Secondary School: 31/01/2020

It has been a fantastic week for our students across a number of areas. DP2 students are receiving amazing offers from University in the UK, our Robotics teams have done us proud in regional competitions and we are celebrating one of our Grade 11 students successfully applying to a highly competitive Summer School at Stanford University. All of our Grade 11 students are preparing hard for their Personal Project fair that they will be sharing with our community. Please keep reading to find out more.


Our Robotics teams have just returned from regional competition in Genoa.

Ms Riccò shares with us their successes:

On 26 January 2020 Teams JavaBots and InfinityBots participated in the First LEGO League Regional competition. The competition consisted of 3 presentations and 3 robot runs to be competed against a total of 20 teams.  

Teams had to perform three presentations: Robot Design & Programming, Research Project and Core Values. The judges commended JavaBots on having an original and creative presentation that included all members. They even remembered the ‘house style’ from the InfinityBots the year before, and wanted us to bring three teams next year! For their part,   InfinityBots were applauded for having a unique and effective presentation for a complicated project. They believed that the unity, spirit and diversity of the team allowed them to achieve their goals. Furthermore, both teams were complimented on their documentation. 

Both teams did extremely well in the robot run. JavaBots faced a massive challenge as they were not allocated any time on the practice board. This meant that they could not iron out any problems within their programs. Nevertheless, JavaBots pulled together (#StrongerTogether) and in their final run they worked their way up from 16th place to 6th place overall. InfinityBots showed incredible improvement from last year, and were placed 1st overall in the board game. 

We are extremely proud of the teams achievements at the competition; JavaBots being placed 6th in their first ever FLL competition, and InfinityBots making it through to FLL Italia Nationals by winning the most innovative project and being placed 1st in the board game. They have also been nominated to participate in the ‘Oltre La Robotica’ competition, a special nomination for a team with a strong scientific project.  

We would like to invite our community to have a look at the work created by both teams  currently on display in the MYP atrium. Please follow JavaBots & InfinityBots on Instagram to join their FLL journey. Finally, FLL Italia created a video on the day’s event, please take the opportunity to watch it. 

Stanford Summer School Success

It is with the greatest delight that we celebrate the achievement of Leonard in Grade 11. Leonard has gone through a rigorous application process to secure a place at Stanfordstanford-university-logo University in California for their prestigious Summer School. This is a remarkable achievement and very few applicants are finally accepted for the programme.

Over the Summer, Leonard will have the opportunity to live and learn in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, at one of the world’s leading research universities. Stanford is ranked in the top 5 universities worldwide every year in all fields. Renowned for entrepreneurial innovation and academic excellence, Leonard will study alongside a dynamic, diverse student body from more than 30 countries in small classes with dedicated instructors. Congratulations Leonard! 

G11 Personal Project

Grade 11 students will be showcasing months of their hard work in their Personal Project Fair on Thursday, 6 February in the afternoon (14:15-16:00). During the event, you will have the opportunity to meet with students who will extend or reflect on their personal passions and share with you their enthusiasm for their and also explain their challenges and their learning journey. Please join us for this wonderful, annual event.

personal project 

Intro to High School repeated event: Thursday, February 13 at 18:00

Our students will become adults who engage in a world vastly different to what we know today. They will need to solve problems beyond our current understanding, use skill sets yet to be defined and use tools yet to be created. How do we prepare a child for that? (21 Foundation: 21st Century Learning for 21St Century Learners)

This is a quote that continues to have a profound effect on me in my thinking, reflecting and evaluation of the opportunities we provide to our students as they enter into the final years of their education, and into our High School.

Few Grade 10 and 11 students know exactly what they want to do when they leave school, and the career aspirations that they now have may well change over the next few years. According to the Wall Street Journal, people may change career paths between five and seven times in their working career so it is important that students make choices now that will keep open as many career paths as possible.

For us here at ISC, we are dedicated to opening doors and creating opportunities for all of our students. We are looking to educate the world’s future leaders who will be driven by their values and ethics and will make a global impact. This is why we offer the IB MYP programme and why we have introduced our new IB Diploma Programme in this year.

To support our families in the transition from MYP through to life in University and beyond we are offering a repeat of our Introduction to High School event from October. Our repeat event will be held on Thursday, February 13 at 18:00.


Uniform + PE kit

We have been disappointing with the standard of some of our students’ uniform in Middle School over recent weeks. In our Grades 7-9, we have a uniform code to help add to our students’ sense of belonging to our school community and to encourage our students to develop a sense of pride in our school. Please take a moment to speak with your son and daughter about the expectations we have:

Students in Middle School (G7-G9) are expected to wear the school uniform from Monday to Thursday. Fridays are considered free dress days.Uniformed school boy and school girl, isolated on white.

  • Navy ISC polo shirt or white ISC t-shirt.
  • Navy trousers, dark blue jeans, appropriate length shorts during autumn and spring or ISC official school uniform skirt. Shorts and skirts should not be too short. With arms down by your sides the skirt or shorts should not come above your fingertips.
  • ISC cardigan or pullover
  • Sensible shoes and trainers allowed. No open toe shoes or heels for safety reasons.
  • ISC Sport kit to be worn for all PE lessons and only worn during the lesson or on special sports events. Students are expected to change your clothing after PE.

