Whole School: 08/03/2019

Dear Parents,

Several events are on tap to fill our month of March.

Starting with this week’s Book Week and today’s celebration of International Women Day – tackling the delicate issue of equal opportunities.

The next week will bring the PTA coffee morning to which you are all invited, followed by the greatly anticipated Middle School Drama Night and the Father’s’ Day Breakfast.

On March 21 we will have an Open Day and in the last week of the month there will be a series of multi-day residential trips.
I invite you to participate in our events and I wish you a good reading of the 12th edition of this year’s newsletter.

Have a great weekend and best regards,

E. Ferloni

Teacher Recruitment

As we will complete the educational cycle by adding the last year of the Diploma Programme in 2019-2020, new teaching positions have been created.


The Leadership Team has begun the difficult and painstaking work of teacher recruitment for next year.   The teachers are our most valuable resource and so we dedicate a lot of time to the process.  The criteria for selection are rigorous, and whenever possible the candidates are invited to spend a day at school and to teach a few lessons.

To start, a candidate must demonstrate that they are in line with the school’s philosophy and that of the International Baccalaureate Organization – IBO. Our values and principles, upon which the programmes are based, are always highlighted during the process:

  • an academically challenging curriculum;
  • a broad and balanced programme educating the whole child;
  • an international curriculum which provides our students with a broad outlook on the modern world;
  • the engagement of the student through participating in a wide range of activities, encouraging students to develop curiosity and a love of learning;
  • the school as a broad community, including teachers, students and their parents as partners in education.

Candidates must have the following characteristics together with the relevant teaching degrees and at least 2 years of experience.

  • Show to have the attitudes described in the Learner Profile;
  • be committed to high standards, interested in using innovative approaches to learning, and keen to promote international understanding;
  • work flexibly as part of a team; ISC faculty works hard on collaborative projects;
  • be familiar with an inquiry-based approach to learning, preferably with experience or knowledge of the PYP or MYP o DP;
  • have high expectations of student learning;
  • use flexible strategies for mixed age classes and for children with different needs and language backgrounds;
  • Be able to potentially offer extra-curricular activities to supplement the formal programme in school.

Letters of references are requested before hiring and we contact the schools where the candidates previously worked.

Network and Teacher Training

Lifelong learning for IB educators is a must, as is the ability to work in networks with other professionals in the field. At ISC, we are very active in this regard and we invest many resources in its development.
Just to give some examples, here is what we are busy with the upcoming weeks:

Teacher training.png

Next Monday, we will host the team of PYP and MYP coordinators from IB Schools in Italy.  An entire day will be dedicated to working together on the important aspects of the programmes.
Also in the month of March, Ms. Ricco and Mr. Humphrey will be at ISMonza for coordination work for the Inspired group IT programmes, while Ms. Ackers will be working as part of the commission created by Inspired schools on the issue of children’s safeguarding. Ms. Silvia is coordinating with a group of teachers of Italian Inspired schools towards the collection of statistical data in order to develop vertical programs between the three orders of school, elementary, middle and high school.
In the last week of March, I will be busy conducting an IB evaluation visit to an important international school in Geneva.

Working at an IB school and in the international school networks is truly a fantastic opportunity for professional growth and continuous challenge!

School Uniform

School Uniform.I would like to announce that our school uniform supplier will change for the next school year. A call for tenders for all the Inspired schools in Italy was conducted in order to improve the service, the products and the distribution system. The company that was awarded the contract is of international caliber and above all operates with a policy of using natural fibers from a fair trade chain that respects the environment. There will be no major changes throughout the course of the next school year and it will be possible to continue wearing the school uniforms that are currently in use. In a few weeks, I will be able to provide you with detailed information. The current supplier, Unique Uniforms, intends to hold a sale in order to move the items that they have in stock. I personally suspended the deliveries of sports items that were still in standby with the company LM School Uniforms which provides us with the sports uniforms of the high school. I believe that this year the disservice created is unacceptable and worrying.