Whole School: 13/12/2019

dear-parentsWe have come to the end of the first term and we can begin to see the fruits of the many initiatives and learning opportunities. The past few weeks have been full of events that actively involved us all in the community life here at ISC. All of this was made possible by everyone’s valuable contributions.

I want to thank our teaching team, the administrative staff, the parents of our active PTA and the many volunteers and supporters that improve our work at school – and, of course, our students.  They are at the center of all that we do, our motivation and hope for a better world.

Winter Shows

I’m thankful that so many of you attended our numerous Winter Shows and shared with us moments of excitement and happiness.  The wonderful spontaneity and naturalness of younger children always manages to move me and reinforces my belief that an educational environment based on the ability to express oneself freely, creatively and collaboratively, is the absolute best that we can offer to our kids.

Our students have confirmed the importance of the arts as they significantly contribute to their social and emotional growth. The interconnection of the Performing Arts – acting, music and dance – offers extraordinary opportunities to develop communication skills, self-confidence and mastery of one’s body.

This year’s show was possible thanks to the dedication and professionalism of our teachers and an incredible team effort both on stage and behind the scenes. I would especially like to thank Ms. Jane Whittle who organized and magnificently directed the spectacular “The Lion King”, the music teachers, Ms. Nicoletta and Mr. Simone, the dance teacher, Ms. Giulia and the art teacher Ms. Katia.

Arrivals and Departures


January is always marked by arrivals and departures at ISC. It is not easy to say goodbye to students and families who transfer to other countries and schools mid-year, but this is the reality of international schools. We will certainly feel the absence of the Moschitz family who leaves us after 4 years and of the Hoey family who are moving.
When we are back to school at the start of 2020 we will welcome new students in PYP and MYP classes. We will offer a warm welcome to the new students and families in Grade 3, Grade 5 and Grade 10.

Open Day

open day

On January 9th we have another Open Day scheduled for all the sections of the school. Our students have an active part in presenting the school, especially in secondary school. I am always amazed to listen to their comments that speak of core authentic values of an IB education: creativity, personal responsibility towards learning, the inquiry approach, critical thinking and the highest forms of collaboration. They manage to bring examples and testimonies that repay us for every effort.

I thank the PTA parents who offer to accompany the school tours and all of you who want to send us families interested in international education.

Cafeteria Committee and Nutrition Education

The cafeteria commission met last week. The menu has been analyzed and some changes have been proposed. The common aim of the committee is to promote a healthy and balanced diet for our students, young and old. We hope to plan nutrition education initiatives. First of all, we want to insist on the value of fruit as a mid-morning snack and to do this, I am asking for your parent support. During the morning break, I often see big sandwiches or pieces of focaccia eaten by primary school children who obviously do not then have an appetite at lunch. I am pleased to note that several secondary school students consume fruit mid-morning. The teachers themselves try to set a good example by consuming the fruit that the school makes available to everyone.


We are monitoring the amount of leftovers and food that is not consumed and we plan to involve the student council in these efforts. We are very sensitive to food waste and we want our students to grow up with a sense of awareness and responsibility about it.

As of last year we entered into an agreement with the INCONTRI Mensa di Solidarietà Association from Cantù. At the end of every day they come to collect the leftover bread and any food not consumed or that was cooked in excess.
Website: https://associazioneincontricantu.it
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AcontriIncontriMensaCantu

Alice for Children – Charity Drive

alice for children

I would like to warmly thank all the families have supported our fundraising initiative in favor of Alice for Children. Alice for Children intervenes in favor of children living in the slums of Nairobi, in conditions of total deprivation. https://www.aliceforchildren.it/en/

With our Winter Shows and MYP Christmas Concert donations we raised € 3.000 and we are getting closer to our goal of supporting a class at Dandora. Thank you all!

Professional Development

professional developmentNext Tuesday all our teachers will be involved in an “Health and Safety” training held by Mr. Greg De Villiers – Inspired Group Director of Health & Safety. Inspired has very detailed security policies and regulations and these must be shared with all school staff.

OVS uniform new website


We are pleased to inform you that the Hej-boo website has been replaced by the new OVS website: https://school-uniform.ovs.it/it_en/shop. The shopping procedure and the school code ISCOMO_422 are the same used on the previous website.


I extend sincere greetings to all families for the festive season and for the New Year, wishing for a peaceful and joyous Christmas holiday and hoping that 2020 will bring personal satisfaction and another exciting year for everyone at ISC.

A world of warm wishes this holiday season!
Have a wonderful break and see you all again on January 7th!

E. Ferloni
Head of School