Secondary School: 13/12/2019

Christmas Newsletter

It is incredible how fast the school weeks seem to be passing by. As we look back over the last term, it has been filled with many amazing events in our School community, fantastic learning experiences for our students and the first term of our new Diploma Programme.

It is only right, at this special time of the year, that we pause for a moment and ask ourselves as to what we are thankful for. To me, the answer is pretty simple! We can be thankful for each other, our friends, our children, and our families. For our students, a huge thanks goes to our dedicated team of Secondary Staff. They work passionately and tirelessly with our students, motivating them to succeed and challenge themselves each and every day.

Our handy events guide is now available on ManageBac (Parents Page) for Term 2. Please use this single page calendar to help with your dates for the new term.

ISC Guidelines and Policies


We would like to kindly remind you that all ISC Policies can be downloaded from the MYP and DP Parents Page of ManageBac. There is also a copy of our Welcome Booklet and Parent Handbook in this handy place.

As a reminder, we are a nut-free school as a number of our students are highly allergic to nuts. Please ensure that your children bring nut-free snacks to school. Examples of nut free snacks can be found here:

Recent Trips

The past couple of weeks have filled the Italian department with theatre performances which were thoroughly enjoyed by our students.

“La Lingua Langue” was a huge success, with a few of our students called up to the stage, together with our dear Mrs Turner too! The interactive nature of this show made our students reflect upon the use (or mis-use rather!) of our great language. In spite the serious message, the show was full of humour and was enjoyed by everybody in G10 and 11.

Pirandello’s comedy, “Il Berretto a Sonagli”, was also very interesting and gave our students from G11 and DP1 the opportunity to appreciate “real adult theatre”. Both classes have studied and are studying some of Pirandello’s works, also in preparation for their Diploma, and this was a taster of our great dramatist diverse productions. 

Ms. Caria

Greetings from the MUN Conference at Monza!

Congratulations to all our delegates who participated at this years MUN conference at IS Monza. All ISC delegates did a great job of lobbying, presenting resolutions and discussing solutions to some of the most important challenges facing us today.

170 delegates attended the conference and represented schools from Monza, Milan, Ticino, Modena, Bergamo and London. Well done to all our students, we are extremely proud of their achievements!

Representing China were:

  • Michelangelo Veda – delegate attending the Education Committee
  • Anna Spreafico – delegate attending the Human Rights Committee
  • Barbara Borney – delegate attending the Economic Committee
  • Edoardo Pani – delegate attending the Disarmament & Security Committee
  • Sofia Carotenuto – attending the Environment Committee

Representing Belgium were:

  • Cristian Iturralde – delegate attending the Education Committee
  • Virginia Beretta – delegate attending the Human Rights Committee
  • Leonard Alsleben – delegate attending the Economic Committee
  • Marta Fiore – delegate attending the Disarmament & Security Committee
  • Leonardo Kloos – delegate attending the Environment Committee

Representing Nigeria were:

  • Sofia Spreafico – delegate attending the Education Committee
  • Ginevra Torrisi – delegate attending the Human Rights Committee
  • Mariana Dufeu Castillo – delegate attending the Economic Committee
  • Lorenzo Lanzillotta – delegate attending the Environment Committee

Edoardo Pani delivered a powerful speech to all delegates during the opening ceremony as an Ambassador to China. A number of our students were successful at getting their resolutions passed by the various committees, including:

Michelangelo Veda who successfully lobbied and persuaded the Education Committee to pass his resolution on the subject of ‘Finding ways to respond immediately and effectively to cyber-attacks on government and information systems’.

Barbara Borney successfully lobbied and persuaded the Economic Committee to pass her resolution on the subject of ‘Hitting the Paris Agreement targets through effective leadership among the richest nations and the use of existing, innovative, and sustainable technologies and strategies’.

Marta Fiore and Edoardo Pani demonstrated great collaboration skills by successfully lobbying their resolutions with Russia at the Disarmament and Security Committee on the subject of ‘Preventing terrorist empowerment caused by financing, arms trade, and unsuccessful international regulations’.

