Whole School: 07/06/2019

Dear Parents,

We have now reached the end of a school year full of initiatives, challenges to be overcome and goals to be achieved. They are still intense weeks left, full of adrenaline for exams and final tests, and packed with events, both for students and teachers. My wish for everyone is to conclude the year and their commitments peacefully and to keep the focus on their responsibilities.

We are preparing to say goodbye to some families, students and teachers who will leave us to move to other destinations. For this reason, it is not an easy time. We cultivate relationships and develop professional bonds at ISC, and so it can also be an emotional time. I am counting on seeing you at the last coffee morning scheduled for Tuesday, June 11th.

ISA – International School Assessment


We have received the International School Assessment (ISA) results of Grade 4, 5 and 6, Grade 8 and Grade 10 that took place in February.  The Mathematics, Reading and Writing, and Science papers were provided by the organizer ACER http://www.acer.edu.au/isa which also facilitated the correcting and the tabulation of results.

These tests have been selected because they are an external and objective measuring stick, are international in nature, lack cultural biases and are based on PISA standards (https://www.oecd.org/pisa/pisa-2015-results-in-focus.pdf).

The Leadership Team will carefully analyze the data received, comparing them with those of previous years. We use this information to continue to strengthen our programs and for the future planning of educational priorities.

The results are organized into several categories, and unsurprisingly have different diagnostic purposes:

  • Data on individual students identifies levels of individual performance. They are addressed to individual students and their parents.
  • Class data is used to provide diagnostic information about class, subgroup and individual performance on significant groups of items. This information is used by the class teachers and the Coordinators and contains data for comparison with all of the classes, those similar and not, who took the same test.
  • Aggregated school data on performance by grade level and subgroup, including comparisons with all other schools and other like schools provide a general overview of the performance levels of the various classes. This information is used by Heads of School/Principals and Coordinators.
  • Each school is provided an interactive spreadsheet shows results in a range of graphic displays which makes it easier to identify trends and patterns for your school in comparison with all other ISA schools and to interpret diagnostic information.

Individual results will be shared with the families via email at the end of the school year.

I would like to strongly recommend that you take into consideration the instructions which ACER provides:

“The ISA provides an insight into students’ proficiency in the areas of Mathematical Literacy, Reading, Narrative Writing and Expository Writing, in each case derived from a single measure of performance on a particular day. In order to make best use of the results, it is important to interpret them in the context of other information about students’ achievement, provided by on-going classroom assessment and other external assessments where such results are available.”

School Uniform Orders

school-uniformAs was communicated some time ago, the uniforms for all Inspired schools in Italy will be provided by the OVS group, leader in the Italian market for children’s clothing.  The choice to use an important company such as OVS, is aimed at guaranteeing an efficient, punctual delivery service, with particular attention to the selection of materials and sustainability.

We have been promised that custom catalogs for our school and instructions for online orders will arrive in the coming days. We eagerly await the launch of the website that will be dedicated to our uniforms and to samples.

Among the various items that make up the school uniform it will be possible to choose between mandatory and other optional items.  All students from Pre-Kinder to Grade 9 are obliged to wear the school uniform every day and the sports kit on days when they have their sports lesson.  High School students, from Grade 10 to Grade 13, are only required to wear the sports uniforms.

I would like to remind you that it will be possible to continue wearing the “old” uniform in use this year.

BLURB – Textbooks for next year


The teachers have selected textbooks for the 2019-2020 year. Textbooks are used in the secondary section and are purchased by families. In the Primary section, we only use mathematics and Italian exercise books that are purchased by the school. I strongly urged teachers to select a textbook only if it will be used during the lessons and not for simple consultation. You will receive the list of books of the various classes and the online ordering instructions from one of our trusted retailers, should you wish to use this service.