Secondary School: 05/04/2019

Return of Residential Trips

We were delighted to welcome back our MYP students from their residential trips. Our three residential trips were full of cultural stimuli that was much appreciated by most of the and they brought back many happy memories and funny anecdotes about their adventures.

We would like to thank our teachers who took on this huge responsibility and who took great care of our students. The staff that travelled came back tired but happy and proud of our students, with many positive comments from the communities they encountered about our students.

Left our quiet Secondary learning spaces, our DP students made a great start to their Extended Essay, focussing their time on the important core of the programme. CAS experiences ranged from supporting Grade 2 to make bread, cleaning the school parking lot, managing their finances at University, through to yoga and gym classes and making healthy eating cookies. Visitors supported out CAS programme with talks about healthy eating from the EAT foundation ( and first aid training from Croce Azzurra. Students also made time to discuss University options with staff and to look at similarities and differences between the application process in differing countries. A big thank you goes to Ms Magri for organising such an enriching and diverse CAS programme and to Ms Maria in the school kitchen for giving up her free time to support our students.

Sports Day: Games without Frontiers on April 11

Sports day

Through the year, our students work hard in build knowledge, skills and understanding in order to feel competent and confident in Sports. This is developed through the opportunity to practice in a highly supported environment. Like in any learning environment, this takes care and creativity to help to ensure effective learning and we are so fortunate to have our amazing team of PE teachers working with our students, Ms Magri and Mr Ferrara.

We are quickly approaching the one of our highlights for the Sporting Calendar at ISC: Sports Day! The day gives our students the opportunity to challenge themselves and achieve their personal best, whilst having a great deal of fun with their friends. This supports in developing a love of sport that we hope our students will take with them through their life.

We would like to warmly invite our school community to join us in this great day on April 11, at the Campo C.O.N.I., Via Canturina, 70, 22100 Como CO.

The activities will start at 9:30 and end at approximately 14:30.

Students are expected to come to school at the usual time in the morning. We will travel together by bus to the Sports event and we will be back to school by 15:30, in time for regular buses.

Watch out for further details and the schedule of events in our upcoming e-mail from the PE team.

Soccer match: By Angelica Giuliano G7

On April 2, 2019, on a beautiful sunny day, the women’s and men’s soccer match of the students of our school against those of Saint Louis took place. The sports center near our school hosted our tournament.
An exciting and challenging game, everyone gave their best. In the women’s ISC team the Ruggiero sisters stood out, fast and athletic, always on goal, unfortunately it was not enough to win the victory. Saint Louis wins 2-0.
In their very elegant uniforms all the men’s teams have fought on equal terms, all truly deserving. They did not save themselves by running back  and forth without giving up the ball, an excellent strategy for passing the ball. The only sore point was that our team was alone in the game because all the other students from ISC were not there to support.
I hope, with this article, to be able to transfer the emotion of this day to you.

MUN conference

Final preparations are underway in our MUN Club for their next conference. We are thrilled to be taking a team including Grade 10 and 11 students, inspired by our DP students experience in the Monza conference. Our team will be participated in the 10th annual Model United Nations Conference hosted by The British School of Warsaw, with debates taking place from April 12 to April 14. Simulating a real United Nations conference, the conference will discuss a range of international issues and propose solutions to these matters while carefully representing their country’s policy. As a result, the conference is an exciting opportunity to for students to expand their horizons in relation to the current global problems that world leaders face and to promote a more critical youth, aware of the different realities that different nations and regions live around the world. Apart from being truly international, we also hope that our students will develop by learning new methods and techniques to understand and express opinions in a diplomatic way.


Our students will be taking part in a number of committees:

  • International Telecommunication Union – addressing the problem of digital divide in developing countries
  • Economic and Social Council – facilitating south-south and triangular cooperation as means to establish sustainable development
  • Security Council – the question of Palestine: Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and stabilising the region
  • Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee – international cooperation as means to improve international strategy for disaster reduction
  • World Bank – means to overcome the debt burden on developing nations
  • Disarmament and International Security Committee – means to achieve international maritime security in the horn of Africa
  • World Health Organisation – measures to combat vector borne diseases in south-east Asia
  • Human Rights Council- means to improve human rights in Myanmar

Grade 9 Italian exams:  ‘prove INVALSI 2019’

prove invalsi

We have received the dates from the school of Fino Mornasco for the Invalsi Tests that our Grade 9 students take in order to move on to the “Terza Media” Italian state exam. Our students will be sitting examinations on April 16 (English) and April  17 (Italian and Math) and we wish everyone the very best of luck. For further details, families should refer to the information e-mail sent out from our Italian Team on Wedneday.

Shakespeare Festival


Excitement grows in our Grade 9 and 10 students as they work towards the Shakespeare Festival, in May at ISMilan.

This has become an annual tradition for us and, aside from subject and language links, it is an event which builds the students’ confidence and sense of school spirit. We would love to see as many members of our school community as possible there to join in the celebrations with our students.

Date: May 30
Place: IS Milan (Baranzate)

Performances begin at 14:30 and finish at approximately 18:30, with every performance presented twice in this time. There will be aperitivo at 15:45. The audience is encouraged to walk around the different venues and experience live theatre in all its forms so we look forward to seeing you there!