Mariana Dufeu Castillo successfully lobbied her resolution and got it to pass by also collaborating with another country (the UK) at the Economic and Social Council on the issue of ‘Eradicating women’s discrimination, marginalization, and exclusion in the workplace and empowering them to participate fully in economic life throughout all sectors and across all levels’.

Sofia Carotenuto successfully lobbied and persuaded the Environment committee to pass her resolution on the subject of ‘Addressing the overproduction and overconsumption of meat while continuing to deliver alternative, accessible, healthy, and sustainable protein to the world population’.

Leonard Alsleben successfully lobbied and persuaded the Economic and Social Council to pass his resolution on the topic of ‘Creating opportunities of entrepreneurial spirit and power across displaced populations so they can enter the labour market’.

Well done to Sofia and Leonard who were also awarded with the certificate of ‘Best Delegate’. For a conference of 170 students with 5 awards, our students did an incredibly good job to be awarded 2 of these awards!!

The MUN Club now look forward to planning their next MUN Conference in 2020!

Ms. Evans

Theory of Knowledge & the de Chirico Exhibition


Our Grade 12 TOK students visited de Chirico’s exhibition at Milan this week. It was a great opportunity for students to think about the role that ‘the arts’ play in our understanding of knowledge. Students were challenged to consider whether art is for the viewer or for the creator. In TOK we consider the role of ‘shared knowledge’ and ‘personal knowledge’ and how these two realms of knowledge can overlap.

Students learned about how de Chirico used symbolism and metaphysical philosophy in his paintings. To understand the ‘shared knowledge’ in his work, we need to learn more about him as a person first. The symbolism he used included trains, lighthouses, mannequins and illogical perspective to convey de Chirico’s thoughts on himself, his life and the world around him. He also used mathematics, history, mythology and philosophy.

TOK students will now use this exhibition as a ‘Real Life Situation’ designed to prompt further discussion on the role of knowledge in the arts. During the last week of term, students will be invited to consider their own thoughts on the world around them and express these thoughts through the medium of art using their own interpretation of symbolism and visual expression. We look forward to seeing the results!

Ms. Evans

MYP Christmas Concert

Thursday night our Grade 7-9 students took part in the MYP Christmas Concert and what a fantastic night it was! We were treated to a variety of live musical pieces which showcased the talent and commitment of our student in the musical field. Congratulations to all who took part and many thanks to Mr. Fedetto for organizing and inspiring our students to perform!

Winter themed Dress day

free dress christmasAs we break for the Winter vacation, we are hosting a Winter themed Free Dress Day on Thursday, 19 December. In celebration of our holiday, we invite our students to come dressed for school on in clothing to celebrate the winter and Christmas holidays. We ask that students respect our guidelines from our free dress Fridays as they choose their clothing for the day.

Prizes will be awarded to the most creative outfits!

Upcoming workshops


We are all life-long learners and we appreciate how important it is to our families to have to learn about the curriculum that we offer in our Secondary School, so that you may support your child in their learning. We are excited to be continuing with our regular Tuesday morning workshops for families with students in the MYP and DP programmes, from 08:50 to 10:00.

The workshops for the New Year include:

  • January 21: Exams in the Middle School: This workshop is aimed at MYP parents (G7-11) and is split into two simultaneous sessions, focussing on the Italian strand and International Strand. The Italian team will explain the various Italian exams that ISC students may want to take in Grades 7-9. International strand students will consider internal examinations and MYP5 e-assessments.
  • January 27 at 15:00: January Coffee and Chat for DP Parents
  • February 13 at 18:00: This is a repeat of our Introduction to High School event that was originally held on 10 October. In this workshop, we will explore the essential elements of our High School and how it builds on from our MYP programme into DP
  • February 24 at 15:00: February Coffee and Chat for DP Parents

We look forward to seeing you there!


I wish you all a relaxing holiday, filled with many joyful memories shared with family and friends. May this Holiday season bring happiness and joy to your lives; and may all your travels be safe.

N. Pearce
Deputy Principal – Head of Secondary

Handwritten Holiday, Christmas card with hand drawn, textured snowflakes.