Respect – recognising the integrity of all of those involved in a child’s education and their mutual interdependence.
  • Competence – professional capability and the effective discharge of role and responsibility.
  • Personal regard for others – mutual dependence and caring leading to a sense of interdependence and reciprocity.
  • Integrity – consistency, reliability and a clear sense of moral purpose.

I am sure that the start of the next school year will take place in the best possible way. I wish the new principal and the new staff the opportunity to continue the relationships of trust, collaboration and esteem that I have always felt was recognized by the ISC families.  I conclude with a quote that is close to my heart.

“ The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created–created first in mind and will, created next in activity.
The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating.  The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination “ -John Schaar

calendarNext Year’s School Calendar

The 2020-2021 school calendar is posted on the ISC website and at the start of the year we will distribute a more detailed version that you can use in keeping track of the main school events. Teachers start back at school on August 24th.

Lessons for all secondary school students will resume on Thursday, September 3rd and for Primary Students the first day will be on Friday, September 4th, including the Early Years who will spend half a day at school as their first taste.

In the coming weeks I will send you a detailed Handbook which contains all the procedures and protocols for the reopening in September. I will then organize a webinar for the Primary section and one for the Secondary section in order to be able to answer any questions you may have.
I am also preparing a specific one for the Early Years which will be sent by email.

office hoursISC Summer Office Hours and Closings

During the summer months, the school office will be open Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 16:00.  In all other hours it will be possible to leave a voice message. We do not foresee office closings during the summer.


We attach to this newsletter an appeal to contribute for the Centro Cometa, with which we have shared many initiatives in the past. This community that cares for children and adolescents in need is finding itself in great difficulty in these challenging times.


If you are leaving ISC, we wish you good luck wherever you go. We would be very happy if you were to stay in touch with us – we like to follow our former students’ journeys as they always remain a part of the ISC family. Please send us your contact information to frontoffice@iscomo.com