PYP Curriculum Corner: 10/05/2019

Welcome to the next edition of the PYP Curriculum Corner. 

In this edition I would like to remind parents about the upcoming assessments your children will be participating in the last months of the term.  These assessments will be passed on in your child’s assessment folder so that the next years’ teacher can see the level of each child in their class.  Understanding the level of each child and what they are capable of is an important part of the PYP in order to guide future teaching and learning.  Your children will reflect on their assessments to encourage their agency over their work.  So what is coming up?

Learner Agency

Schonnell spelling test:  In October your children completed a spelling test to determine their spelling age.  In late May, Grade 1-grade 6 students will complete the second part of the test so we can observe how your child has improved in spelling.

Reading Running Record:  Grade 2 – Grade 6 will complete their third running record of the year.  This will give your child a final reading level for the year and will be the indication of where your child begins reading in the following academic year.

Writing Sample:  All children will be asked to write a piece of work.  This will be based on their current writing genre.  The children will be asked to do this independently in order for the teacher to understand where each child is in their writing capabilities.  Your child’s writing will be assessed according to the Lucy Calkins Writing Continuum.

End of Year Report: On June 15th, you will receive your child’s end of year report.  For Early Years this will be sent via email and for Grade 2-6 via ManageBac.  You can access the ManageBac report by clicking on “REPORTS.”  The report can be downloaded as a PDF.  I hope you will find the reports are a helpful guide to the successes your child has had this year and any potential areas to develop over the summer holidays.

ISA Test Results: The Grade 4-6 parents will be able to find their child’s ISA results on the ManageBac Portfolio by May 31st.  A communication on how to read the results will be sent out via Class Dojo.  If you have any questions about your child’s results, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Homeroom Teacher or myself.

End of Year Maths Assessment: All students from Kinder – Grade six will complete a maths assessment.  These will be tracked by question to analyse your child’s understanding in the different skill areas.

Cycle Assessments:  Grade 5 and 6 will continue with Cycle Assessments over this term and these will be sent home for parents to read over and discuss with their child.

When all assessments are complete, teachers meet with myself to discuss the outcomes of the assessments and any adaptations that need to be made to planning according to the results of the assessments.

There is no need for your child to revise for these assessments, or indeed to panic over them. They are simply another type of tool we use to see how your children learn and understand different concepts.

If you have any questions about the assessments, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for reading this Curriculum Corner!