Whole School: 15/11/2019

Dear Parents,

Upon returning from the half term break, we immediately jumped back into a full educational and extracurricular schedule.

We have planned several field trips, the High School drama night, a MUN Conference and activities surrounding the NOvember initiative – learning to say NO.

On behalf of the whole school community, I want to express warm thanks to all of you who participated in United Nations Day. Once again you have surprised us with your generosity and creativity. Our 47 nationalities could not be better represented.

A heartfelt thanks to the families and students who were here to represent the school during Saturday Open Day. Some PTA parents supported us during visits with new families while we had several students who stepped up as school ambassadors by sharing their experiences with visiting students. They made us feel so proud of everything that our school community can offer.  Edoardo, Emilio, Marta, Matteo and Marfa of Secondary school deserve many compliments!

Contacts with universities


Our contacts with international universities are progressively deepening.  For years we have established partnerships with universities that offer teacher qualification courses. These include the University of Dundee in Scotland and NHL Stenden in The Netherlands, just to name a couple.  We welcome future teachers who must complete an internship supervised by expert teachers in their last years of university. It is a great opportunity for our school which is enriched with young educators full of enthusiasm for teaching and full of energy.
In the first Term we had the good fortune of having Ms. Gretchen Grunzke in the Drama Department, two gym teachers, Mr. Sergiu Melinte and Mr. Jacob De Bonis, a teacher from primary, Ms. Samantha Sartori who joined Grade 2. Three of them are supervised and evaluated by the “Education Abroad” organization that trains international teachers in the United States.

In February we will have 3 students from NHL Stenden University in the Netherlands and in March we will host 4 students from Dundee University in Scotland.  We will have a fourth student teacher from the Educators Abroad program starting on January 10th who will join the Transition class . 

Student teachers participate fully in the life of the school, in the didactic planning and in collaborating with other teachers. They are supervised by our staff and evaluated at the end of their internship by university tutors who we are in contact with.

Since September we have also had numerous visits from representatives of foreign and national universities for meetings and presentations with our Diploma Program Students. Just this week we hosted Bishop’s University (Canada) as well as the Paris School of Art that offers degree courses in Communication Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Interior Design, or Photography.

Cafeteria Committee


The role of the Cafeteria Committee is mainly to review the menus and regulations provided by the ASL (Azienda Sanitaria Locale or Health Authority), to promote health and nutrition education, to endorse initiatives aimed at improving the school’s catering service in its entirety, and to gather opinions and suggestions that will help improve the health and nutrition of our students. Cafeteria Committee members may also observe moments of school lunch. The Committee will meet once per term and their first meeting will be scheduled by the end of November.
I personally thank the parents who volunteer for this committee:

  • Ms. Mirjana Kovacevic (Early Years)
  • Ms. Claudia Cellini (Elementary)
  • Ms. Lucia Ligato (Secondary)

Photo Shoot and international photograph project

On November 20th we will have professional photographers at ISC for a real photo shoot.  We want to capture images that represent the mission and philosophy of the school as well as the many amazing activities that take place on a daily basis. I kindly ask you to make sure your child will wear the school uniform.

I am excited to inform you that one of our parents, the photographer Mrs. Diana Moschitz is beginning an international schools project here at ISComo to display the beautiful kaleidoscope of skin tones amongst our international community, that will take place on the last week of November. Inspired by the Humanae Project she will be photographing hundreds of children and teachers of every colour, in order to show that we are all a part of an infinite colour wheel rather than belonging to the limited definition of “black” or “white”.

News from Ms. Roberta – first Book Fair 


The ISC PYP Library is delighted to announce that – as customary by now – at the beginning of December, we are hosting a Christmas English Book Fair. This will give you and your kids the chance to put special presents under the tree!  

Ms. Lisa from USBORNE will set up her magnificent display of crispy new books for parents and children to browse in the school atrium. This novelty is to facilitate parents’ involvement in books choice.

Ms. Lisa will open the fair at 08:30 on Wednesday 4th of December. She will still be open for parents at pick up time, until about 17:00.  The fair will continue for the following day – Thursday 5th. Parents take advantage of the early opening and don’t miss the chance to choose books from drop off, at 08:30.  

We would highly recommend you visit the Book Fair, with your children; it is a marvelous chance of a joint action that promotes reading. If – however – you are unable to come to the fair, but would like to give your child a chance to purchase books, you may send them to school with money in a sealed envelope. Please follow the instructions in the letter that Ms. Roberta will send out in the next few weeks. 

I hope that you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to purchase quality English books as presents for family and friends and to replenish your home library!   

Keep up the reading!