Primary School: 21/06/2019

Welcome to the FINAL Newsletter of the 2018-2019 Academic Year…

It has been a busy, productive and happy year and I hope your children have enjoyed every step of the way.  I would like to thank all the parents for their support, to thank the ISC staff for their dedication and of course the final thanks goes to your children who are fabulous bundles of positive energy.

To those families who will leave ISC this year, I wish you every success for your future and please do keep in touch to let us know how you are getting on!  Thank you for the contributions you have made to the ISC history book and for being part of the ISC family.

Looking back over the year:  Fieldtrips

We have had many exciting experiences with your children over the year, but highlights are always our fieldtrips.  Our fieldtrip policy states that children will have a fieldtrip in each of their units.  This may be an out of school experience or a visiting speaker/workshop within school.  Where trips do not connect to the Unit of Inquiry they link to developing the Learner Profile attributes or connect to a specialist subject such as music.

It is so exciting to see bonds created with outdoor learning providers – this year we have strengthened relationships with providers such as Teatro Burratini who give many experiences for your children.  We have also made new connections such as Attivamente and Fondazione Minoprio.  Providers come into school to work with teachers to design the best possible fieldtrips and we work in close collaboration.

Outdoor learning is a MUST!  It is a way for your children to make connections outside of the four walls of the classroom, it is a chance for your children to wander and wonder and an opportunity to learn from others.  Strong bonds are formed on fieldtrips and children are often asked to use their risk-taking skills.

From Torino to Roma we have covered miles and miles of Italy over the year and I would like to thank you for your support of our trips.  The Grade 5 and Grade 6 residential trips were a huge success and saw your children creating the sounds of nature in Asti and exploring the Vatican Museum in Rome.

In total this year we have had 72 experiences both in school and outside in the PYP.  Our trips do tend to be nature based as this is not something our school environment can provide and is an essential part of childhood.  A big thank you goes to our Fieldtrip Coordinator and Ms Piras who complete all the logistics for each trip. It is a mammoth task!

It is impossible to select a favourite trip however highlights have been the Grade 5 trip to the Egyptian Museum, the Grade 4 ArcheoPark trip, the Banksy Exhibition, the new trips to Fondazione Minoprio, storytelling in nature the Attivamente workshops, the transition trip to Blevio, the new workshops at MUBA for EY.  However my special memory will be the Grade One children who noticed a baby Flamingo had been born on their visit to Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle.  This was a huge surprise to the Zoo Keeper who contacted the university following the Flamingos immediately – this shows the IB in action- well done Grade One for using your observation skills.

WOW…what a year!  Our fieldtrip calendar for next year is already filling up and you will be able to find the dates of all trips on ManageBac in September.

Grade 2–6 Reports Reminder: End of Year and End of Unit 6 Reports


A kind reminder to please log in to your child’s ManageBac account to access the end of year report.  From Saturday 22nd June you will also be able to download your child’s End of Unit 6 report from the Portfolio Page.  It is very important to read the End of the Year report to understand your child’s strengths and areas of focus for the next year.

Grade 6 Portfolios

Grade 6

I would like to ask that Grade Six Parents download all reports from their child’s Portfolio and Reports tab as from August 1st we will roll into the next academic year and the PYP Portfolios do not move up into your child’s MYP account.  From August 1st, children leaving the school will also lose access to their ManageBac account. For any questions please email Mr. Humphrey.

Looking Forward to September:  The Enhanced PYP


As I have written in many Newsletters, the PYP has gone through a review and therefore from the next academic year we will launch and follow the requirements of the Enhanced PYP.  Most of the changes will happen at the teacher level and by introducing some new elements we hope you will find that your children:

  • Have a greater sense of student agency
  • Understand that assessment is a process and not something belonging only to the summative task
  • Will have a stronger understanding of the Approaches to Learning
  • Will make greater contributions to the PYP planning and reflection process
  • Will make increased use of the Portfolios as an assessment and reflection tool

All further staff and parent training will be using the Enhanced PYP Guidelines and all PYP staff will have a 2 day official IB training on Making the PYP Happen:  Implementing Agency – this is a big commitment from the school and I would like to thank Ms Ferloni for her dedication to training and upskilling all staff members so that we make this important step in the PYP together.

ManageBac Parent Access

With the introduction of the Enhanced PYP, ManageBac have needed to make huge changes to their system.  The enhancements they have made are very exciting from a teacher level but you will also see improved features for the Portfolio and Reports.  In order to align with these changes, all parents will receive an invitation over the summer to set up your own personal ManageBac account.  This already happens in the MYP and DP and will allow parents to have independent access – there will also be a PYP APP which I know will make some of you very happy!  ManageBac access will be for all parents from Pre K to Grade 6 as it is the number one stop for all school documents, calendar of events and finding out about your child’s achievements.  Class Dojo will still remain for informal communications and day to day news about your child’s class.

Summer Holiday Homework


Attending a PYP school is an intense experience and it is important your child has a good amount of rest over the holiday in preparation for the September start.  However if you wish to set your children some homework here are my suggestions:

  • SMILE!
  • Try a new ice cream flavour
  • Snuggle up and read under a tree, in the sand, on top of a mountain – wherever takes your fancy
  • Log roll across a field, down a hill (be safe!)
  • Find an interesting pebble or shell on the beach
  • Write a postcard from your holiday destination
  • Practice your letter formation in the sand
  • Give your parents at least one hug a day
  • Climb up high – either a tree, hill or mountain
  • Cloud watch – what shapes do you see
  • Star Gaze – how many patterns can you find
  • Daydream!
  • Have an adventure
  • Learn a new timestable
  • Play
  • And above all……have FUN!

A lot of research has been done on a list of what every child should do before they are 11 and 3/4 you can download this here to discuss with your child:

For a more structured approach to Holiday Homework!

reading eggs.pngReading Eggs can still be used over the Summer – I highly recommend the Library section as you will find over 1000 books in English for your child to read.

Every Day Maths Journals Grade 2-6 – The PYP is not a textbook based curriculum and therefore there are some pages of the Maths Journals which remain unfinished.  I would advise your children to work with you to complete these pages before the next academic year – this will keep up their maths skills and ten minutes a day will ensure they do not regress over the long summer holidays.

A huge well done to all the parents who have read each Newsletter this year.  Any feedback on what information you would like to see in the PYP section next year would be very welcome.  A huge thanks to our Front and Back Office team who translate my Newsletter – what a job!

Have a beautiful holiday ISC and thank you for being part of my PYP family this year!