Secondary School: 22/05/2020

Graduating Class 2020

Our first graduating class of IBDP students are rapidly approaching the end of their time with us in school, and they are beginning their nervous count-down to Results Day in early July. They are looking forward to University destinations in the UK, Spain, Italy and Switzerland and we wish them the very best of luck in their dreams!

classof2020At present our students are completing their Pre-University course with staff and their CAS portfolios. We are also working hard towards our graduating ceremony – this will be in 2 parts this year due to the exceptional circumstances in which we find ourselves – a virtual celebration and graduation in our last week of School and our face-to-face graduation during our next term.

I’m sure you join us in wishing our graduates the very best of luck in their future!


International University Scholarship

As we celebrate with our graduates, we are delighted to share with you excited news of a new first for ISC in which a member of our graduating class has been awarded a scholarship. 

Anaïs has been selected and awarded a scholarship from the University of York, where she has applied to read English Literature. It is a Departmental International Scholarship of £1,000.yorkAnaïs was selected from all international students and this was based on the strength of her application, in particular with IB Predicted scores, the quality of her personal statement and the quality of her school reference.

Huge congratulations to Anaïs and to her DP teachers for supporting in her studies and her application!

New IBDP Programme at ISC

We are delighted to inform you that we will be offering IBDP Music as a new Group 6 subject from September, led by our amazing Music teacher Prof. Fedetto. This continues to expand our range of courses and builds on the strength of our Arts team and our Inspired group link with Berklee College of Music.

End of Year Assessments


Over the next few weeks, our students will be working hard in preparation and completion of their End of Year Assessments. Assessment timetables have been shared with students and they are spending time in orientation sessions with Ms Karen and myself to become familiar with the AssessPrep software that we are using to complete our assessments.

Ms Karen and I share with you some key information regarding the assessments below:

Grade 12 Assessments

The Grade 12 End of Year Assessment timetable has been careful produced with staff to take into account an authentic IBDP assessment experience for our students, based around the experience that they will face in May 2021, and the current circumstances in which we find ourselves. Being mindful of the well-being of our students, the current timetable has been suspended to give students revision time and relaxation time in between their timetabled assessments. Assessments begin on Monday and last for two weeks.

Following the assessment weeks, students will return to their regular timetable with a focus on in-depth feedback from their teachers regarding their assessments and their progress this year, setting priorities for the Summer break, and focusing on their Extended Essay.

Grade 10 and 11 Assessments

Grade 10 and 11 assessments start next week and will run for two weeks. Students will not have normal timetabled lessons during those two weeks and instead they should be revising in preparation for the assessments. After the two assessment weeks normal lesson will resume for the remaining weeks of term.
As subject teachers will be invigilating their own assessments this means that some G7, 8 and 9 lessons will become cover lessons during the first week (25th-29th May). Teachers will leave cover work on managebac for the students to complete and upload independently without the usual blue-jeans session. This will not affect all lessons, only a few.

Grade 7-9 International Strand Assessments

Grade 7, 8 and 9 students will complete their online assessments in English and Maths during the first short week of June, using the software Assess Prep. The dates of each assessment have been shared with students. This short 3 day week will also result in the timetable collapsing and student should work on revising for their English or Maths assessment, or work on preparing their multidisciplinary presentation in between their assessments.

The multidisciplinary presentations will start during the second week of June and individual times have already been allocated to students. We are looking forward to see these amazing presentations that are a celebration of their learning over the last academic year.

Grade 7-9 Italian Strand Assessments

The Italian team is working hard on the Terza Media external exam preparation with students and to prepare how the assessments will take place. A communication will be released soon when everything has been confirmed by the external school who will do our external assessments.

What is Assess Prep?

Assessments will be taken using software called AssessPrep by Managebac. It is a new assessment tool that is forward thinking and gives great preparation for students thinking ahead to the final e-Assessments in Grade 11. It gives next generation assessments that are interactive, sustainable and very IB in the range and styles of questioning. We will be planning to use AssessPrep in Cycle Assessments in the new academic year.

Academic Honesty

Students will take their assessments online, with the software taking over student devices if the teacher requires it to. Teachers have tried to make their assessments authentic and “non google-able” but for some subjects answers can be checked via the internet on other devices, especially in Maths and Science.

We always strive and push for students to be academic honest and to be principled. Working in partnership with our families, we ask for extra support and that parents check also that students are not using extra devices during assessments such as second computers, iPads, phones or smartwatches to be academically dishonest and cheat by checking answers. If you are at home, and have the availability, take some time to watch your child during the assessments.

Being academically dishonest in assessments will only harm your child. It is so important that teachers and students can see where the gaps in knowledge, skills and understanding are so students can receive the support they require to target those missing links.

And finally..

Assessment time can be a stressful time for students. Please do not hesitate to reach out to subject staff, Homeroom tutors and Ms Karen and myself if we can be of any support at this time.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nicole Pearce