Primary School: 28/02/2020

Welcome to the next edition of the ISC Blog.  This has been a challenging week where Team PYP have really come together to create ISC Virtual Style.  Thank you so much to all members of the community.  When we say….does the community really model the Learner Profile? I think we can now definitely prove the answer is YES!  We have seen everyone forced out of their comfort zone yet becoming principled risk-takers to work through adversity.  Well done PYP Family.

This Newsletter highlights upcoming events happening at ISC and details some changes to the calendar in light of this week.

IB Visit

As you may recall on Thursday 5th March we were supposed to welcome the Head of the IB and the Head of the PYP from the IB Office in the Hague.  The purpose was to tour the school and then spend the day looking through the documents we have sent in as the first part of our Evaluation Visit.  Due to the situation, we will now have the all day meeting online as our visitors are not allowed to travel outside of the Netherlands.  This is such a shame and we are very disappointed however we will embrace the opportunity we have to share our documents with such important key figures in the IB and to ask questions about how to develop.

End of Unit 3 Reports

As most of the reports are stored on the ISC Server which can only be accessed within school, I will not be sending out the Unit 3 reports today.  Once school opens I will need a couple of days to proof-read the reports and I will communicate through Dojo when they are up on ManageBac.  Thank you for your patience.

Collaborative Planning

It is very important that we continue with collaborative planning, in fact this week we have had many PYP staff meetings and collaborative planning through digital means.  On Friday 6th March, school will close at 13:00 pm in order to give teachers an opportunity to work together on Unit 5.

Student Led Conferences

As you may be aware, on March 26th school for PYP was to be closed to allow the Student Led Conferences to take place.  As we have been closed this week and the thought of closing again for the day will likely fill the community with dread, we have decided to postpone the Conferences.  A new date will be published for May however I first need to talk to Mrs Pearce to ensure our date does not clash with the DP examinations.  This will give your children and their teachers much more opportunity to work together to plan the conferences rather than rushing to be ready for the 26th March.

Maths Week


On 9th March we will have a week which focuses on celebrating Mathematics.  Of course we always wave the maths flag however this week we will be inquiring into famous mathematicians, exploring maths in real-world contexts, having lunch time maths challenges and of course Friday 13th March will be dress up like a mathematician day – this dress up is definitely going to need creativity!

G6 Important VisitorIndia

On Wednesday 4th March, I am delighted to announce that Grade 6 will be visited by the General of the Indian Consulate in Milan.  A huge thank you to Ms Lucy for organising such an incredible figurehead to come to ISC.  Grade 6 have prepared questions about his leadership experience and will learn what it is like to represent your country.  We really do hope school is open so we can embrace this wonderful opportunity.

G6 – Who We Arepuberty1

Grade 6 are very busy at the moment!  They have been inquiring into the anatomy of the human body and now turn to puberty and what it means to keep your body safe.  In order to give this sensitive topic the importance it requires, we work with an external specialist in the field in order to ensure the topic is addressed correctly.  Our G6 teachers have been working with myself and the workshop leader to prepare the materials and the topics to be covered.  There will be 2 student workshops and a workshop for parents.  The workshops for students will be 3rd March and 16th March.  The parent workshop date needs to be confirmed.  The workshop leader is Ms Valerie Moretti – we will be needing to roll out the red carpet twice next week.  She is a leader in her field and an incredible talent who we are overwhelmed with happiness to work with.  Valerie has years of experience in this field and you can read more about her here:
Ms Besim and Mr. Humphrey will keep G6 parents informed of the topics of each workshop and will place a questions box in their class for Ms Moretti and the teachers to address.


Next week I will be working with Mr. Ruben to recuperate missed fieldtrips this week and to analyse the safety of upcoming trips.  There are also government guidelines which must be followed.  I will keep each class informed of trips as they get re-organised/postponed.

Student Teacher update

student teacher1With the uncertainty of school closure, our student teachers are at risk of not having enough hours in the classroom in order to graduate.  Their universities have therefore followed protocol and requested they all fly home immediately.  Therefore Ms Emily and our Stenden Students (G1, G2, G3A) will no longer complete their placement at ISC.  We are waiting for the position of the University of Dundee to know if those students will arrive on March 16th and they will be placed in G3B, G4A, G4B and G6B.  We keep our fingers crossed and have invited Team Stenden to complete their placement with us next academic year.

Thank you for reading the PYP Blog and I hope so see you at the next Parent Coffee Morning on 10th March.

Jane Whittle
Deputy Principal – Head of Primary