Secondary School: 19/06/2020

We have reached the end of our school year for 2019-2020 and what a year it has been. We never imagined when we started in September how we would be ending the year. Although I made my decision to leave some months ago, what I did not anticipate was the global pandemic (COVID-19) that would occur, which had a major impact on our daily interactions with students, parents and staff. I feel privileged to have worked with our school community through this time as we have risen to this challenge with purpose and conviction, maintaining the IB traits of the Learner Profile and AtL’s. We have been able to work with virtual schooling in a way not even dreamed of before and this has highlighted what an amazing school community we have in their ability to adapt rapidly to change: building grit and determination and in stepping up to the challenges we have faced both inside and outside of our virtual school.

It is with sadness that I am writing for the last time in the ISC newsletter. Our Secondary School has accomplished so much in the four years that I have been lucky to be a part of the ISC community, establishing the High School and DP programmes, maintaining and growing the Middle School programme and continuing to promote the IB philosophy to help our students in becoming global ambassadors.

This could not occur without the endless energy, skills and devotion of our ISC staff – huge thanks and well done to such an incredible group of professionals. I leave our Secondary School in their hands with my full trust and confidence knowing that it will continue to give our students an amazing learning experience, growing and developing with our students, whilst maintaining the warm and caring community that makes it such a special place to be.

This has also been due, in no small part, to the hard work and energies of our amazing students and the support and commitment of our ISC families.  Thank you to our students for all your hard work throughout the school year.  I feel  honoured to have shared your learning journey with you and you make me so proud to be have been part of ISC – you will always stay with me in my heart.  You have kept me laughing and I am grateful for your joy, astute insights and amazing talents. I will miss you all greatly and I look forward to seeing you again when I next visit.  To our families, thank you for trusting us with your children. You drive us to be better and we should always look to better ourselves. I always think of the quote “success only comes before work in a dictionary” and the rewards of everyone’s hard work on a daily basis is so evident in our school.


While no journey is ever complete, there is much for us to be proud of. In closing I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and best wishes to the ISC community for the future. If nothing else, the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed us to show our strength and resilience which shows us that we can continue to reach for the stars at ISC.

dear studentsStudents, wherever you future leads you, I will be cheering for you.  I am looking forward to hearing updates from your lives and seeing where your future pathways lead.  Before I go though, I want to make sure I say thank you for all that you have taught me in my time at ISC.  If I can inspire others half as much as you have inspired me, I know I will have been successful. Follow your passions, continue to be leaders, and the very best of luck in your future.

Behind you, all your memories

Before you, your dreams

Around you, all who love you

Within you, all you need for the future to fulfill your dreams

IB Diploma Programme Graduation

On Tuesday evening, we had the wonderful privilege of sharing our first, ever IBDP graduation with our Graduating class of 2020 and their families. We were so fortunate to have Ms Ferloni’s creative and driving energies with us in giving us the ability to hold this in person in Villa Mambretti’s Park (Fino Mornasco), albeit it with social distancing and Covid-19 restrictions.

This was a truly memorable evening and I’m sure you join with me in wishing our Graduating Class of 2020 the very best of luck in their future. We have shared with you their future pathways through our Social Media this week. They now nervously await the publication of their IBDP results, on July 6.

Our wonderful Grade 13 Homeroom tutor Ms Niki also writes:

‘It was with enormous pride and pleasure that we gathered under beneficent skies to celebrate the first ever DP Graduation class from ISC. As their homeroom teacher for the last three years I have experienced at close hand their growing up in our school. For a long while we thought that Coronavirus would not permit us to have anything close to the meaningful and personal celebration we had hoped for. But the combined forces of staff, students and Ms Ferloni’s determination to have a face to face ceremony paid off. We met in the humble yet gracious surroundings of the municipal park in Fino Mornasco, gowned, mortar boarded and masked, and enjoyed an array of charming and significant speeches from students and staff’

Once more, a huge thank you to all involved, and our best wishes to all the graduating class of 2020.

