Secondary: 19/10/2018

Cyber-bullying Workshop

During our Homeroom time last Friday, Grade 11 and 12 students welcomed our Grade 7 students by hosting an interactive workshop on cyber-bullying. Our Grade 7 students took part in a number of different short workshop experiences in the Gym, learning more about cyber-bullying and how to protect themselves. A group of Grade 7 students explain the experience here:

‘We worked with different groups of Grade 11 and 12 students, talking about bullying and cyber-bullying. We learnt about the similarities and differences between them and how it makes you feel. We also played a game to help us understand how teamwork can be stronger than working on your own to stop bullying. We feel that cyber-bullying is so bad as you can’t escape from it at home.’

Following the event, our students have reflected on the experience and here are some of their comment:

Grade 11 student comments

‘We aimed to approach our workshop in a calm way to make the Grade 7 students feel comfortable in talking about cyber-bullying. Our aim was to teach them about cyber-bullying and how to protect themselves, and what to do if it happens to them. It was a great experience to work with Grade 7 in this way’

‘I enjoyed leading the workshop and from the faces of the students they also had fun. It is a really important topic for our school and this will help to prevent this in our school’

‘We helped the Grade 7 students to empathise with what bullying feels like and the damaging impact of bullying from individuals and groups’

Grade 7 student comments

‘The Grade 11 and 12 students gave us a lot of information about cyber-bullying. They showed us what is was and made us aware of how we can protect ourselves. It was a really great workshop’

‘This workshop was full of very rich information and informative about cyber-bullying. I think it is really important to talk about cyber-bullying as it is happening a great deal in the world. I really enjoyed the workshop because in my opinion it has to stop right now’

Como Zero Gravity – Grade 9 Art project

An art exhibition will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Como on 26-28 October, based on the theme of Como Zero Gravity. The exhibition will showcase the work of a local photographer, Luca Bacci, and the artist Katheryn Johnson, who was inspired by Como. Local schools have been given the opportunity to exhibit some pieces of work in the exhibition and we are thrilled that our Grade 9 students are included in this.

Our Grade 9 students have spent the day on Monday off timetable to focus on their Art for the exhibition and they are creating beautiful work inspired by Como, bringing their own creative influences and style to their paintings. Please visit the exhibition and view our students amazing work after October 26. Well done Grade 9!

Here is a snapshot of some of the amazing work produced:

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University Fair Visit

On Monday afternoon, our Grade 11 and 12 students took advantage of an invitation from our sister school in Monza to join them in their inaugural University Fair.
Over 50 institutions were represented in the fair, ranging from countries such as England, Spain, Italy and beyond. Our students took the opportunity to speak with representatives about the courses on offer to them at the end of High School and the entry criteria that they will aspire to reaching. The event also featured a presentation on the application process used by differing country universities.


Our visit to the University Fair has launched our University focus for this year. Our DP students and Grade 11 students will continue these conversations on an individual basis here in school and we look forward to welcoming a range of Universities that will visit us here in Como. We will also hold workshops on applying to specific countries for University, looking at country differences and how our students may maximise their opportunities within these differences.

UN Day

We are excited to be celebrating UN Day as a school on Wednesday 24 October. Our Grade 12 students will be leading us in a School-wide celebration about UN Day and their work in preparation for the Model United Nations Conference in November. We look forward to our students coming to school on this day dressed in the colours that represent their nationalities, or wearing the national dress of their home country. National sport shirts may be worn, such as an Italian soccer shirt, but no individual team shirts, such as Inter-Milan please.

Our Library will be linking into the UN theme of this year in a new initiative:

As we approach the celebration of UN Day in our school, the library is looking to promote our own ISC version of “Greening the Blue”, the UN initiative which encourages its staff to create a sustainable United Nations.

The UN encourages protection of the environment through the three “R”’s: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

Here at ISC we too can do our part.

As wonderful as books are there is an environmental cost from the felling of trees from which paper is produced to their printing and distribution. From a library perspective we thought what could be better than reusing and recycling old books that we no longer read, but could be read by somebody else.

Between now and UN day we invite you to bring in used books to school either in English or Italian. Our aim is to reuse them in the wider community for the benefit of all and to do our bit to promote sustainable access to literature.

Grade 7-9 Drama Workshop

We are delighted to welcome back to school Philip Kingscott on October 22. Philip is an actor who trained at the Edinburgh school of Acting and he can be found working in Theatre, TV and Film, when he is not running student workshops. He is returning to work with our Grade 7 – 9 students and will be looking at techniques connected to the learner profile attributes of risk taking and caring – the first rule of stage fighting is committing to action while putting the safety of your fellow actors first. The techniques learnt by our students will be seen in our Middle School Drama Night on March 13.

If you cannot wait until then to see our students in action, please join us for our High School Drama Night, taking place on November 22 at 18:00. We are excited to hold our first Drama night of the year in our new studio space. The event will showcase the work of Grade 10 and 11 students, working on ‘Antigone’ and ‘The Crucible’ respectively. Our Music students are providing recorded and live original music for the event and we look forward to seeing you there. Further details about the event will follow closer to the time.


Seasonal Changes

We are now approaching the time of year when the cooler weather is moving in and more rain will appear in the forecast. We advise out students to come to school with layers to accommodate the cooler weather outside, and the warm classrooms inside. For our Grade 7-9 students, please support us in sending your child to school with an ISC sweater and a warm jacket for outside. For our High School students, they should ensure that sweaters and jackets follow our High School dress code. Thank you for your support in advance

Reports and Three-way conferences

As a reminder from our previous newsletter, our first report of the academic year will be published to families through ManageBac on Friday 26 October. This report will feature a snapshot of learning from your child and each subject area will share with you the academic progress that you child has made and their effort since term began. As this is a snapshot of learning, the report is designed to begin the conversations with staff about the learning of your child and as such, we encourage families to join us for our three-way conferences taking place on November 5, 6 and 8. In Secondary, the role of the student is essential in these conversations so we ask that our students also join us in the conferences to share in the conversations, gaining valuable feedback from staff on the learning journey.

Our school office will be sending out e-mails to families with instructions on booking appointments through google sheets. For any families who are unsure on accessing ManageBac to view the reports, please contact Ms. Elvia in our office at