Secondary School: 05/06/2020

Creative Month


Our Arts team share with you plans for Creative Month, virtual style:

Creative month has not been locked down. It is about to re-emerge in another form. Our creative arts team have prepared a site for students to showcase and share their creative enterprises both in school and out. We want to champion the arts, and their ability to provide us all with a means of expression even in times of adversity.

From Monday the creative arts Marauders Map will be available for the learners to blaze a trail through Art and Design, Music and Drama, creative writing, competitions, dance and … well who knows what could happen once Arts solemnly swear to be up to no good?

Look out for a celebration of student achievements in our next newsletter

Multi-disciplinary Presentations

A Our students are working hard towards their End of Year Assessments. Internal written examinations have taken place across High School, and for our International Strand students in Middle School, and our International Strand students now switch their attentions to their multi-disciplinary presentation.

What is the multi-disciplinary presentation?

Each student has chosen a central idea as a theme and focus for their presentation. The presentation links the theme to classroom learning from their subjects throughout the year. For example, Grade 7 students have chosen themes ranging from Artificial Intelligence, to Basketball, to Social Media Apps and a Polish poet. Students will give their 15 minute presentation to a panel of teachers, utilising their presentation skills from Public Speaking.

How is it assessed?

Students are assessed on the following four areas:

  1. Disciplinary grounding (knowledge of each subject area)
  2. Organisation skills
  3. Communications skills
  4. Presentation skills

We wish our students the very best of luck in their final preparations and presentations.

MYP ISA Results February 2020


appraisalWe are pleased to share the International School Assessments results that were taken in February 2020. ISA assessments are taken each February at ISC in certain classes. In MYP we assess Grade 8 and Grade 10. ISA assessments have an international focus and can be taken in Mathematical Literacy, Scientific Literacy, Reading and Writing. With the data collected we are able to have an overview of how our students are doing at ISC in comparison to other international students world wide. If we find any areas of concern our teachers will use the data to improve the teaching and the learning experiences of our students. We are very pleased with the February 2020 results as they show that in grade 8 we are doing well in all areas including being above average in two areas. Grade 10 results have been exceptional showing we are above the world wide average in all areas. Individual student results are always privately shared in the reports section on managebac. Individual ISA results will be uploaded to individual students portfolio page on managebac next week.

Understanding the Data


End of Year Reports

On June, 21 our families will receive our MYP or DP End of Year Report.  This is a summary of learning and achievement in the later part of the academic year. Parents will be able to download the report from ManageBac by clicking on the REPORTS tab on the left hand side of the screen:

Step One:  Log in to ManageBac:

Step Two:  Click on the Reports Tab on the left hand side, towards the bottom

Step Three:  You will see the report ready to download as a PDF

For ManageBac login issues please email Ms Ricco:

For families leaving us, please take time to download copies of your child’s reports as ManageBac access will no longer be available from 1 August.