Students from Grade 10 upwards may wear their own clothes throughout the week, provided they adhere to the basic principles in the dress code below.

  • All students should dress in a way that shows respect for others. Clothes should be clean, untorn and comfortable, and should not distract others or cause offence
  • No extravagant jewellery for safety reasons
  • No hats/caps to be worn inside
  • Make-up and hair colour modifications need to be kept discreet and natural.
  • No offensive logos
  • No exposure of underwear
  • No bare midriffs or transparent tops
  • No spaghetti straps, vest-style sleeveless tops or off-the-shoulder tops or dresses.

Consequences will follow for students not following our uniform rules. . For our some of our families, we do appreciate that uniform orders may not yet have arrived. If you have an issue with uniform, please contact myself or Ms Karen so we can support the family.

In addition, our PE code of conduct has specific references to help to keep your child safe, in all grades within the Secondary School. Please ensure that your child in brings their correct PE Kit to lessons in order to fully participate. With regard to jewellery, our PE code of conduct states that no jewellery may be worn for PE or sport. As such, students are required to remove jewellery before a lesson commences. This is for the safety of your child and those around them.  For students who wear knotted bracelets and necklaces that would need scissors to remove, a letter will be sent home to kindly ask to remove the piece of jewellery as these too put safety at risk when playing sport.

Self Study – Parent Support 4th February

Thank you to the parents who have offered to stay at school after the PTA Coffee Morning on 4th February to assist Ms Lockett and Ms Whittle with evidence collecting for our upcoming IB Visit.  Having the point of view of the parents is very important to us.  Please bring a device/phone so you may access ManageBac and Class Dojo.  Lunch will be provided so please do let me know if you will be attending.



It has come to our attention this week that some students in the MYP who have access to devices at home are using the TikTok Application.  Whilst this is an interactive and fun App, it is recommended for children age 16+ and worrying and disturbing reports are being published on the number of child predators gaining access to the site even when accounts are set to Private. An article here gives you the details:

We will be hosting a workshop for all of our Secondary students on e-safety in early April.  At home, please monitor what your child is doing on their device – rather than deleting applications, please help to teach your child how to use them safely, talk about the dangers of online predators and take away phones if your child is not yet able to use them responsibly.  If you have any concerns over your child’s device please do ask.

ISA Reminder


Grade 8 and 10:  International Schools Assessments (ISA)

From the 10 through 14 February, our Grade 8 and 10 students will participate in an assessment of their Maths, Science and English Writing and Reading Comprehension skills through the International Schools Assessments.
This is an opportunity for them to sit in test conditions and to answer a set of questions or to respond to a stimuli for writing.

What is the purpose of the ISA?

  • To gain a snapshot of where each child in the class is within the different subject areas
  • To gain an understanding of where the whole class level is compared to all schools taking the test
  • To help teachers to analyse the current programme and make any adaptations – ISA will produce a document explaining which questions were answered well and which not. Our teachers use this information to reflect to inform teaching and learning

The ISA tests are set over a period of three days and will take place in the morning. Our assessments will begin at 08:45 am and, once started, cannot be interrupted by late students.

The results of the ISA usually arrive in early May and will be uploaded to your child’s ManageBac Portfolio.  We kindly ask that you keep in mind that not all children will perform well under test conditions.  The ISA test is a very small snapshot of where your child is as a learner and is one part of a wider assessment process which includes a whole range of formative and summative assessments.  

Reports: published Wednesday, 12 February

It is scary how quickly time flies as we approach the end of January and the midway point of the year. Staff are working hard in writing reports for our students and our Mid-Year reports will be published to families in February through ManageBac.


These reports will help you and your children fully understand the progress achieved so far during the school year. Our reports have been written using IB’s evaluation criteria and the “achievements”, as well as the “efforts”, of our students are assessed in the form of according to the evaluation indicators of the MYP and the grading system of DP.  These grades range from 1 to 7.  Included is also the Homeroom Tutor comment relative to the Learner Profile and the attitudes that are encouraged, describing the personal development of your child, the level of independence reached, their interaction with others, and their approach to school and their studies.

Further details will be provided with the reports to help you to understand the grading rubrics used.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

After the publication of our reports on 12 February, you may wish to follow up with individual subject staff regarding questions from the reports and to ask further questions about the learning of your child. These meetings are optional meetings for families in MYP – staff will indicate in their report comments to you if they wish to meet you for a face to face meeting. For our DP families, we look forward to seeing all parents in attendance at these essential meetings.


Our teaching staff will be available through appointment on:

  • Tuesday 25 February (Grades 7-9)
  • Thursday 27 February (Grades 10-11)
  • Tuesday 10 March (Grades 12-13)

Please don’t hesitate to contact myself ( or Ms Karen ( at any time if we can be of any support.