Whole School: 08/05/2020

Dear Parents,

I would like to thank all the mums who participated in the (unfortunately, only virtual) mother’s day breakfast.  Your presence this year was very special for me. For this Sunday, I wish you all a happy “Mother’s Day”.mums

It will be difficult this year to put together our usual Year Book and organize the traditional class photo. Obviously, we are missing many moments and snapshots of community life that have always made ISC very special. I count on the creativity of the moment to find alternative solutions and still manage to immortalize this truly unique school year that certainly no one will forget.

Weeks of important events await us: the Grade 6 PYP Exhibition and the PYP Portfolio Conferences, before moving on to the final evaluations and Creative Month.

I thank you for all the touching messages and gestures of recognition that you sent me following the announcement of the change of leadership. ISC as a whole, with students, staff and parents, has and will continue to have an important part in my professional and personal life.

I wish you happy reading and a peaceful weekend,

E. Ferloni

Return to “normality”

With a mixture of joy and concern, this week we entered into Phase 2 of the lockdown. While we adults have had the opportunity to discuss, evaluate and prepare, the same is not a foregone conclusion passage for children. Here and there children perceive adult disagreements, or the news on the television and are likely to magnify them or adapt them to their interpretations. For them it is yet another change of routines they were getting used to. It is always good to accompany changes by encouraging fears, apprehensions, and even positive emotions and most importantly questions come to light. Stories and tales often help us talk to children.

tomI point out this beautiful and poetic good night story “The great realization” by Tom Foolery:


Indications in Phase 2 also strongly focus on how to involve children in the action necessary for health.

storiaI would like to point out a nice reinterpretation of the story of Gruffalò and other friends – freely translated into Italian by Giovanna Fungi and Rosalba Villa. The two psychologists also propose activities and advise parents to view the material calmly before offering it to your children. Here the link with the large images https://lnkd.in/gZdN8rt

Small things count in every moment of change for children: a careful look, a calm listening, a story told or a song sung together. It is not possible to do everything, but it is good to do everything possible!

End of Year Exams

I know that most of you who have children in Grade 6 or secondary school are wondering if and how the state qualifying exams and the “Terza Media” exams will take place.

Unfortunately, I have not yet received any indication or orientation from the Fino Mornasco school. However, I want to inform you of all the steps taken and what we hope will happen.

As members of AIBWSI (the association of IB schools in Italy) we have joined the other member schools in submitting two interpellations to the Ministry of Education, to the Regional and Territorial School Departments asking for the possibility to have our students take the end of Middle School State Exam (Terza Media) that is useful for continuing their education path in the Italian public school system, as well as the idoneità Quinta Elementare.

We asked to clarify the timing and methods of conducting the exams for students attending non-state school  schools in Italy and for the possibility for our students to be provided the same concessions being afforded to their peers enrolled in state schools.

In particular, it is proposed that the “Consigli di Classe” that will examine the students in question may also use the evaluations carried out by the IB schools, as an additional tool to be  integrated with the the tests that the student will have to elaborate during the exams – both the interdisciplinary written papers or the oral presentation.

Our teachers are however preparing students from Grade 6 up to Grade 9 to take the usual final exam, especially in the interdisciplinary presentation.

I will keep you updated promptly as soon as we receive some glimmer of information from the Italian school authorities.

Grade 6 Virtual Exhibition


The great moment has come for our Grade 6 students preparing to close the PYP cycle with their Exhibition.

The Exhibition is an important celebratory moment not only for the parents of students at the end of their Elementary journey, but for the whole school community. This year has been particularly challenging for all: the students, their mentors and for their parents who have supported the long process.

I would thank all the pioneers of the first Virtual Exhibition and look forward to participating in the great event.