Whole School: 09/11/2018

Dear Parents,

Upon returning from the half-term break, we immediately jumped back into the full schedule of didactic and extra-curricular activities.

We have several fieldtrips coming up, the High School drama night, a MUN Conference and three open-days.

I am pleased to share with you all the fifth edition of the Inspired newsletter. You may access it by clicking on the following link. It is nice to know what is happening at other schools within the group.



Thank you so much!

On behalf of the entire school community, I wish to express warm thanks to all who participated in the United Nations Day. Once again, you have amazed us with your generosity and creativity. Our 42 nationalities could not have been better represented.

I would like to  thank the DP students who introduced us to the meaning of the United Nations and our active PTA who has given us some splendid flags. We are proud of our internationality, and it is now up to us to continue to place emphasis on the importance of “International Mindedness”; every day and in every school activity.

Open Week

In order to offer parents who are interested in an international education more options to visit ISC, we will continue our tradition of an Open Week from November 13-15.  The initiative is targeted to external parents and students and the appointments are being taken so as not to disturb the normal course of the lessons.

Tuesday 13 will be dedicated to the Elementary school, Wednesday 14 will be open to visitors of the Secondary school, while Thursday 15 will be dedicated to the classes of our youngest, the Early Years.

Some of our students of the Student Council will be our ambassadors and we are confident that they will help to show the best of ISC.

Cafeteria Committee    

The role of the Cafeteria Committee is mainly to review the menus and regulations provided by the ASL (Azienda Sanitaria Locale or Health Authority), to promote health and nutrition education, to endorse initiatives aimed at improving the school’s catering service in its entirety, and to gather opinions and suggestions that will help improve the health and nutrition of our students. Cafeteria Committee members may also observe moments of school lunch. The Committee will meet once per term and their first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 27 at 14:30.

News from Ms. Roberta – first Book Fair

The ISC PYP Library is delighted to announce that – as customary by now – at the beginning of December, we will host a Christmas English Book Fair. This will give you and your kids the chance to put some special presents under the tree!

Lisa from USBORNE will set up her magnificent display of crispy new books in the school atrium for parents and children to browse thus promoting parents’ involvement in choosing books. The Fair will open on Tuesday, December 4 at 10.00 to the students and Lisa will stay open for parents at dismissal until about 17.00.  The fair will continue the following day – Wednesday, December 5 – but this time parents will have the chance to choose books right from the start of the day at 08.30.

We would highly recommend you visit the Book Fair, with your children; it is a marvelous chance of a joint action that promotes reading. If, however, you are unable to come to the fair, but would like to give your child a chance to purchase books, you may send them to school with money in a sealed envelope. Please follow the instructions found in the letter that Ms. Roberta will send out in the next few days.

I hope that you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to purchase quality English books as presents for family and friends and to replenish your home library!

Keep up the reading!

Cases of Head Lice

Recent research show that cases of lice are becoming very frequent and recurrent in public places such as schools. Unfortunately, these odious pests are becoming very resilient and the prevention and treatment of head lice should be seen as a common task to eradicate them.

I invite you to regularly monitor to ensure that there are no lice or eggs on the heads of your children. In case of doubt or suspicion, I recommend that you proceed with the preventive treatment using specific products. Always notify us any cases so that we may in turn notify all of our families.

I trust in your active cooperation for the good of the entire community.