Whole School: 15/02/2019

Dear Parents,

With this newsletter, I would like to start introducing some educational contents, as a moment of common growth and reflection. These themes will also be shared in the staff meetings and in the newsletter dedicated to teachers. Let’s start with a theme that I particularly care about: the theme of trust.

I am pleased to announce that we have added 10 new clubs to the after school activities (Lego and construction, German, Sound engineering Photography / Cinematography etc.).ClubsThese new clubs have been developed in response to a recent survey conducted by the PYP Student Council. The new clubs will start in the week of 11 to 15 March. I invite you to refer to the communication sent by Mr. Leon.

My most heartfelt congratulations to our robotics team infinityB, who was awarded for the most innovative solution to the FLL (First Lego League), and therefore accessing the national selections. Do not miss their video presentation uploaded in the Secondary section of this edition.

I hope you will enjoy reading this edition and I wish you a very good weekend,

E. Ferloni

A Culture of Trust

“When we begin listening to each other, and when we talk about things that matter to us, the world begins to change… Listening and talking to one another heals our divisions and makes us brave again.”              Margaret Wheatley – Turning to One Another

From time to time, I like to remember, and remind all of you, about the values on our school community is based. They are certainly the ones described by the IB Learner Profile. Among all of these there is one that is particularly close to my heart as it was the topic of my master’s thesis “Leading through Trust”.

After three decades in Education, both as a teacher and as a principal, in national and international schools, I am ever more convinced that teachers, leaders, and students cannot maintain energy and focus on improving instruction and raising achievement without a whole school of trusting relationships. In fact, trust between and among teachers, principals, and parents is the greatest predictor of substantial improvement in student achievement, as sustained by many studies.  Simply put, if there is no trust between teachers and parents, between the school and its families, our students cannot learn to the best of their ability.

I consider trust an important element in respect to involvement, accountability, support, decisions, school climate, and collaboration.

But, in practice, what does it mean to create and promote a school culture based on trust and respect?

I have extrapolated certain points from my own thesis – ones that I have verified with experience over the years – that have become more real and cemented as part of my convictions.

  • Successful communication builds trust. One of the arts of effective communication is the ability to listen.
  • Collaboration between principal and teachers creates a climate of trust. A culture of trust and respect encourages open and willing sharing of ideas and thoughts.
  • Celebration of strengths and successes has a great impact on students and teachers and the school climate too.
  • The need to experience leadership through dialogue, modelling, encouraging, and supporting
  • The need to maintain high expectations for all learners (teachers, students, and principal)
  • Creating a common language and shared beliefs within the learning community promotes mutual understanding
  • Encouraging meaningful and respectful conversations and constructive feedback move learning forward
  • Promoting a coaching that leaves the learner with “I can do it!” feeling
  • Promoting ongoing assessment, mostly formative
  • Successful leaders recognize the importance of intentionally working on building a culture of trust and respect every single day and with everyone.

I am so proud to be able to see many examples of trust and respect in our school every day.  I would like to thank all the students, teachers and parents who help us promote a climate of trust and respect at ISC.

Enrollment Next Year

I would like to thank all of the families who have already contacted Ms. Jena in order to set an appointment to sign the re-enrollment contract. Please remember that the deadline is March 4.  After this date we cannot guarantee the spots and “late enrolment fee” will be applied.

Please let us know if you already certain that you will not be at ISC next year.  This is particularly helpful so that we can offer spots to new families on the waiting list, and it is of great assistance in projecting classes and the resources needed for next year. We kindly ask you to send an e-mail to ms. Jena (jpatterson@iscomo.com) or to me (hos@iscomo.com). We greatly appreciate your collaboration.


School Calendar

We have sketched the calendar for the next school year which includes 178 days of school.

The calendar has been aligned with the ones of the other Inspired schools in Italy and took into consideration all of the national holidays. I would like to anticipate to you the date of the first and last day of school and the different breaks throughout the year. The calendar has yet to be definitively approved by the Board.

  • 3 September 2019 – first day of school
  • 28 October – 1 November – Half Term break
  • 20 December – 6 January – Winter break
  • 17 February 2020/21 February – Ski week
  • April 10 to April 19 – Spring break
  • 19 June 2020 – last day of lessons