Primary School: 31/01/2020


A big thank you to the community for collecting 550 socks for injured animals in Australia!  This was a perfect example of ACTION driven by the students and an opportunity to help on a global scale.  On Class Dojo, you can find the newspaper article which explains how the socks will be used and a thank you letter from the collection point where Luana took the socks.  Well done Team PYP.  Our next whole school group action will be DonaCibo and Student Council will be leading this project.  More details to follow!

Luanna and Socks

Mid Year Reports

On 12th February you will receive your child’s Mid Year Report.  This gives you an


indication of the level your child is working at and a goal for the upcoming term.  Please share the written comment with your child and then look together at the aspects they have achieved highly in and areas where they could focus on.

Early Years Reports are sent out through email.  Grade 2-6 reports are published on ManageBac.  To access the report, click the tab “Reports” – you will be able to download the report as a PDF.

Optional Parent Meetings will be held in the week of 24th February for any parents who wish to seek clarification on their child’s report.
Parent Meetings for Pre-K Parents will be compulsory as written reports are not published in the mid-year for those students.

Unit 3 Reports

End of Unit 3 reports for Grade 2-6 students will be sent out on February 28th through your child’s ManageBac Portfolio.

Unit 4 Newsletters


Information detailing the upcoming units for Grade 2-6 can be downloaded from ManageBac from Saturday 1st February.  These are accessed through the ISC Parents Page and give you details about what will be covered in Unit 4 and suggestions for ways you can support your child at home.  I have changed the format of the Newsletter and any feedback on the change would be greatly received, thank you!

Books Home

Grade 2-6 students will bring their books home on Friday 7th February – this is an opportunity to share learning experiences with your child and see how they are developing.

International Schools Assessments


Grade 4 – 6 will begin these assessments on Monday 10th February and conclude them by 14th February.  Please ensure your child arrives to school on time as tests begin at 8.40 in order to fit them in before lunch time.  Please ensure your child has a good night’s sleep, eats breakfast and brings a water bottle in order to be fully refreshed for the exams.

Self Study – Parent Support 4th February

Thank you to the parents who have offered to stay at school after the Parent Coffee Morning on 4th February to assist Ms Lockett and I with evidence collecting for our upcoming IB Visit.  Having the point of view of the parents is very important to us.  Please bring a device/phone so you may access ManageBac and Class Dojo.  Lunch will be provided so please do let me know if you will be attending.



It has come to my attention this week that many students in the PYP, who have access to devices at home, are using the TikTok Application.  Whilst this is an interactive and fun App, it is recommended for children age 16+ and worrying and disturbing reports are being published on the number of child predators gaining access to the site even when accounts are set to Private.  An article here gives you the details:

We cover Internet safety from Grade 4 upwards however please monitor what your child is doing on their device – rather than deleting applications, please help to teach your child how to use them safely, talk about the dangers of online predators and take away phones if your child is not yet able to use them responsibly.  If you have any concerns over your child’s device please do ask.

Dance Lessons


In a previous Newsletter I asked that parents dress their child in PE Kit on the day their child has dance.  I am still seeing children coming in boots, jeans, dresses and with jewellery on dance days.  I have asked Ms Steph and Ms Guilia to strictly control this issue and those students not in PE Kit will be unable to participate.  Dance is a very important part of the curriculum so please ensure your child comes properly prepared for the class.

And Finally….Homework


As we move deeper into the second term I would like to remind parents and students that we do have a homework policy which states that completing homework is a compulsory part of the programme.  Many families are in an organised routine with homework and their children are taking on the challenge of the tasks set.  Please can all parents ensure their child is completing homework, using Reading Eggs, handing homework in on time and reading daily at home.  Our school day is very long however homework gives an opportunity to consolidate skills or research topics for the Unit of Inquiry.  A reminder that students who selected Chinese and Italian Maths have extra homework for these subjects.  Thank you for your support.