Primary School: 19/06/2020

Welcome to the final ISC PYP Blog of 2019-2020

I cannot believe we are at this point already but we have made it!  Thank you to every member of our ISC Community for being part of this academic year – for your creativity, inspiration, dedication and support in every aspect of school life.  We have most definitely faced challenges along the way and many hurdles have been placed in front of us, but together we have used our IB Learner Profile attributes to guide us and strengthen the bonds between home and school.

Happy Holidays

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe summer ahead.  Your children have worked extremely hard to keep up with their PYP adventures in Virtual School and it is very important over the summer that they:

  • Have time to talk and reflect on what just happened to them
  • Have time away from the screen
  • Have time to play, play and play some more
  • Snuggle up and read and write for pleasure
  • Have time in late August to think about the transition back to school and what that will be like.

Some parents have asked for Holiday Homework.  Firstly it is important your children rest and learn through their playing and holiday adventures, however for parents who would like something more structured I would suggest going through the Padlets from Virtual School as there are a wealth of resources to revise concepts taught in the second half of the year.  There are also all the Subject Specialist Padlets plus the Library Padlets to keep the children busy.  Reading Eggs will also continue throughout the summer. You may want to take a Parent Trial with Maths Seeds, Mathletics, Splash Math if your child enjoys online Maths games.  For reading, online books can be found at: If you are not sure of your child’s level, please ask.

I will also place some Virtual Packs with off screen ideas on Class Dojo.  I will also place all the EcoWise Films in one place as these will spark lots of outdoor adventures for your children.
Please find them on this Padlet:

summer holidays

A New Arrival on the Way

I would like to wish Ms. Tiberini our amazing music teacher, all our best wishes for her special arrival this summer.  Ms. Tiberini is expecting a baby in July and I am sure you will join me in wishing her the very best.  Ms. Tiberini will take a year of maternity leave and we are very much looking forward to welcoming her back in September 2021.  We have recruited a teacher for her maternity cover and you will have the profile of all new teachers shortly.

Grade 6 Graduation

Thank you to the 97 participants who joined our first ever Grade 6 Virtual Graduation.  Our Grade 6 students have brought a new aspect to risk-taking this term.  From their Virtual Exhibition to their online Italian Exhibition, to this graduation – they truly are an incredible group of students and I wish them every happiness as they move onto Middle School.

September 2020:  What’s on the Horizon

During the summer, we expect to receive the final regulations for re-opening ISC and I will be sending you communications and offering virtual meetings throughout the summer to ensure you have all the information you need.  The teachers will also be preparing a video when they are back in August, to help your children understand any new rules and regulations they will need to follow in September.  We will be busily working over Summer to ensure ISC is ready to open its doors and welcome your children back into a safe and happy environment.  There will be a lot of teamwork required to allow us to work under these new regulations and there are really not enough words to express how happy I will be to see you and your children in September.  Please do not hesitate to email me over the summer ( with any logistical questions you may have about returning to school.

Next week, the teachers will be evaluating Virtual School and considering how they will adapt their teaching in September to meet regulations.  We will take the very best aspects of Virtual School back into Live School and we will be considering our Hybrid offering for any students who are unable to return in September or who need to stay home due to illness.  All of this information will be communicated to you prior to the re-opening.

And so that leaves me to say……


Thank you to the children for being beacons of hope and light, even in the darkest of times in the second half of the year – they are inspirational and truly magnificent IB Babies.  I could not be more proud of them.

Thank you to the parents and extended family members – what you have managed to achieve this second half of the year has been extraordinary.  When I say well done, I really do mean it, thank you for everything you have achieved.

Thank you to the ISC Staff – each and every one of you have made such a positive contribution to the PYP this year.

Thank you to the PTA – I am extremely grateful for your continuous feedback and guidance over this year and I am so sorry to have to say goodbye to our Chair Libby – we have been blessed to have you.

Thank you to the pets!  I have seen so many variations of dogs, cats, turtles, fish and many other creatures big and small over Virtual School – we finally got to have pet day and they have filled us with joy in Zoom lessons.

And finally of course a huge thank you to Mrs Ferloni – I was thrilled when I took the position at ISComo because as an IB educator, it is a dream to work with someone with such a fountain of knowledge about the PYP and the IB in general.  Mrs Ferloni has taught me so much and guided me in so many aspects.  I shall miss her greatly and want to publicly say how thankful I am to have had this wonderful opportunity to work under her guidance.  Thank you for making dreams come true Mrs Ferloni and always allowing myself and your team to grow and find their IB pathway.

And finally….

I remember after the PYP Sleep Over breathing a sigh of relief.  “I got through the most challenging event of the year” I said to myself!  Oh how little I knew!  We made it ISC Team PYP and it has been an honor and a priviledge to be part of the Leadership Team helping to bring the PYP to life this academic year.

With my very best wishes for a wonderful summer.

Ms. Jane Whittle

Summer Break