Secondary School: 28/02/2020

Welcome to the next edition of the ISC Blog.  What a week for learning – it has been incredible how our community has come together to adapt to our new circumstances of online learning and it makes me very proud to be part of this community. Our teachers have risen to the challenge of providing amazing learning online and our students have shown maturity and commitment in taking advantage of all the opportunities offered to them. We can think of how every IB Learner Profile attribute that has been demonstrated this week.

IB Visit

As you may recall on Thursday 5th March we were supposed to welcome the Head of the IB and the Head of the PYP from the IB Office in the Hague.  The purpose was to tour the school and then spend the day looking through the documents we have sent in as the first part of our Evaluation Visit.  Due to the situation, we will now have the all day meeting online as our visitors are not allowed to travel outside of the Netherlands.  This is such a shame and we are very disappointed however we will embrace the opportunity we have to share our documents with such important key figures in the IB and to ask questions about how to develop.

Collaborative Planning

Using our new BlueJeans technology, our teachers have continued with collaborative planning remotely during this week, leading up to our next planning afternoon on Friday, 6 March. School will close at 13pm in order to give teachers an opportunity to work together.

3-way Learning Conferences

We will be rescheduling our 3-Way Conference for MYP students once we have returned to school. In the meantime, if you wish to speak with a teacher urgently please contact them via e-mail in the first instance.

Maths Weekmaths

On 9th March we will have a week which focuses on celebrating Mathematics. Friday 13th March will be dress up like a mathematician day – this dress up is definitely going to need creativity!

Middle School Drama Nightdrama

We would like to inform you that our Drama Night will be postponed from March 5th. Once rehearsals have resumed we will update parents on the new date.

Residential and Day Field-Trips

imagesWe continue to follow closely the guidance from the government with regard to residential trips and day field trips. We will update families as soon as we can as to the decision that is best for our students, for any trips scheduled in March. In reaching our decision we will be considering the health and safety of our students and staff, missed time for learning and Inspired guidance.


As always, please contact Ms Karen or myself if we can be of any help. We hope so see you at the next PTA Coffee Morning on 10th March.

Nicole Pearce
Deputy Principal-Head of Secondary