Whole School: 17/04/2019

Dear Parents,

Before Spring Break, it is our pleasure to update you with this short newsletter with what awaits us when we return in May – a month dedicated to the Arts.

I wish you all a wonderful Easter and I hope that you all get a chance to disconnect from work, relax and spend some time bonding as a family.


I look forward to welcoming you back on Thursday, May 2!

Best wishes,
Emanuela Ferloni

May & The Arts


Once again, the month of May will be dedicated to the expressive arts and several initiatives, such as the Art Gallery and our participation at a Shakespeare festival, will draw our focus and attention into this realm.

The arts are a mainstay in the IB programs and they aim to develop in students a sense of initiative, exploration and self-confidence, divergent thinking, open-mindedness and creativity.

“Creativity is the foundation of the arts; it permeates the skill and structure of artwork. Creativity is what makes the audience pause to take a closer look at a work of art; to examine what it might be that thrills the viewer, what excites the senses, what titillates the perceptions. When we stumble out of an exhibition or performance, reeling with possibility, it is often not the mastery of skill that holds us enthralled, but the magic; the innovation; the exploration of the unknown; a compilation of the familiar in a novel way… The creativity of the artist is what compels them to write, create, paint, play, structure, compose—injecting their personal signature into their work—ultimately making it their own through an idea in conception, an individual perception, or a unique approach. It is curiosity, imagination, courage and determination. This is creativity in the arts.”
(taken from the IB MYP Arts guide)

Mum’s Breakfast


In the Italian tradition, Mother’s Day is celebrated in the month of May. Following the great success of the Father’s Breakfast we are ready to repeat the experience with the moms.  All of our moms are invited to have breakfast at ISC the morning of Friday, May 10.  We will follow the same schedule that was offered for the Father’s Breakfast and so moms can bring their children directly to class starting at 08:30 and to participate in the beginning of their children’s day.  At 08:45 a creative announcement by Ms. Jena will invite moms to the cafeteria for the event.

Student Council members will have the honor of representing all of our students in pampering our mothers. Do not miss this wonderful event!

Class picture

class picture

This year we will entrust the photographic studio Clorofilla with the task of capturing our wonderful students in a photo shoot. These professionals distinguish themselves by the attention given to children and families. I found their portfolio to be very artistic, to say the least.

Both class photos and individual portraits will be taken in a photo set to be mounted after Spring Break. There will also be a shot taken of the entire whole school community, as is tradition here at ISC.

All images will be post-produced at a professional level and made with “Fine Art” print on cotton paper. “Fine Art” printing is distinguishable from digital prints on photographic paper due to its high quality characteristics, its durability (100 years) and the use of high quality print media.

Once the photos have been viewed, it will be possible to order and purchase the specific shots you have chosen.

You will receive a specific communication about this.