Secondary School: 21/06/2019

End of Year Trips

We wished to end the year with a new tradition from last year, ending the school year with a festive and community-based day. This mirrors the start of our school with the enjoyable “bonding trips”. Personal relationships between students and students, as well as those between students and teachers are of great educational value for us as they support the learning processes.

It is always with sadness that we reach the school year and have to say sad farewells to our friends and teachers so the aim of the trips is to help alleviate this difficulty, as well as strengthen personal relationships, which can also continue at a distance and to leave with fond memories.

Grade 10-12 had great fun at Gardaland and the aquarium, whilst Grades 7-9 enjoyed a day at the Shape Village of Appiano Gentile where Beach volleyball, football and swimming was enjoyed by all.

SPARTS celebration

Continuing in the theme of traditions started last year, we enjoyed our annual Sports and Arts Celebration on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you to the families that joined us to celebrate our evening and to share our philosophy of inclusion, creativity and discovery. Besides exhibitions of work, we enjoyed amazing performances of live theatre and music, we learnt how to give convincing fight scenes in Drama, we celebrated the success of our very first robotics team and had great fun with our sporting action. Many congratulations to all our performers, our award winners and to all of our students who have being risk takers this year in our Arts and Sports programme. None of this would be possible without our amazing team of dedicated and inspiring staff.

End of year Reports

As a reminder from our last newsletter, our families will receive our MYP or DP End of Year Report through ManageBac by the end of Monday, 24 June.  This is a summary of learning and achievement in the later part of the academic year.

Parents will be able to download the report from ManageBac by clicking on the REPORTS tab on the left hand side of the screen:

  • Step One:  Log in to ManageBac:
  • Step Two:  Click on the Reports Tab on the left hand side, towards the bottom
  • Step Three:  You will see the report ready to download as a PDF

For ManageBac login issues please email Ms Ricco:

For families leaving us, please take time to download copies of your child’s reports as ManageBac access will no longer be available from 1 August.

Preparing for the new academic year

Over the last few weeks, and into the Summer break there are a number of important e-mail communications that have / or will be going home to families, with the changes to our new uniform supplier and the new book list for the new academic year being just two such e-mails.

Another exciting development for us as a Secondary school is that from September all students will ‘Bring their own device’ to school. This has followed our successful pilot programme in High School during this year.


Technology is a powerful tool that can enhance the teaching and learning process. One of the goals that we have at ISC is to ensure a positive interaction with technology within the learning environment. Therefore, negative use of any device in/outside the school is not acceptable.

Through focusing on innovation, we can invest in new practices that connect pedagogy to technology. At ISC, we are able to do this through the process of inquiry. This is done within four areas: collaboration, creation, construction and communication. It is an opportunity that allows learners to collaborate effectively with their peers as well as their educators. They are able to personalize their learning process thus ensuring engagement within the learning process.

BYOD will help to enrich and extend the learning process by:

  • Providing learners with ‘anywhere, anytime’ education
  • Establishing 21st century skills
  • Completing online formative and summative assessments.
  • A shift to a more student-centered approach where inquiry is emphasised.
  • Educating our learning to leave a positive digital footprint.

Once our final policy has been agreed by Inspired, we will send this through to families. This will also specify the technical requirements of the laptops that students must have in order to support the software provided by the school.

 And finally…

As the final days for this term draw to a close, Ms Karen and I would like to acknowledge the efforts made by so very many of our students, staff and parents during the course of this year. It gives us great pleasure to see their hard work and dedication be so worthwhile. This is the reason we are so passionate about learning, to know that we have helped the future of this world to become more well-rounded, principled and educated and to see that recognition in them.

We would also like to thank our parent body for your continued commitment to the vision of the school. You drive us to be better and we should always look to better ourselves. I always think of the quote “success only comes before work in a dictionary” and the rewards of everyone’s hard work on a daily basis is so evident in our school.

well done.jpg

The philosophy of the IB is not just in programmes like the MUN or in the grander gestures like the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal, but also in the often unseen daily acts of kindness that are prevalent throughout the entire school. I commend our student body for their actions and their desire to be guided by principles of fairness, equality and honesty and I look forward to continuing our journey together in the years to come.

As our Grade 11 students look towards the Diploma Programme and their future, another year group graduate to the MYP. It is with pleasure that we welcomed our Grade 6 students to join us for their transition morning on Tuesday for a new chapter in their school lives here at ISC. Having seen the efforts they have put forth with their Exhibition projects, we are excited for the prospect that our new MYP group will bring as they continue their educational journey.

The school administration offices will remain open through the Summer holiday period – please look for the reduced opening times in the newsletter.

We wish all of our families the very best for the Summer and we look forward to welcoming you all back, relaxed and refreshed for what promises to be an enjoyable and productive year.