Secondary School: 20/03/2020

A warm welcome to our new Secondary newsletter, I hope that this finds you all safe and well.

It has been an incredible transition in moving our Secondary school to a virtual learning format over the last few weeks and this has all been made possible with the dedication, determination and hard work of our teachers working in partnership with our students. Our students have risen to the challenge, showing that they are focused, resilient in the changes and each day our teachers continue to be impressed with the standard of work that they are producing. Virtual learning provides out students with the opportunity to demonstrate self-management and responsibility, all valuable skills for their future both in school and in the wider world beyond.

BlueJeans has become our new way of life, both in an academic sense and in a well-being sense. We are sharing our successes in learning and also our worries in this difficult time within our classes and homeroom time and it is such a privilege to work in such a collaborative and caring community.

Students remain at the centre of everything that we do in ISC and so with that in mind we have handed our newsletter over to the students. Our homerooms will share with you their experiences of virtual learning, what they miss about school, and a focus on an area of learning.  We hope you enjoying reading as much as our students have enjoyed putting it together.

Giving thanks to our community hero’s

During yesterday’s ‘Thought for the Day’, I asked students to reflect on the heroes in their local community during this time in which we find ourselves. Our perception of the world is shifting and the most important roles in our community right now are no longer the ones they were just a few weeks ago. Our heroes are now the medical teams of doctors and nurses, the hospital porters and cleaners, the trash collectors, the staff stacking the shelves in the grocery store, the delivery men and a host of others. They are also your teachers helping you every day to remain balanced and to keep on learning.

Annasofia in Grade 9 shared with us her thanks:

I would like to share with you the picture of one of my best adult friends, Alessandra. She is a doctor and works in Liguria.Vergani

I thank her and her colleagues who work so hard and I every day thank her for all the suggestions she gives me….. She always repeats me TO STAY AT HOME. This is not only for me, but especially for my grandparents and all the people considered to be less strong in terms of immune system.

My way of supporting her is to listen to her very carefully and also to keep constantly in touch with her for any kind of need she and her family could have. 

School Psychologist

During this difficult time in our community, our School Psychologist, Ms. Ferrari, is available to support our students. If your child would like to speak with her, you can contact her directly via email  to set up a BlueJeans meeting.

Expectations during learning time

To enable all students to benefit from our virtual learning environment, please take a moment to review as a family our expectations on students when joining BlueJeans meetings, as a reminder of our messages in ManageBac.

These behaviour types are classed as misconduct (disruptive behaviour) and gross misconduct (severely disruptive behaviour)

Lesson disruption examples:

  • Turning up late
  • Leaving before the teacher allows you to
  • Speaking over the teacher
  • Not turning your microphone off when the teacher is speaking and disturbing with other noises
  • Removing other people from the call
  • Taking over the screen when you should not
  • Writing inappropriate things in the chat box
  • Writing personal messages to eachother in the chat boxes
  • Being on your phone during the BlueJeans call
  • Walking around when the teacher is speaking, or the lesson is happening and not listening to the lesson
  • Not having your real name on BlueJeans

Other poor approaches to learning:

– Not completing classwork
– Not uploading your work
– Ignoring teacher message
– Not coming onto scheduled BlueJeans calls without a valid reason from parents
– Not completing homework tasks
– Gaming during lessons or during the school day


You all signed a behaviour contract at the beginning of the academic year. If you do one of the above you are disrupting a lesson in the same way you would in a classroom situation and therefore you are going against your behaviour contract and consequences WILL apply.

The class teachers and I will choose one, two or more of the consequences based on what you do.

– Behaviour note on ManageBac from the teacher
– Parents told by the teacher
– Parents to sit with you during certain lessons
– Ms. Lockett, Ms. Pearce and if necessary Ms. Ferloni told and they will watch you in lessons
– Loss of good standing (people will lose respect for you and judge you, this is one of the worst and hardest to repair)
– Report card (yes you can have a digital one too that I will monitor in every lesson)
– Written and verbal apology to the teacher and students of your class
– Meeting with coordinator, teacher, the principal and your parents
– Suspension which goes on your permanent record

Use today as a moment to stop and reflect on what you have seen or what you may have done. You can make a positive change. Please do not be a bystander either and allow other students to ruin your learning. If you see something that is disrupting your learning then let me know. It’s not ‘snitching’ ‘it’s called being principled and not letting uncaring people damage your learning…

Reminder of our School Day

As a reminder to students, please:

  • take a moment to check ManageBac messages at the beginning of each day for our ‘Thought for the Day’
  • follow each lesson on your timetable in ManageBac
  • join BlueJeans with your teachers using the links provided and in the manner that we expect
  • join your homeroom at the end of the day for registration and as a chance to reflect over the day, sharing your success and concerns.


Finally, our staff and leadership team are here to help and support our families at all times. Please don’t hesitate to contact our subject staff, homeroom tutors, or Ms. Lockett and myself if we can be of any support or assistance. Ms. Riccò is also here to support with technology queries and support.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay home

#iorestoacasa  #andratuttobene


Nicole Pearce