Secondary School: 14/02/2020

It has been a very busy few weeks: DP2 Mocks, ISA testing in Grades 8 and 10, Grade 11 Personal Project Fair, NISSA competitions and report publication are just a few events taking place.

The Personal Project Fair

This year’s Personal Project Fair, held last Thursday, was the biggest so far, with 21 projects on display. The Grade 11 students did themselves proud by being able to explain the process and giving advice to the Grade 10s, who will be doing the Personal Project next year. From a teacher’s perspective, it is always wonderful to see a completely different side of students, who, left free to deepen, extend or reflect on their personal passions, are able to share their enthusiasm for their projects with a range of audiences, and also explain their challenges and their learning on the way.

As always, the Fair was well-supported by students, parents and teachers, and this is really appreciated by the students, who can be justifiably proud of what they have achieved during this process.

For me, as Personal Project Coordinator, I was particularly proud to see the self-confidence of the students when talking to visitors, even the normally quiet, shy students were eloquent when talking about their project! I was also delighted to hear their seamless switching between English and Italian and even Spanish and German! Our students showed many aspects of the Learner Profile throughout the day, but to my mind, top of the list was being communicators, closely followed by being inquirers!

Heartfelt thanks to all who attended and supported the students in this important milestone.

Helen Turner
Personal Project Coordinator

Mid-Year Reports and 3-way Learning Conferencesreport

We hope you have enjoyed reading our recently published reports, available through ManageBac. The reports will contain lots of valuable learning to celebrate the success of your child and in helping them take the next steps in their learning.

Our 3-way conferences between teachers, parents and students, will take place:

Parents can book their appointments by inserting the name at the google link registration above.
We kindly remind our MYP families to book their appointment if the teachers required a meeting in order to discuss your son/daughter report.

As always, if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the subject teachers directly.


As we return from Ski week, we ask families to take time to ensure that our students are attending school wearing the correct uniform.

As a reminder from previous newsletters and communications home, students in Middle School (G7-9) are expected to wear the school uniform from Monday to Thursday. Fridays are considered free dress days.

  • Navy ISC polo shirt or white ISC t-shirt.
  • Navy trousers, dark blue jeans, appropriate length shorts during autumn and spring or ISC official school uniform skirt. Shorts and skirts should not be too short. With arms down by your sides the skirt or shorts should not come above your fingertips.
  • ISC cardigan or pullover
  • Sensible shoes and trainers allowed. No open toe shoes or heels for safety reasons.
  • ISC Sport kit to be worn for all PSE lessons and only worn during the lesson or on special sports events. Students are expected to change your clothing after PE.

Students from Grade 10 upwards may wear their own clothes throughout the week, provided they adhere to the basic principles in the dress code below.

  • All students should dress in a way that shows respect for others. Clothes should be clean, untorn and comfortable, and should not distract others or cause offence:
  • No extravagant jewellery for safety reasons
  • No hats/caps to be worn inside
  • Make-up and hair colour modifications need to be kept discreet and natural.
  • No offensive logos
  • No exposure of underwear
  • No bare midriffs or transparent tops
  • No spaghetti straps, vest-style sleeveless tops or off-the-shoulder tops or dresses.

Consequences will follow for students not following our uniform rules. . For our some of our families, we do appreciate that uniform orders may not yet have arrived. If you have an issue with uniform, please contact myself or Ms Karen so we can support the family.

In addition, our PE code of conduct has specific references to help to keep your child safe, in all grades within the Secondary School. Please ensure that your child in brings their correct PE Kit to lessons in order to fully participate. With regard to jewellery, our PE code of conduct states that no jewellery may be worn for PE or sport.  As such, students are required to remove jewellery before a lesson commences. This is for the safety of your child and those around them.  For students who wear knotted bracelets and necklaces that would need scissors to remove, a letter will be sent home to kindly ask to remove the piece of jewellery as these too put safety at risk when playing sport.

Planning afternoon: Friday, 6 March


A collaborative culture is at the core of an IB World School. It’s not just about students working together, fostering a community of experience and learning, but also includes teachers and staff. Our staff meet together on a weekly basis to plan collaboratively within subject teams, homeroom teams and as a wider team of staff. In support of this, and to enable us to engage in deeper conversations over an extended time, we hold a series of five planning afternoons throughout the School year, with our next afternoon taking place on 6 March.
On each of these dates, our students will end School at 13:00 with our staff remaining for an extended collaborative planning afternoon. In this afternoon, our staff will be focusing on the moderation of our Grade 11 Personal Projects.
Taking place over several weeks and meetings, our staff work collaboratively to ensure learners are assessed in a consistent, accurate and well-designed manner. It ensures all staff are using comparable assessment methods and are making similar and consistent judgments about learners’ performance, resulting in continuing and improved support to our next group of Personal Project students.
Moderation also takes place across departments for any assessed work that is sent to the IB, in MYP5 and in DP.

G9 English Exchange with ISTicino

Today, apart from Valentine’s Day, we celebrate LIBRARY LOVERS’ DAY!

ISTicino G9 students have joined us for an English Exchange. A day of appreciating libraries, reading, sonnets, and blackout poetry!