Whole School: 01/02/2019

Dear Parents,

The end of January marks the end of the first semester; the assessments of students’ learning can be found in individual school reports that will be published on Managebac starting February 8th for Secondary. The Primary reports are already available.

Here is the news for the upcoming weeks:

  • We wish all the best to our Robotics team “InfinityBots” who will take part in the FIRST® LEGO® League Italia competition in Genoa on Saturday;
  • On February 7 our Grade 11 students will present their Personal Project to the community. The Personal Project is a completely independent research project that students complete in MYP 5 (Grade 11). They choose their project, carry out the research, create a product of work or submit their findings, and write a final report that will be evaluated internally, as well as by the IB. Along the way, they have had regular meetings with a supervisor who helps them stay on track. This is one of MYP’s culminating events and is an opportunity for students to share their learning and their interests with the school community.
    The exhibition on the Personal Project is open to the entire ISC community on the afternoon of February 7 in the MYP lobby.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to schedule meetings with the teachers that will be organized for all classes over the next few weeks.

I wish you all a peaceful weekend and I send my best regards,

E. Ferloni

Re-enrollment for next year

We have sent you the contract for the re-enrollment together with the tuition fees for the next school year.  You will have noticed that this year we have new forms in line with the other Inspired schools.

Ms. Patterson has printed the fee breakdown of each family and is available every morning at school to facilitate re-enrollment and the signing of the contracts.

The deadline for re-enrollment is March 4. After this date, in addition to applying the “late enrolment fee”, we may not be able to guarantee places.

We are proceeding to confirm new student enrollment requests and in some classes, the places available are limited, as our families always have priority.  So that we can better organize our physical spaces, the necessary school resources and above all, the staff, we need to know in advance how many classes and sections that we can have.

Thank you in advance for your attention and compliance with the deadline for re-enrollment.

After School Clubs for the second semester


All after school clubs will end with the start of skiing week. The new session will resume when we are back – the week from March 4 to March 8, 2019. That week, students will be able to try other activities they might be interested in and, if they wish, enroll in a new club. You will receive a specific communication from Mr. Leon, our school after school coordinator.

Before starting the second session of activity, Mr. Leon would like to gather students’ requests.  He is involving the Student Council and new clubs may be started, based on the interest. If you would like to contribute to the proposals, please contact Mr. Leon by sending an email to the dedicated address clubs@iscomo.com.

Safeguarding Children Policy

Our policies that safeguard the healthy psycho-physical, social and emotional development of the students dictate the guidelines of adult behavior within the school.

In this light, I would like to remind parents that on campus, during school and after-school hours, it is not allowed to have direct contact with the students who are not your own children, involving them in discussions or asking questions. I agree that this may seem extreme, but in fact, it is a measure that prevents possible misunderstandings and protects their emotional serenity. If you need clarification or issues to discuss, please get in touch directly with the parents of the student or with the school staff.  I thank you in advance for your cooperation and common effort.

Being on Campus

I would like to remind you that by school policy and for security reasons, our families are not allowed to stay inside the school building, in the hallways, corridors or classrooms, except for a short period of time or for a particular urgency. For example, it is not possible to wait here at ISC until the end of after school activities. At the end of the regular school day, the gate closes at 16:10 and reopens at 16:55.
I would thank the parents for their understanding and valuable collaboration.