Secondary School: 08/03/2019

Welcome to our new edition of the ISC Newsletter! We will celebrate with you today as International Women’s Day and you will also find useful articles such as Taking Action for our local community and our upcoming planning afternoon.

We would like also to invite you to cheer on our amazing CaptureRobotics Team which is at Rovereto for the First Lego League Italia Nationals today and tomorrow! You can follow the team through the social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter.
If you can dream it, you can do it! They have extended themselves to infinity and beyond! We wish them all the best! Good luck!

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To assist you in identifying upcoming events quickly than in our last newsletter, please visit our dates link here.

We begin this week with a spotlight on our theme for this week: Book Week

Share a Story with MYP: Celebrating Book Week

This week we have celebrated Book Week. Our celebration, to coincide with World Book Day, took the theme of “Share a Story” and throughout the week we encouraged different activities all based around this theme. Our week began with the school creative team using their talents and sharing with us their love of stories by choosing books that they would like to see in the library. This came about as a result of their efforts in selling bookmarks they had made throughout the school.

Book Nicole

During the week we encouraged story telling through a variety of means:

The library became the place to go for reading excerpts of new and recommended books as well as our “Guess the Teacher” competition. The pictures of staff faces hidden behind books of their choice proved popular as students actively debated who the member of staff was.

In our language classes students wrote stories with a twist as they would begin to write a story and then pass it on to the next person in the group for them to continue. This was also done with our Grade 6’s as they prepare to transition to Grade 7 and the MYP programme to great effect. The stories showed wonderful imagination and creativity and was a pleasure to see.
Some of our Middle School students also took part in story telling by using props. A chess board, a travel guide and a string of pearls were provided and, after a suitable amount of group thinking time, the story was all theirs.

In Science classes, and to include the themes of International Women’s Day, stories were read celebrating the role of women in science with lessons centred around their amazing contributions.

As part of our club programme we used this week as an opportunity to further embrace the theme of book week.

Our Creative Team, and during Art lessons as well, used the week to create cartoon strips from popular classic tales such as Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Being similarly creative, the Anime Club, used their skills to create Anime images from other popular classic tales with heroes and heroines such as Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Cinderella.

Finally our Newspaper Club covered the events of the week, with the intention of writing their own story on it for publication to all.

We hope that our events have inspired our students to show their imagination and explore reading more. In the words of our Reading Week Manifesto: ‘reading is power’! It inspires us to grow and find ourselves among the good books we read. It encourages curiosity and, like books, this has no age limit. Reading gives us the knowledge to own our futures to enable a more powerful tomorrow.

International Women’s Day and Gender Equality Club

Ms Ackers and Ms Gray share with us the highlights from today, and doing this week:
This week in school we have been celebrating International Women’s day through a variety of activities. These have included themed lessons such as gender pay gap in economics, the history of women’s rights in history lessons, analysing gender roles in English and discussions on famous female scientists during science lessons.

Gender equality Nicole

Gender Equality Club, a new club formed this term, decided to take action by selling mimosa flowers today in school, with all proceeds being given to a local women’s charity (, which supports women across Lombardia in times of need. We also gave a whole school assembly to address what gender equality and feminism are and tackle misconceptions that students may have about these issues. The aim of our club is to promote gender equality and education through our school, community and the world so that we can work towards the goal of equality for all.

Thank you and well done to all that participated in the events.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Taking Action for the local community

Every year our Student Council lead the Donacibo project for Banco di Solidarietà.  The purpose of Donacibo is to collect dried food for local families who do not have the means to purchase their own food.  Over the next weeks, Student Council will be placing boxes in the Atrium where children may donate packs of dried food to be distributed to families.  Ideas include:  pasta, salt, sugar, coffee and tinned foods such as Tuna.

Donacibo Nicole

Our student council are also looking to link the project into a fund-raising event in school. We feel this project reminds our children that not everyone has access to everything at the supermarket and to help them develop empathy towards families less fortunate.

The Student Council and I would like to thank you very much for your support of this project.

Father’s Day Breakfast

Fathers day Nicole

On Friday March 15th the Student Council would like to invite all fathers to school for breakfast.  The event takes place in the Cafeteria and is an opportunity for fathers to come together and celebrate their great work!  We hope to see you there dads!

Planning afternoon: Friday, March 15

Planning afternoon Nicole

A collaborative culture is at the core of an IB World School. It’s not just about students working together, fostering a community of experience and learning, but also includes teachers and staff. Our staff meet together on a weekly basis to plan collaboratively within subject teams, homeroom teams and as a wider team of staff. In support of this, and to enable us to engage in deeper conversations over an extended time, we hold a series of five planning afternoons throughout the School year: our next afternoon is held on 15 March and our last one on 17 May.

On each of these dates, our students will end School at 1pm with our staff remaining for an extended collaborative planning afternoon.


On Monday 11th March, ISC will host the PYP and MYP Coordinators meetings for members of the Association of IB World Schools in Italy.  Schools from all across Italy will be represented at the event where we will discuss important aspects of the programme which relate to all our schools such as the PYP Review and Assessment in the MYP.

The IB Self Study

Thank you very much to our group of parents who have joined the Committees to collect evidence and findings for the various standards set by the IB.  We would like to arrange a meeting to talk about the next steps in this process and would like to use after the next PTA Coffee morning to do so.  On Tuesday April 9th, we kindly ask the parents involved in the Self Study to meet with the Coordinators and chairs of the different sections in order to take the next steps.  Section A will work with Ms Karen, B with myself and C with Ms Whittle.

Cycle Assessments in MYP


In our recent curriculum corner, Ms Lockett wrote about our new cycle assessments. For those families who missed this, please find a summary of the important information below, from Ms Karen.

Cycle assessments are a new Inspired approach to assessments that will start in March 2019 and they are a requirement throughout all inspired schools.

Students will have a rotation of official cycle assessments in English language and literature, Italian, Maths, Sciences, Language Acquisition (Spanish, German) and Individual and societies (Geography and History). Students will have one assessment per week in a different subject area. Each subject area will only do one assessment every 6 weeks. You will find our calendar of assessments on ManageBac in the files section, and the messages, with individual subjects showing in the student calendars.

PHE, Design, Drama and Arts will not take part in cycle assessments due to the low number of hours the teachers see students and the nature of the subjects.

Cycle assessments are not extra assessments, but assessments that are in connection with the students’ current unit that they would do anyway, they are just timetabled more carefully to allow for student preparation and revision to help students to be more balanced. They can be formative or summative. They will be assessed on IB assessment criteria. They will happen during lesson time and take 45 minutes to complete in a formal exam setting.

Cycle assessments will really help students to get used to exam settings that they will be required to be part of in MYP5 and in the Diploma Programme.

Cycle assessments will also support students IB ATL (approaches to learning) skill development such as:

  • Self-management skills – Time, revision, preparation
  • Critical thinking skills – Evaluate evidence and arguments
  • Communication skills – Read critically and for comprehension
  • Reflection skills – Consider personal learning strategies

We hope that students can benefit from cycle assessments by seeing their personal progression throughout the school year.