PTA: 07/09/2018

A huge thank you to everyone who has signed up to be a Home Room Parent this year. We appreciate your help and look forward to the year ahead.

PTA HRPs in each class are as follows:

PreK/K. Monica Rocca
Tran. Mirjana Kovaevic
G1. Tatiana Golomidova

Stefania Mariani

G2.        Margot Errante
G3M. Stefania Mariani

Ilaria Cecchini

G3H.     Amal Dardass

Kathy Gregson

G4. Cassandra Moore

Sara Cima

G5S. Paola Tamburini
G5C. Bethany Cerella
G6. Valentina Quattrocchi
G7. Giovanna Novati

Vanessa Dato

G8JC. Nicole Leone
G10. Monia Ratti
G11. Gabriella Pesaresi

We are still looking for a representative for :

  • G8LG
  • G9
  • G12

Please contact one of us, if you are interested in helping.


The task for the HRP 

Homeroom Parents support the class teacher and liaise between the class, the school and the PTA. We ask that you do commit to the task for the full school year.

The key responsibilities of the homeroom parents are:

  1. Meet with the homeroom teacher and understand the specific needs of that teacher. The level of involvement will vary between teachers so its best to discuss ahead of time. This way expectations are set in the beginning for a smooth relationship.
  2. Put together a WhatsApp chat group for the class. As HRP you must be an administrator of this group. Maintain the group with the intention of communication about class related topics. The Whatsapp group should not be used for personal business.
  3. Provide direction to the new parents and help them get acclimated to the school.
  4. Coordinate teacher gifts/ class parties. Recruit other parents for assistance where needed. The homeroom parent acts as a key organizer and does not necessarily bare all the workload. Asking for volunteers will be key in sharing the tasks.
  5. Support the PTA/school for parent cooperation such as send timely reminders for events (PTA and school), tickets, attendance, donations, volunteer work, motivation to enhance participation etc. Examples–Reminding parents it is a collaboration day and school ends at 1pm.
  6. Homeroom Parents are not involved in personal or curricular issues. Those are strictly handled by the school.
  7. Attend the quarterly meetings and monthly coffee mornings.


PTA dates for September

  • Tuesday 11th 8.45am

The first PTA monthly coffee morning of the year. In the MYP atrium. A social morning to meet parents, and the leadership team. Come and have a coffee, a chat and make some new friends.
The second hand uniform sale will be held at the same time.

  • Friday 21st September 18.00-20.00

Social aperitivo evening.
Your class HRP will supply more details very soon
Location TBD.

  • Wednesday 26th September 12.30pm

First PTA monthly lunch.
Location TBD.