Niki Wallace

JillStudio-1 2 - Copy


We invite you to read the Service as Action & CAS article  written by Ms. Stephania Magri at this page:

Service as Action and CAS – click here


Creative Month Highlights

The Creative arts team is resilient, collaborative and determined and has worked ceaselessly to find ways and means of continuing meaningful study of the arts during this difficult period. We have been astonished, humbled and gratified by the reaction of our students to our subjects, and the creation of the virtual performance and exhibition site has been one of the symbols of their constant engagement and need for ways of expressing their thoughts, emotions and yes, good old fashioned playfulness. We will continue the ISC tradition of giving final awards for creative excellence across the fields of Art , Design, Music and Drama, and hope to be joined by our colleagues from PE during tomorrow’s assembly, for a ‘stronger together’ virtual SPARTS fest! The only contagion we recognise, is creativity!

The Arts team

Hello’s and Goodbyes

As we reach the end of the year, it is a bittersweet time as we say goodbye to friends and teachers, and look forward to the arrival of new ones. Please look out for further communication from the school today introducing our new team members to you.

We sadly say goodbye to some of our wonderful Secondary team and we look forward to hearing about their new adventures.

  • Mr Forster – we very grateful to Mr Forster for stepping in to work with our High School Physics students during our virtual learning period. Thank you Mr Forster for all of your support
  • Ms Sabetta – Ms Sabetta has been with us to cover IAL during Ms Biazzi’s maternity leave. She has become an integral part of the team and we will miss her as she returns to her re-join her family in Holland
  • Mr Pearce – Mr Pearce has been a key member of our student support team, in his role of Librarian, Grade 7 Homeroom tutor and from a teaching perspective with our DP Economics students. Who can forget the Christmas book tree or Indiana Pearce on Learner Profile Day!
  • Mr Crewdson – Mr Crewdson has worked with us to help to establish our High School programme in Geography and in Middle School Individuals and Societies, with his passion and support for students and in bringing his subject alive. We will miss him outside of the classroom too with his Cricket Club and support in Soccer and we wish him the best of luck in Poland.

The Role of Primary Sources in History

Students in Individuals & Societies regularly examine primary sources as a way of understanding the past. One example of how we study pandemics of the past, is the 1918 Flu pandemic, often referred to as the ‘Spanish Flu’. This month our students have created their own primary sources so that students of the future can learn what living during Covid-19 was really like. Contributions include: videos, paintings, diaries, poems and songs. Please see the History Exhibition section on the Creative Month website to see examples of their work.

A special mention goes to the following students:

Lucrezia (G7A) who has recorded an engaging video in which she has interviewed different people on how their lives have changed over the past few months.

Pola (G7B) who wrote a beautiful poem titled “Coronavirus” and Benedetta Marelli (7B) who created a nice poster showing some key moments in her life during the pandemic.

Eva (G8A) who wrote a creative song titled “The year that nobody will forget”.

Emily and Emanuela (G9B) for being creative and collaborative despite the distance: Emanuela played the piano while Emily sang a short song on the virus.

In Grade 10, Tommaso and Dougal created a mini video-documentary of the similarities and differences between the Spanish Flu and Covid-19. Andrea also created a video about living during these times. Ludovica, Greta and Mariasofia together created a collage of images and photographs they thought summarised life during the pandemic.

And finally in Grade 11, Edoardo created a moving poem to Covid-19, Sofia created a thoughtful written journal and Jacqueline created a series of expressive drawings.

Jacqueline drawing

Well done to all students who contributed. Your work will be studied by historians and students of the future.

Ms. Adele Evans

Multidisciplinary International Presentations

Last week the International Strand students from grades 7, 8 and 9 each individually did a multidisciplinary presentation to staff. This year we had to do the presentations virtually which really pushed students to be creative with their presentation skills.

