Secondary: 05/10/2018


Our students will become adults who engage in a world vastly different to what we know today. They will need to solve problems beyond our current understanding, use skill sets yet to be defined and use tools yet to be created. How do we prepare a child for that?

21 Foundation: 21st Century Learning for 21St Century Learners

This is a quote that continues to have a profound effect on me in my thinking, reflecting and evaluation of the opportunities we provide to our students as they enter into the final years of their education, and into our High School.

Few Grade 10 and 11 students know exactly what they want to do when they leave school, and the career aspirations that they now have may well change over the next few years. According to the Wall Street Journal, people may change career paths between five and seven times in their working career so it is important that students make choices now that will keep open as many career paths as possible.

For us here at ISC, we are dedicated to opening doors and creating opportunities for all of our students. We are looking to educate the world’s future leaders who will be driven by their values and ethics and will make a global impact. This is why we offer the IB MYP programme and why we have introduced our new IB Diploma Programme in this year.

To support our families in the transition from MYP through to life in University and beyond we offer:

  • Introductory events to our High School (29 November) and to the IB Diploma Programme (18 October)
  • Homeroom opportunities with students in Grades 9 upwards, in preparing for the future, through the year
  • Individualized family support meetings in Grade 11
  • Opportunities for students to visit University Fairs in Grade 11 and Grade 12

To introduce families to the IB Diploma Programme, we will be hosting an introductory event for our High School families, and any other families who may be interested, on Thursday, 18 October. This will be followed by the opportunity for individual families in Grade 11 to join us in individual family support meetings.

Our High School students will also continue conversations here in School regarding their future aspirations and ambitions, considering the important skills that organizations are keen to see in their future employees, and how subject choice in High School fits into the decision making process.



It is never too early to start having conversations at home about University and possible career pathways. If you are visiting a new city, it is always a great opportunity to visit a new University campus to get a feel for the type of location and style of University that your child may be interested in. It doesn’t need to be a full campus tour, just a short walk around looking at the buildings and thinking about the location as a possible choice for the future. For our High School students, we have suggested questions that they may wish to consider to make the visit more meaningful.

University Fairs are also another great opportunity for our students to find out about study, both here in Italy and abroad. We are now in the season for university fairs and we have several that are taking place in our area:

Thursday, 11 October: The embassy of Canada are hosting a fair looking at study in Canada from 09.30 – 11.00 at the International School of Milan or in central Milan from 14.30 – 19.30. More details at

Monday, 15 October: Our Grade 11 and Grade 12 students will be visiting a University Fair held at the International School of Monza as part of our Field Trip programme. Details have been e-mailed to families and are present on ManageBac for these grades.

Saturday, 20 October: A number of Italian Universities will be present at the Fiera Young fair, held in Erba from 08.30 – 16.00. More details at:




As you will be aware from our previous newsletter, our important focus for last week in school was anti-bullying. During the week students engaged with the theme in lessons, in clubs, in the library and in our assembly.  Grade 11 and 12 students have also been actively planning a workshop for Year 7 on cyber-bullying.

Highlights of the week have included:

  • Links to conflict resolution in History
  • The effect of negative comments , linked to negative numbers in Maths
  • The economic cost of bullying, linked to demand curves in Economics
  • Song themes such as “Respect” – Aretha Franklin and “Alone” – Marshmello in Music
  • Links with the novel ‘All my Sons’ and ‘The Giver? In English
  • Warm up exercises and improvisation exercises from ‘theatre of the oppressed’ in Drama

The Fashion club have created choose respect slogan t-shirts, with the creative team creating posters, leaflets and comics.


In our assembly, Mark in Grade 9 started us off with a moving story of extreme bullying, leaving us with the strong message to be a hero and to support students being bullied. We continued this theme with a focus on the difference in being a by-stander compared to an up-stander and our Grade 10 Drama students gave us food for thought in how the ending of a bullying story can be changed by up-standers.


We will be revisiting this theme on a regular basis through the year, with Year 7 continuing the theme next week in their workshop on cyber-bullying, created and ran by Grade 11 ad 12 students.





An important value to us is our partnership with families, maintaining effective communication between school and families to support the learning of our students. Within this, one essential form of communication takes place in the form of our school reports, issued four times a year to our families through ManageBac.

Our first report of the new academic year will be published to families on 26 October at 5pm. This will give families a snap-shot of learning from the first half-term of the new school year and it will be closely followed by face-to-face discussions in our three-way learning conferences between students-teachers-parents.

The three-way conferences are an excellent opportunity for families to gain clear teacher feedback on how your child has made progress in their learning. Students are a critical part of this conversation and we encourage them to be present to share in the conversation, identifying strengths and targets for development in their learning.

We will be sending out e-mails to families over the forthcoming weeks with instructions on how to book individual appointments with teachers using google sheets.