Secondary School: 17/04/2019

Welcome to our new edition of the ISC Newsletter as we celebrate today our annual Secondary Sports Day. You will also find interesting articles such our recent MUN club trip to Warsaw for an MUN conference and reminders about our upcoming parent workshop and planning afternoon.

To assist you in identifying upcoming events quickly than in our last newsletter, please visit our dates link here.

Congratulations to ISC’s MUN Club


On April 11 the Delegates of ISC’s Model United Nations club travelled to Warsaw to attend the 2019 MUN Conference at the British School of Warsaw. This was our second MUN conference. Some students were completely new to the experience and benefited from the mentoring provided by the returning students – who had learnt a lot from the MUN conference at IS Monza back in November 2018.

Our MUN delegates at the Warsaw conference were:

Anais Wyder (representing Cuba) and Chiara Gardner (representing Vietnam) joined the Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee to discuss ‘International cooperation as a means to improve international strategy for disaster reduction’.

Leonardo Riccio (representing Italy) joined the Security Council to discuss ‘The Question of Palestine – Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and stabilising the region’. At the General Assembly, Leonardo was invited to deliver a speech to the entire group of delegates and did extremely well to answer some very tough questions from members of the audience!

Barbara Borney (representing France) joined the Human Rights Council to discuss the ‘Means to improve human rights in Myanmar’.

Lorenzo Lanzilotta (representing Brazil) and Marta Fiore (representing the Philippines) joined the World Health Organisation to discuss ‘ Measures to combat vector borne diseases in south-east Asia.

Sofia Spreafico (representing Brazil), Edoardo Pani (representing Spain), Sofia Carotenuto (representing Djibouti) and Lawrence Clark (representing New Zealand) all joined the Disarmament and International Security Committee to discuss ‘Means to achieve international maritime security in the horn of Africa’.

Shefani Livera also attended the Conference as an Observer and took notes, took pictures and took videos of our Delegates in action within their individual committees. We look forward to reading the student feedback.

All MUN delegates made a positive contribution to their individual committees as well as to the Warsaw Conference in general – we are extremely proud of their achievements. Taking part in the Model United Nations is an important activity. It provides students with the opportunity to research into challenges that face the international community today. It also encourages students to contemplate these issues and debate them with others who may have different opinions. Participating in discussion and working towards consensus is central to passing a Resolution through each committee. Very well done to our delegates!

We now look forward to planning the next MUN Conference.

Adele Evans

Our next Parent Workshop: Tuesday, 7 May

Our next workshop will be hosted by Ms Ricco, our Secondary Technology Integrator. This workshop will focus on the use of technology to support learning in Secondary and the policy for students to bring their own devices.

In line with other Inspired Schools, we are moving in the new academic year to all of our Secondary students bringing their own device. This workshop will help to answer your questions in relation to this so you are prepared in advance for the changes taking place.

Our new Lunchtime Club cycle


When we return from Spring Break, our new lunchtime club cycle for the Summer Term will be launched. Students will sign up for their new summer term clubs on Thursday, 2 May during club time by visiting individual club stands to register their interest. This allows our students to take ownership of selecting their own clubs and balancing their club choice with independent study time dedicated to exam preparation, revision and homework.

Our new choice of clubs will be posted on ManageBac in the messages section for our students to consider in preparation for sign-up day.

Mother’s Day Breakfast

mother's 2

On Friday, May 10 our Student Council would like to invite all mothers to school to join us for breakfast. The event takes place in the Cafeteria and is an opportunity for our Mums to come together and celebrate their great work! We hope to see you there!

Planning afternoon: Friday, 17 May

planning afternoon

A collaborative culture is at the core of an IB World School. It’s not just about students working together, fostering a community of experience and learning, but also includes teachers and staff. Our staff meet together on a weekly basis to plan collaboratively within subject teams, homeroom teams and as a wider team of staff. In support of this, and to enable us to engage in deeper conversations over an extended time, we hold a series of five planning afternoons throughout the School year: our final planning afternoon of this academic year is taking place on May 17. Our staff will be working together across the whole school on our IB Self-Study.

On this date, our students will end School at 13:00 with our staff remaining for an extended collaborative planning afternoon.

May is Creative Month


Creative month starts on May 6 and runs through the whole month to May 31. There will be performances, exhibitions, concerts, graffiti, bands and choirs, design competitions, public speaking competitions, robotics and poetry events… and that’s just the first day! (Alright, spread over the four weeks, just testing that you are all awake..) The winner of the logo design for this year will be announced in the assembly of the first week after the Easter break, along with the full program of events. Don’t miss a thing!

The IB Self Study

Ms Karen, Ms Whittle and I would like to request that the parents involved in the Self Study attend the next meeting after the coffee morning on May 14. This will give us the opportunity to add more evidence from the parents point of view. The meeting will take place from 09:30 to 10:30.

End of Year Examinations

Our students in Grades 12 have received a copy of their examination schedule for our internal, school based End of Year examinations. This will allow the students to begin focussed revision towards their examinations over the Spring Break and to plan their time in May to enable them to give sufficient focus to their revision.
For Grade 11 students, only a small number of examinations will take place as the majority of their examinations will have already been assessed in May with the IB external e-Assessments.


For our students, end of year examinations play an important role in the learning journey of our students. It allows our students and staff to celebrate the successes that our students have achieved and to help them focus on the necessary skills needed to be even more successful in external examinations, in May of Grade 11 or Grade 13. It also helps our students to develop good study and revision habits from the so that they are experienced and knowledgeable about how best to prepare for their IB examinations. Preparation is everything!



Ms Lockett and I wish you a very happy and restful Spring Break. We look forward to seeing our students back in school on Thursday, May 2.

spring break