Secondary School: 10/05/2019

Welcome back to all our families, we hope you have enjoyed a wonderful and restful break. We begin our final term of this academic year and what a busy term this is setting out to be. Here are some highlights from just a few of our events in this month.

Good luck Grade 11!


Our Grade 11 students begin their two weeks of E-assessments on Monday and we wish them the very best of luck. Our students will be taking a series of tests online, in English, Maths, Science and History/Geography. The tests are administered and marked centrally by the IB and they give our students experience of taking a high-level external exam in preparation for the final exam of the Diploma Programme (DP).

Robotics International and Rome

Team infinityBhave been invited to attend the Oltre La Robotica ceremony in Roma on May 21.  This is award ceremony celebrates the best scientific projects throughout the FLL Competition. Team InfinityBots were nominated the best research project at the Genova Regional Competition, and will be award by a judging committee composed of FLL judges, representatives of MIUR, a representative of the National Association and Rita Levi-Montalcini Foundation.


They will then fly out to Izmir, Turkey, on May 22 where they will represent Italia at the FLL International Turkey Open as they were one of the top six teams within Italy. They will be competing against some of the best teams world wide in four categories:

  • Robot board game
  • Scientific Research Project
  • Best implementation of FLL Core Values
  • Best presentations

The team have been preparing for this competition since August 2018, and are extremely delighted to be presented with such an incredible opportunity. Please ensure to keep your eye out as they share their critical and creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills with the rest of the world!

Please follow the team on Twitter and Instagram to share their adventure.

Theory of Knowledge in DP


On Wednesday, May 22 our DP students will showcase their hard work by delivering their Final TOK Presentations for IB marking. They will be assessed on their ability to state a central knowledge question based on a Real Life Situation of their choice. Students will then showcase their research methods and demonstrate how they explored a topic by using different perspectives. The Final Presentations amount to 33% of their overall mark in TOK and will be video-recorded for the IB. We wish them all the very best of luck!

Maths Exchange


ISComo are extremely excited to be hosting this year’s European Maths Exchange. This exhilarating maths competition will involve students in Grades 7 and 8 and will take place on May 27 and 28.

We will be welcoming students from Modena, Monza and Siena for 2 days filled of challenging mathematics puzzles, relay races and team challenges. Students taking part will also be joining us for a pizza, movie and school sleepover on Monday evening!

The Shakespeare festival in Milan


The Shakespeare festival has been a performance date on the ISC drama calendar for the last two years and 2019 is no exception! On May 30, Grade 9 will be performing a reimagining of Macbeth and the Tempest, exploring the concept of the power within the word ‘King’. It extends the hard work the class put in for drama night and shows the class working together to present a new piece of theatre for this event.

Grade 10 are taking a shortened version of the whole of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. This is an outstanding achievement as the students are working entirely through the original Elizabethan language, showing commitment and collaborative skills in abundance.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of both classes, and hope that they will gain the support and following they deserve, from our community, family and friends!

And finally, as a reminder from our last newsletter, our final Planning afternoon will take place on Friday, May 17.

A collaborative culture is at the core of an IB World School. It’s not just about students working together, fostering a community of experience and learning, but also includes teachers and staff. Our staff meet together on a weekly basis to plan collaboratively within subject teams, homeroom teams and as a wider team of staff. In support of this, and to enable us to engage in deeper conversations over an extended time, we hold a series of five planning afternoons throughout the School year: our final planning afternoon of this academic year is taking place on May 17. Our staff will be working together across the whole school on our IB Self-Study.

On this date, our students will end School at 13:00 with our staff remaining for an extended collaborative planning afternoon.