Secondary School: 24/05/2019

It has been a busy few weeks for our staff and students since our return from Spring Break. Here are some of our highlights….

Creative Month: the beginning

Creative month kicked off with a bang, drawings all over the walls, musical performances, poetry and drama workshops, to name a few.
Students have also been inspired by creative month with creative team leading weekly PYP art workshops for different grade levels as part of their Service as Action.

Very successful Dragons Den presentations for G10 Art and Design interdisciplinary units happened last Fridays with two winning groups who made a study app for students and the other group made a piece of Jewellery, both inspired by artists and made using the design cycle.

Next week is our last official creative week, but every week is creative at ISC!

Overview of the week:

  • Monday – Macbeth Revamped – Dress Rehearsal for ‘The King Comes Here’ by Grade 9 at 13:30 -14:10 in the Drama Theatre.
  • Wednesday – Midsummer Night’s Dream – Rehearsal for the Shakespeare festival by Grade 10 at 13:30 -14:10 in the Drama Theatre.
  • Thursday – Art and Design EXPO’s will start to appear around the school, with the artwork changing in the frames over the coming weeks.

Grade 11 E-assessments

Our Grade 11 students will be celebrating this evening as they have sat their last e-assessment examination this afternoon. I would like to take this opportunity to commend our students on their approach to the examinations and on the way that they have conducted themselves in the examination room. This is a viewpoint that is also shared by IB as we received a visit from the MYP E-assessment Inspector last week. This is a regular occurrence for external IBO examinations in MYP and DP, with the Inspector checking that we are following all of the IB requirements. I am delighted to say that we have met all of the requirements to the highest standard and have received a perfect report in our feedback meeting. The Inspector was most complimentary about the approach and behaviour of our students, of the professionalism of our supervising teachers and of the organisation of the examinations. Congratulations to Ms Lockett and our Secondary team in achieving this, and to our students in the way that they approached each and every exam.assessment

The final examination was a true reflection of the MYP Programme as it assessed our students on their interdisciplinary learning, giving students the ability to make connections between different areas of knowledge.

The global context of Fairness and Development was the focus for the interdisciplinary learning on-screen examination. To facilitate a deep analysis of the global context, and to provide a focus for the interdisciplinary learning on-screen examination, pre-release material was published for our students and this comprised of carefully selected multimedia stimuli and case studies. Through the pre-release material, students engaged with the global context and prepared for the examination by making connections with what they have studied in selected subjects by the IB. This year, IB selected the subjects of MYP Maths and History/Geography for this year.

Staying with the theme of exams…

Congratulations go to our Spanish students who sat the DELE examination today. Results will be released over the Summer break and we have our fingers crossed for them.

All of our students are working hard towards their End of Year Examinations, sat here in school or in the Fino Mornasco School. We wish them the best of luck in their final preparations.

Stay tuned! InfinityBots Robotics team taking Turkey!

Please follow the team on Twitter and Instagram to share their live adventure in Turkey!

The Shakespeare festival in Milan: from Ms Niki


The Shakespeare festival has been a performance date on the ISC drama calendar for the last two years and 2019 is no exception! On 30th May, Grade nine will be performing a reimagining of Macbeth and the Tempest, exploring the concept of the power within the word ‘King’. It extends the hard work the class put in for drama night and shows the class working together to present a new piece of theatre for this event.

Grade 10 are taking a shortened version of the whole of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. This is an outstanding achievement as the students are working entirely through the original Elizabethan language, showing commitment and collaborative skills in abundance.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of both classes, and hope that they will gain the support and following they deserve, from our community, family and friends.

Professional Development Opportunities for Staff

As part of our regular cycle of staff professional development opportunities, we have several staff attending professional development workshops before the end of our School year. The workshops are run by IB and are a high quality professional development that encourages critical thinking, self-reflection and dedication to lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

Within the Diploma Programme, subject groups are updated on a regular basis. The aim of this curriculum development is to produce excellent, internationally minded, research-based curriculums and support material that enable students to develop the attributes of the learner profile and the IB mission, thereby providing an excellent preparation for life in the 21st century. All DP curriculums are reviewed on a seven-year teaching cycle to ensure that each is fit for purpose in a changing world and incorporates the latest educational research and lessons learned from a thorough evaluation of the existing curriculum. Courses are either reviewed individually or together with other subjects in their group. DP curriculum review and development is an in-depth and inclusive process, drawing on the information and expertise from a wide range of resources:dev

Subject groups that will be changing from September for our new DP Students (our current Grade 11 students) include Language A (English and Italian) and Mathematics, with Mrs Turner, Ms Caria and Ms Blakeway completing workshops in these areas.

I am also very fortunate to be attending the UCAS Conference in Glasgow in early June. The conference provides a chance to learn more about recent updates to UK Universities, especially in line with Brexit changes. The programme is packed with expert speakers and gives the opportunity to network with representatives from UK universities and colleges, for peer-to-peer networking with teachers and advisers from international schools around the globe and to visit several Universities, including The University of Edinburgh.

Ms. Lockett and I wish you a lovely weekend!