What is a multidisciplinary presentation?

A multidisciplinary presentation is basically a presentation were students connect all of their individual school subject areas to a topic of their choice. They need to show their disciplinary knowledge in a multidisciplinary way through the connections they make to the topic and between subjects. Students present their connections to a range of teachers using a slides presentation they have prepared and use public speaking skills to explain their knowledge and connections.

What were students assessed on?

Students are assessed on four areas which are not only their subject knowledge but also a range of ATL (approaches to learning) skills;

  1. Disciplinary grounding: showing their subject knowledge and understanding.
  2. Organisation skills: their sequence of connections and their linking of ideas to their topic.
  3. Communication skills: Their language fluency, rate of speech and visual communication skills.
  4. Presentation skills: Preparation, eye contact, use of slides and use of text.

What topics were presented this year?

We had a wide range of interesting topics this year with some very mature connections. Examples such as Marlit presenting the topic of Ethics, Ronan connected all of his subjects to the topic of Cooperation, Marfa presented Sustainability and Development, Pola creatively connected her subjects to the Polish poet Szymborska and Rebecca connected all of her subjects to the relevant topic of Gender Equality.

Here are a few photos to show the presentations as they were live on blue-jeans:

  • Ronan linking his topic of Cooperation with History

Ronan history

  • Pola linking the topic of the poet Szymborska to English and the Learner Profile

Pola learner profile and Szymborska

  • Rebecca linking the topic of Gender Equality to a speech she wrote in English class

Rebecca gender equality in sport

  • Jade linking Nature to Mathematics and Art

Jade maths

I am very proud of the International strand for showing their true IB Learner Profile attributes during the presentations, showing how diverse and internationally minded the international strand are and also showing just how skillful, mature and connected they already are to relevant topics and real life global situations, well done International strand!

Ms. Karen Lockett

End of Year Reports

Our families will receive our MYP or DP End of Year Report through ManageBac by the end of Friday, 19 June.  This is a summary of learning and achievement in the later part of the academic year, since the publication of our last report.

Parents will be able to download the report from ManageBac by clicking on the REPORTS tab on the left hand side of the screen:

  • Step One:  Log in to ManageBac:
  • Step Two:  Click on the Reports Tab on the left hand side, towards the bottom
  • Step Three:  You will see the report ready to download as a PDF

For ManageBac login issues please email Ms Piras:

For families leaving us, please take time to download copies of all of your child’s reports as ManageBac access will no longer be available from 1 August.

And finally…

As the final days for this term draw to a close, Ms. Lockett and I would like to acknowledge the efforts made by so very many of our students, staff and parents during the course of this year. It gives us great pleasure to see their hard work and dedication be so worthwhile. This is the reason we are so passionate about learning, to know that we have helped the future of this world to become more well-rounded, principled and educated and to see that recognition in them.

The philosophy of the IB is not just in seen in areas like the MUN or in the grander gestures like the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal, but also in the often unseen daily acts of kindness that are prevalent throughout the entire school. I commend our student body for their actions and their desire to be guided by principles of fairness, equality and honesty.

As our Grade 11 students look towards the Diploma Programme and their future, supported by our new IBDP team of Ms Ackers (IBDP Coordinator), Ms Evans (TOK coordinator) and Ms Magri (CAS Coordiantor), another year group graduate to the MYP.


It is with pleasure that we welcome our Grade 6 students to join us for a new chapter in their school lives here at ISC. Having seen the efforts they have put forth with their Exhibition projects, we are excited for the prospect that our new MYP group will bring as they continue their educational journey.

The school administration offices will remain open through the Summer holiday period – please look for the opening times in the Whole School section of the Blog.

We wish all of our families the very best for the Summer and the ISC team look forward to welcoming you all back, relaxed and refreshed for what promises to be a wonderful new year.

Mrs. Nicole Pearce

happy holidays