Secondary School: 07/12/2018

Dear Families,

Welcome to our new edition of the Secondary newsletter. We have begun our count-down to Christmas with exciting events, such as our Music night and Movie night, field trips with Grade 8 and Grade 9 and our first experience for MYP for our Grade 6 students. We also look forward to the New Year with an update on the progress of our first ever Robotics team.

Robotics Competition Time

Ms Ricco shares with us an update on the progress of our competition team,

Here at ISC we are entering the First Lego League competition for the first time ever! The theme for this year’s competition is: INTO ORBIT. By building on their problem solving, critical and creative thinking skills, learners need to find a problem in the community based on space exploration and solve it as well as complete the annual robot board within 2 minutes 30 seconds.

How is InfinityBots preparing?

Team InfinityBots (Michelangelo Veda, Leonardo Calidonna, Tomaso Riviera Ruiz and Leonard Alsleben) have already chosen the problem they wish to tackle and how they would like to solve it.

Problem: Space travel & exploration

Solution: Their solution is to create a mobile base which will be placed onto an asteroid. Through the base they will be able to extract resources needed to sustain life on the base and create rocket fuel. This will be done by separating hydrogen from water present on the asteroid.

Robot Game Update: The team is working hard on completing as many tasks on the board as possible. Currently the base robot has been built with one attachment, and they are extending their programming knowledge and understanding.

We would like to encourage everyone to follow their journey on Instagram: @infinitybotsfll

Homework update

Homework has been under improvement and revision in recent weeks after a series of studies over how are students are learning at home and how we can best support them. Homework is important for many reasons and should be slowly increased over the grade levels to help prepare students for higher education. It’s beneficial to help students to build a range of independent learning skills to prepare them.

Balance in life is also very important for us all and our students should have the right to still do sport after school, socialize and play. Some of our trustworthy and principled students have reported that they have been receiving too much homework and it’s been difficult to organize themselves and complete work to the best of their ability.

From the careful analysis was carried out, we noticed that the Italian strand students in Grades 7-9 were most affected due to having split lessons and extra teachers.

Teachers have been revising ways to improve the homework situation for students and these are the changes we have/will make;

  • Managebac has been streamlined and is now easier to understand what is actually homework and what is only classwork. This will also help parents to supervise their child’s homework, homework is green and will say “homework” in the title.
  • Teachers can now access a calendar to more carefully select when work is set and due by understanding when other teachers have set assessments or deadlines.
  • Teachers will collaborate better to make sure Italian strand students are not receiving double homework from the same subject area by setting a rota in their departments.
  • Homework is now visible every morning in homerooms to help support students and teachers with a weekly overview without needing computers.
  • Homework will now have either a time limit or word limit. This will stop students working too hard for hours on a task that should only take thirty or so minutes, or writing pages for a 200 word task.
  • Homework will not be set over the holidays unless it’s Grade 11 for personal project or diploma students. However, students will be expected to study

Theatre visit

Our High School students, together with Ms Caria and our Italian team, visited on Monday, November 26 the Teatro Sociale in Como for a very interesting workshop and show “Questo Mostro Amore”.

Please find at the following link some of our students reflections in italian: read more here

Grade 6 experience in MYP Science

Mrs Ackers shares with us the fun of the morning:

During last week our Grade 6 students became scientists for a morning! As part of our transition programme into MYP, our students had the opportunity to work in our new science labs to become inquirers, investigating metals and gravity. Students had a taste of what science is like in MYP, they put on their goggles and became risk takers to see what happens when we burn magnesium and drop alkali metals into water, describing what they felt, saw and heard. We then investigated gravity, linking to their PYP studies on space, by using masses and force meters. They were able to see how gravity can change and which forces were acting on the masses. They asked some fantastic questions and became excellent scientists. Well done Grade 6!

Field trip to Crespi D’Adda


Music Show

Thursday night our Grade 7-10 students took part in the Music Show and what a fantastic night it was! We were treated to a variety of live musical pieces which showcased the talent and commitment of our student in the musical field. There were a number of excellent individual performances and the evening concluded with music from our lunch time Club bands! Congratulations to all who took part and many thanks to Mr. Fedetto for organizing and inspiring our students to perform!

Movie Night

movie night

Our student council have been very active during this term helping to improve our student experience and supporting the voice of our students. One initiative in Grades 7, 8 and 9 has been to investigate the social events that our students would like to be involved in. As a result, our Disco night was changed into Movie Night.

Our first movie night will be held today, for Grades 7 and 8, watching the movie Jumanji in our Drama Studio. The students were keen to raise money during their event and donations given for refreshments will be donated to a charity chosen by the council for Christmas.

Winter themed Free Dress Day

We are fast approaching our Winter Holidays on Thursday, December 20. In celebration of our holiday, we invite our students to come dressed for school on Thursday, December 20 in clothing to celebrate the Winter and Christmas Holidays. We ask that students respect our guidelines from our free dress Fridays as they choose their clothing for the day.


Student Teachers

We are delighted to welcome two student teachers from Minnesota in the USA, into our Secondary team, from January. Natalie Engel will join us to work with our students in Science, and Charity Ridlon will work with us in the Maths team. Alongside their passion for teaching and learning, both Charity and Natalie are keen athletes. Natalie is looking forward to continuing with her passion as a soccer coach in our club programme, whilst Charity will coach in Basketball. We look forward to welcoming them to ISC soon.