Primary School: 22/05/2020

Welcome to the next edition of the PYP Blog.  It has been a busy 2 weeks since our last Newsletter and I would like to say thank you for participating so positively in virtual school.  Keep those energies up ISC as we have a fun and exciting month ahead of us!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you very much to parents who met with the Homeroom and Italian teachers.  I hope you found this a useful experience in being able to share your feedback on how your child is managing in Virtual School.  We will have the Unit 5 Reports published soon and End of Year reports published on June 12th which will give parents further insight into their child’s progress.

The Grade 6 Exhibition

Thank you to our ISC community who came to watch our Grade 6 Exhibition and of course a MASSIVE well done to our Grade 6 students and their families for the huge amount of work that went into the 8 week process of the Exhibition!  We will be reflecting on the Virtual Exhibition however something that was extra special was that the virtual aspect allowed family members from across the globe to watch their child, we were also able to welcome back teaching staff such as Ms Block, Mr Hooper, Ms Nikki, Ms Cusack, Ms Joanna and Ms Emer plus we were able to have an audience from other schools within Italy.  This included staff, leadership and students from ISMilan, ISMonza, ISSiena, ISPalermo, Deledda School Genova, Rome IS, Ambrit Rome and ISBologna – their feedback was very insightful and positive for our students.  We are looking forward to watching some of their Exhibitions over the coming month.

Along with the challenges of a virtual exhibition, the Grade 6 students also had to take action in the virtual world.  Below you can find links to some of their action, there is much more to share over the next month– please share these with your children and perhaps subscribe to the websites and blogs.

Website about the Ocean:

YouTube Channel about Pollution:

Blog about Ocean Pollution:

Website about the Antartic :

Blog about pollution:

A student has also made a self-esteem journal which can be downloaded from Class Dojo to use with your child.

More actions will be shared in upcoming Newsletter Blogs and PYP Assemblies.


Opera Project – Rigoletto

A big thank you to Ms Nicoletta for preparing the opera show for G2-G4.  This was an ambitious task but enjoyed by everyone and allowed us not to miss out on this important project despite Virtual School.  Well done Ms Nicoletta and the G2-4 students!  I wonder what next year’s Opera will be?

Creative Arts Month

arts (1)

The month of June is dedicated to the Creative Arts.  Teachers will develop activities with your children around the Creative Arts and we will have different stimuli across the month to allow us to get creative.  If you would like to lead a Zoom lesson or share a talent please let myself or your child’s homeroom teacher know.  The theme of the Arts Month is:  OUR WONDERFUL WORLD.  We will be creating a Padlet to share resources and a website to share the work of our fabulous children.  I am very excited to see the wonderful and creative things the ISC community will get up to!

Student Teachers

Thank you to everyone who supported our student teachers through their virtual placement.  Some of the students will continue voluntarily over the next month as they enjoyed being part of the ISC Community.  The children as always showed their caring and positive attitudes towards them and I think the student teachers gained a lot from the 4 week placement and developed their understanding of the PYP.  We are looking forward to welcoming 4 of them to “Live School” next May and June 2021.

Upcoming Events:


Self Study:  As you know, we have our Evaluation Visit from the IB coming up next academic year.  We had a group of parents who met with me to give their feedback on the PYP and suggest evidence of where we were meeting the standards.  Now it is the turn of the students!  I would be very grateful if you could discuss this with your child and if they are interested in participating in discussions about life at ISC I would be thrilled.  I would welcome a group of children from across Early Years to Grade 6 who would be able to share some of their feelings and ideas with me.  These will be typed up as evidence. If your child would like to participate please send me an email ( I expect to have the discussions in the week of June 15th.  Thank you for your help.

June 10th:  Grade One Transition to Grade 2 Parent Meeting

I would like to remind Grade 1 parents that on Wednesday 10th June I invite Grade 1 parents to a Virtual Zoom meeting about transitioning to Grade 2.  We will explain the Grade 2 programme, the ways we can work to support your child transition into the Elementary school and of course to answer any questions you have.  I will ask the G1 Parent Rep to determine the most suitable time for the group of parents and I will also record the meeting for any parents who are unable to attend.

June 15th at 14:00:  We would like to invite our Grade 6 families to the Grade 6 Graduation where we will celebrate their journey through PYP into the Middle School.   This is a very special moment and I invite all Grade 6 children to ensure they fully participate in their Arts Zoom sessions in order to be fully involved in the Graduation.



I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

Jane Whittle