Primary School: 22/03/2019

Welcome to the next edition of the PYP Blog!

Striking for Climate Change

Raising awareness and taking action is at the heart of the PYP.  I was extremely proud of our PYP students who participated in the strike for Climate Change last Friday.  The entire event was proposed, planned and led by Phaedra in Grade 4 who had been inspired by Greta Thunberg.  The speeches made by students at the event showed compassion and dedication and a drive to make a difference.  I hope the event showed our PYP students the value of committing to a cause and the impact a group of voices can have.  We will continue to speak about Climate Change in assembly and through units of inquiry to ensure all children have the chance to share their opinions and increase their knowledge of this topic.  If you would like to share the Greta Thunberg TED Talk with your child you may download it here.  Congratulations Team PYP and thank you Phaedra for bringing this important event to our attention.

Sports Day

sports day

At ISC we dedicate a morning to Sports Day each summer.  This is an opportunity for your child to participate in a rotation of activities based on skills acquired in PE lessons.  On April 10th at 9:00, we kindly invite Early Years Parents to school to watch the Sports Day and cheer on their child.  On April 12th at 9.15 we invite Grade 2-6 parents to the Elementary Sports Day.  The venue will be announced in a further communication.  At each Sports Day there will be a parent race/challenge so please begin preparing for this in advance!  The PTA will be providing fruit snacks for the children however in order to limit the use of plastic, please provide your child with a reusable water bottle which they will be able to fill up during the event.

Code of Conduct in the PYP

It is incredible how quickly the school year is progressing and as children become comfortable with their teachers, I would like to remind the ISC Community that we do have a Code of Conduct which details regulations on behaviour, conduct in school and one fieldtrips, appropriate uniform, guidance on safe footwear for students and the consequences of misconduct.  As a reminder of this policy, I have attached the link to the ManageBac Parents page here where you can find all our policies.  Appropriate behaviour and respect for the code of conduct are of upmost importance in order for a safe and happy school.  I would like to thank you for your support of the Code of Conduct and if you have any questions about it please do not hesitate to ask.  In each class, teachers and children have created Essential Agreements and these connect to the Code of Conduct.  Students who choose not to follow these Essential Agreements will have consequences such as missing playtime, repeating work missed, writing letters of apology, talking with myself.  In more serious situations, letters of warning and internal suspensions may be given.


Upcoming Parent Workshop

On Tuesday 2nd April at 8.50, I will be presenting a workshop on Student Agency and how this can lead to International Mindedness.  I will introduce the PYP Action Cycle and how our work with your children aims to promote the core values of International Mindedness and Agency.  The workshop will introduce new elements of the Enhanced PYP and will give parents a chance to ask any questions about this aspect of the PYP.  The workshop is open to all PYP parents and I hope to see you there.


Visit from Inspired

visit from Inspired
This week, our Early Years department had a visit from Marianne Valentine from the Inspired Group.  Marianne’s role is to support teachers and the Leadership to ensure we are fulfilling the requirements of the Inspired Early Years Approach. Marianne was very pleased with our EY Team and I would like to thank the whole community for their support of our EY programme.

Residential Fieldtrips in Grade 5 & 6


Letters have been sent home to Grade 5 and 6 parents regarding our upcoming residential fieldtrips.  On 6th – 8th May, Grade 5 and Grade 6 will embark on their fieldtrips to San Sebastiano Po for Grade 5 and Rome for Grade 6.  If you have any questions about the upcoming fieldtrips please do not hesitate to ask.

And finally….

I am sure you will join me in congratulating Ms Hope and Ms Leif who have successfully passed their final tecahing placement.  The Educators Abroad inspectors visited Como this week and they were very impressed with both Ms Hope and Ms Leif but also our students and how motivated they are towards their learning. I wish both teachers a successful career ahead and we sadly say goodbye to them on April 12th.  Thank you to the G3H and G5C parents for your support of the student teachers and again huge congratulations to Ms Hope and Ms Leif.