PYP Curriculum Corner: 23/11/2018

Welcome to the PYP Curriculum Corner, this is a very exciting time to be part of the PYP Community as we move towards the Enhanced PYP.  The IB have been reviewing the current PYP rigorously and have made some enhancements to the programme based on current theories into education and a vision of what it truly means to create lifelong learners who are internationally minded.  The Enhanced PYP takes the very best of educational theories and guided by the IB Mission Statement will prove to be a high quality programme for our young learners.

The Enhanced PYP is based on three areas and these are defined by the IB in these ways:

  • The Learner – we all have AGENCY, the capacity to act intentionally. Recognising and supporting agency in the enhanced PYP will create a culture of mutual respect, acknowledging the rights and responsibilities of students, schools and the wider learning community, enabling students to take ownership of their learning and teachers of their teaching.
  • Learning and Teaching – as schools develop a PROGRAMME OF INQUIRY, collaborative planning teams will have the flexibility to decide the most appropriate time frames and duration for each unit of inquiry.
  • The Learning Community – in exploring A COMMUNITY OF LEARNERS, you will find increased focus and guidance on inclusion and well-being to foster positive and trusting relationships, self-efficacy and agency across your school community. Improved guidance will support the integration of INTERNATIONAL MINDEDNESS through action, agency, language, the learner profile and the shared responsibilities of the learning community.


There has been a range of new publications which teachers will be reading through, discussing and implementing.  Teachers will form interest groups in terms of which areas of the PYP they are the most curious about and will share their learning with the other staff members.

I will be using documentation from the Enahnced PYP in Parent Workshops this year so you begin to understand the enhancements.  IB Schools have until May 2020 to implement all the changes.  We will be transitioning to some of the enhancements immediately and others will be planned into 2020 following our IB Visit in February.

As adaptations are made to the programme I will inform you through the Curriculum Corners and Parent Workshops.

Quick Update: ManageBac Parents Page

Thank you to the parents who attended the Mathematics in the PYP Parent Workshop.  As explained in the meeting, you will be able to find a list of the calculations taught in your child’s grade in the Parents Page of ManageBac.  You will be able to see how we approach the four operations across the school and then focus on your child’s grade.  To visit this area of ManageBac please click here to download the Calculation Continuum Document.  If you are unfamiliar with these methods you can find an excellent set of demonstration films on the Everyday Maths Page or by clicking here.