PYP Curriculum Corner: 21/09/2018

Welcome to the monthly PYP Curriculum Corner.  In this section of the Newsletter I will keep you updated on elements of the PYP, key information about the PYP Review by the IB and pointers on where to find out more about the PYP.  Please do not hesitate to arrange a meeting or to email me with your questions about the programme at

Inquiry Based Learning

The PYP is driven by Inquiry Based Learning.  There are many researchers who publish ideas about Inquiry and at ISC we primarily follow the work of Kath Murdoch.  Kath Murdoch is an Australian educator and researcher who is held in high regard across IB schools.  We choose to use her Inquiry Cycle Model to guide our units of inquiry and ensure that they have structure and purpose.  The Inquiry Cycle follows the following stages:

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Tuning In – getting excited about the unit, showing prior knowledge, developing questions

Finding Out – the research element through researching lines of inquiry and personal questions

Sorting Out – deciding what to do with the acquired knowledge and presenting information

Going Further – often this takes students back to the finding out stage as they realise they don’t yet have enough information to fully understand the central idea

Making Connections – creating links between subject disciplines and the multiple activities which have taken place

Taking Action – through student agency and taking meaningful action (some units will lend themselves more to taking action than others)

As I do with teachers in training sessions, I would encourage you to watch the following two clips which will give you an insight into Kath Murdoch’s philosophy behind inquiry:

TED Talk:  The Power of Ummm

What does it mean to be an Inquiry teacher



A reminder to please check your child’s diary for your ManageBac Log in Details.  This is an online platform which houses a lot of information about life at ISC.  It includes:

The Calendar – all school events are posted here

The Parents Page – all unit newsletters, parent handbooks, policies, technology tools, library links can  be downloaded from here including all documents from the last two years of ManageBac

The Student Portfolio – used for G2 & G3 unit reports and for G4-G6 for the student portfolio and unit reports

To login to ManageBac please visit:

Reading Eggs

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Over the next week, your child will bring home their login details for Reading Eggs.  This is an online reading programme proven to make the world of difference to children’s reading ability and motivation towards reading.  Whilst this online tool in no way replaces the value of a physical book it can kick start reluctant readers through the interactive activities and collection of Eggs to spend on educational games and items for your child’s Avatar.

Reading Eggs is an incredible learning tool and I do hope that more children will make use of it at home this year.  To login visit:

IB Visit

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A date for your diary….on the 5th-7th February 2020 we will have our Multi-Programme Visit from the IB where they will visit ISC to ensure we are meeting the standards and practices in the PYP and MYP.  We do hope that many of our parent community will engage with the activities which lead up to the visit and these will be explained further in upcoming parent workshops.