Primary School: 20/09/2019


Welcome to the second PYP Blog! This week here are some reminders about school life and information about upcoming events!

Welcome to the ISC Community

This week we have welcomed two new members to our teaching team. Ms Marta will be the cover teacher in Grade 2 and Ms Rachele will be the Co-educator/Assistant in Pre-K and Kinder. I am sure you will join me in wishing them a wonderful experience at ISC!

Learner Profile Week



We are very excited about activities planned for next week based on the IB Learner Profile.

What is the Learner Profile? The International Baccalaureate® (IB) learner profile describes a broad range of characteristics that they wish to see in an IB community – they are not based on academic success but rather on developing one’s self. All members of the school community are asked to develop respect for themselves, others and the world around them. The 10 learner profile attributes guide our community towards International Mindedness and help us to be the best that we can be.

What are the 10 attributes?

  • Inquirers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Principled
  • Open-minded
  • Caring
  • Risk-takers
  • Balanced
  • Reflective

Each unit of inquiry at school focuses on 2 or 3 of these attributes, however in our Focus Week students will explore all 10 through various interactive activities. To read more from the IB click here or here for the learner profile video.

The Learner Profile focus week will develop a better understanding in our community of the attributes and each day students will explore 1 or 2 attributes as shown below:

EY – G2

Day LP Focus
Monday Caring
Tuesday Risk – Taker
Wednesday Communicator
Thursday Thinker
Friday Principled

G3 – G6

Day LP Focus
Monday Caring
Tuesday Open Minded
Wednesday Balanced
Thursday Inquirer
Friday Thinker

We will post videos to help you follow along with your child at home through Dojo and I hope your children come home with lots to tell you about the learner profile.

And lastly the Dress Up part! On Friday 27th, your children are invited to dress up as one of the Learner Profile attributes. They will need to be creative! Is there a way to dress up as caring, knowledgeable, or could your child dress in a colour that represents open-minded? Your child could also show International Mindedness by dressing in traditional clothes from their culture. I’m looking forward to our assembly to see all these exciting costumes!

dress up

Homework G2 – G6


We are now in our second week of homework. If you have any questions about how to support your child please do speak to their Homeroom Teacher or Italian teacher. Homework is a compulsory part of the curriculum and I would be very grateful if you could ensure your child completes the homework on time and to the best of their ability.

Cycle Assessments in G5 – G6

well done

We are now in our second week of Cycle Assessments. You will be receiving the marked copy of your child’s assessment to look at together at home. Please read through the assessment with your child and tell them 2 things they did well and decide 1 thing they could improve on for the next assessment. We then ask that you sign the front cover of the assessment and return it to school. All assessments are stored in our assessment files to track and monitor progress.

Books home on 27th September


A reminder that your children will bring home their books on Friday for the weekend. This is an opportunity to share in your child’s learning looking at their work together and discussing what has taken place in the first weeks of school. Please ensure the books are returned for Monday.

Behaviour on the Playground

positive behaviors

We have a very strict Code of Conduct for the playground which has been explained to the students. They must stay safe on equipment and include everyone in their games. They must also play safely and not put others at harm. Consequences of not following the Code of Conduct are missed playtimes and a communication to you about your child’s actions. Repeat disregard for the Code of Conduct will result in further actions which may include behaviour tracking reports, letters of warning or for serious cases internal suspension. I am monitoring the playground alongside the teachers and do hope that we see all students following the Code of Conduct.

Sports Bonding Day

sports day

On Tuesday 24th September, all PYP students will participate in a PE activity working alongside other ISC students. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from others and to collaborate through physical activity. We will post photos on Dojo and we do hope your children enjoy this experience. Please send your child in PE Kit on Tuesday.

Family Fun Run


Continuing on the sports theme, ISC will host a Family Fun Run on Saturday 28th September at 09:30. More details on how to sign up for the event will follow and the event is open to ISC students and their families and staff of course!

G4, G5 & G6 Sleepover


Next week, I will be sending a sign-up sheet to the G4 – G6 parents who would like their child to participate in the sleep over at school on Friday 4th October. The theme of the sleepover will be sleeping under the stars! The event will start in the evening with games, dinner, movie night and a chance to star gaze (weather permitting) before heading to the gym for a giant sleep over! A more detailed communication will be sent to the G4 – G6 parents via email.

Uniform and PE code of conduct

15 Uniform Clipart Student For Free Download On Mbtskoudsalg in Student In Uniform Clipart Black And White

From Pre-k to G9 we have a uniform code to help add to our students’ sense of belonging to our school community and to encourage our students to develop a sense of pride in our school. For some of our families, we do appreciate that uniform orders may not yet have arrived. In this case, please respect our school colours with a plain white T-shirt and navy bottoms. We also ask that you make your child’s Homeroom teacher aware.
In addition, our PE code of conduct has specific references to help to keep your child safe, in all grades. Please ensure that your child in brings their correct PE Kit to lessons in order to fully participate.
With regard to jewellery, our PE code of conduct states that no jewellery may be worn for PE or sport. As such, students are required to remove all jewellery before a lesson commences. This is for the safety of your child and those around them. For students who wear knotted bracelets and necklaces, scissors will be used to remove them, otherwise a letter will be sent home to kindly ask to remove the piece of jewellery as these too put safety at risk when playing sport.

And finally….

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and fantastic week ahead.

J. Whittle