PYP Curriculum Corner: 14/02/2020

Welcome to the next edition of the PYP Curriculum Corner

Here at ISC we are in full swing with implementing the Enhanced PYP.  In the previous Curriculum Corner, which you can download through this Blog, you will find a detailed explanation of all the enhancements which have been made by the IB.  We must implement all these enhancements and we have been working hard as a team to introduce the enhancements into our programme.

As you may be aware, we have an Evaluation Visit in November 2020 where we must provide evidence that we have met all the IB criteria.  The IB will celebrate areas where we are above the expectations and set recommendations for the next five years.

In preparation for the visit we have to provide a set of materials which the teachers have been working hard to prepare.  This will be sent to the IB on February 24th. They include:

  • Details of all staff training
  • Policies such as the Language and Assessment Policy
  • 24 planners from across the PYP to show our planning process
  • The Programme of Inquiry detailing the entire PYP Curriculum
  • A description of our planning process
  • Sample timetables

The second step is to plan, write, implement and reflect on one aspect of the IB.  As a school we have selected Approaches to Learning. On Class Dojo and ManageBac you can find slides from a recent parent workshop on Approaches to Learning.  The TED talk here will give a context for why learning to learn is so important. 

Over the next months we will be working hard to raise the profile of Approaches to Learning in the PYP, to build them into our mindset and to help parents and students understand more about their central role within learning.  We have started already and will be working through a Development Plan to ensure we keep focus and implement all Approaches to Learning as the IB requires. I would welcome feedback on any discussions your child starts at home around the Approaches to Learning and the sub-skills so I can understand what they “take away” from discussions and experiences at school.  Thank you for your help!

The next part of the Evaluation process is a Self Study –  a huge thank you to the parents who contributed to evaluating different aspects of the school and providing meaningful feedback.  We will grade ourselves according to an IB criteria and provide photos, documents, films and reflections to justify our grading choices.

On March 5th, we will have 2 special IB guests who will review our work so far and give their suggestions on our Development Plan and how we can better incorporate the Approaches to Learning in the PYP.

So, as you can see, we have a busy rest of the year ahead of us, but a very exciting one too.