Secondary: 07/09/2018

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Our Secondary Staff Team

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new team of Secondary staff to ISC. They have worked tirelessly over the last week to prepare for our new academic year and it is a true privilege to work with such a dedicated team of professionals, focussed on providing the best possible learning experiences for our students. Our staff are exemplary role-models for our students, especially in collaboration where planning takes place in many differing teams, such as subject teams, homeroom teams and programme teams.

Our full Secondary team has grown to 31 teachers, of which 11 are part time. Three teachers work within our Learning Support team and we are delighted to welcome our EAL teacher to the team. Supporting me with the leadership of our Secondary team is Ms Karen Lockett, our new MYP coordinator.

Within our homeroom team, we have a member of staff overseeing the well-being of our students in their homerooms. They are a first point of contact for our families and I am delighted to introduce:

  • Ms Blakeway with 7JB
  • Ms Gray and Mr Clifford with 8LG and 8JC
  • Ms Ricco with 9JR
  • Mr Crewdson with 10AC
  • Ms Evans with 11AE
  • Ms Wallace with 12DP


ManageBac and Laptops

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 3.05.35 PMAnother important first for us during this week has been with the introduction of a bring your own device policy for our High School students, a move widely supported by our students.  Our Middle School students have begun to enjoy using their school provided laptops and we are seeing great use of technology throughout our school. Ms Ricco, our technology integrator, has worked hard to provide our students with their own e-mail addresses and over the forthcoming days she will be supporting our students in gaining access to their own, personal school e-mail, and to our on-line learning platform called ManageBac.

ManageBac is an online learning and communication platform for IB world schools, which supports our community with curriculum planning, assessment and reporting. ManageBac is not just for our teachers and students though,  as parents will also receive ManageBac account information in the forthcoming weeks to help you to keep track of your child’s academic progress online, including academic reports. We will be running workshops on ManageBac for parents so please keep an eye on future newsletters for further details and dates.


Contracts in Secondary School

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 3.05.29 PM.pngIn order to be able to guarantee a healthy, quiet, and supportive learning environment based on shared rules, we work with students using our Secondary School Code of Conduct. Families will be receiving an e-mail communication detailing our code of conduct and this will be introduced to students in our assembly next week.  We appreciate that the document is a lengthy one but we kindly ask you to pay attention to the contents of these policies, to read them and discuss the contents with your children. Thank you for your support working in partnership with us in this. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further clarification and guidance.

When you have familiarized yourself with these documents, please return the signed form via your child to their homeroom tutor. To assist you with this, our students will be bringing a paper copy of the signature page home with them.


Secondary School Calendar  

We will be releasing shortly to families our Secondary school calendar. This will contain the main events, workshops and initiatives planned for the Secondary School, giving you the opportunity to add the items of interest to your family calendars well ahead of time.

Our first event will be our Secondary ‘Back to School’ night, taking place on Tuesday, 18 September from 6pm to 7.30pm. Our evening will give families the opportunity to meet with teachers and to learn more about the subjects that your children will be studying in the MYP and DP programmes here at ISC. Our teachers will be based in subject learning spaces, enabling you to experience first-hand some of new learning spaces, and they will be available through the evening to answer your questions. Please drop by to say hello!  Prior to this Information Evening, we will be e-mailing to families the subject annual plans, so that you may prepare your questions ahead of time.


Our ISC Secondary Bonding Day

Within our IB programmes, our students develop essential life-skills, such as collaboration. The ability to work in teams is one of the interdisciplinary learning goals of an international education and to help our students in their journey in this we begin our new School year with our annual bonding days.

On Friday 14 September, we will take our students in two groups to take part in activities based around our IB Learner Profile.

Grades 7 through 9 students (MYP1-3) will visit Jungle Rider Park (Albavilla Vicerè), featuring a survival course and team building experience. Grade 10 upwards (MYP4–5) will visit Experience Valsassina Outdoor for activities that will include climbing and hiking.

To celebrate the start of our Diploma Programme we are organizing a special surprise for our DP (Grade 12) learners.

Look out for further details via e-mail in the early part of next week.


Parent Workshops

We are all life-long learners and we appreciate how important it is to our families to have to learn about the curriculum that we offer in our Secondary School, so that you may support your child in their learning. We will continue our regular Tuesday morning workshops for families with students in the MYP and DP programmes, from 8:50 to 10am. The workshops will cover a range topics and will introduce you to key members of our team, such as our Service as Action coordinator and Technology Integrator. The dates of our Secondary School workshops appear in our calendar and once our programme of workshops has been finalised for the year, we will send families a detailed description of each workshop so you can plan for the most appropriate ones to attend.

And finally, for me personally, I consider it to be a great honour and privilege to embark on this learning journey of discovery with all our students, families and teachers of ISC. As we move forward together, please be assured that I want our learning experience to be a challenging, enjoyable and ultimately rewarding one.