Primary School: 18/10/2019

Welcome to the PYP Blog!  This edition also includes a PYP Curriculum Corner!
The purpose of the Curriculum Corner is to inform the community about the features of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and to give more information about the PYP at ISC.  Happy reading!newsletter20pic

Parent Workshop


How do we assess your children in the PYP?  What do we mean by feedback to feedforward?  On Tuesday 22 October we will be exploring these questions in our PYP Parent Workshop. I will explain what assessment looks like in the PYP and give examples of the types of assessment your children participate in throughout the year.  I hope to see you there – start time 08:50 am.

Listening Corner

angolo ascolto

A reminder that on Tuesday 5 November we will host our first Listening Corner for Parents.  What is a listening corner?  This is an opportunity for parents to speak openly amongst other parents to discuss aspects of parenting, to ask questions to each other and to share experiences in an open and non-judgemental setting.  The purpose of the Listening Corner is to provide an opportunity to discuss together in an informal setting.  The Listening Corners will begin at 08:50 am.  There will be prompt questions however parents are welcome to direct the topics depending on their needs, our first Listening Corner will address:

  • Early Years Parents:  Am I making the right choices when managing my child’s behaviour?
  • Elementary Parents: How can I manage homework to avoid conflict with my child?

Books Homebooks at home

Grade 2-6 will be bringing their books home for the weekend.  This is an opportunity for you to share your child’s learning with them and discuss what they have been doing at school.  Books should be returned to school on Monday 21st October.  The next date for receiving books will be 29th November.

Unit 1 Reports Grade 2-6

On November 11, parents will be able to download the Unit One Report from the Portfolio Page of ManageBac.  The Unit reports give your child a level according to the elements of the PYP – knowledge, concepts, approaches to learning and action, plus there is also an overall level for Italian learning.  The written comment addresses aspects of the IB Learner Profile.  Please share the report with your child and celebrate their successes and discuss any targets for your child to work towards in Unit 2.

Happy kids holding their excellent report cards

To access the reports:

  • Open your ManageBac account
  • Click Portfolio
  • You will see my post with the report added

ManageBac Portfolios are now more interactive so you can:

  • Click “like” on the Post
  • You can “star” the post so you can find it more quickly
  • You can click “connections” and tick the Approaches to Learning and Learner Profile attributes your children showed
  • You can click the “speech bubble” and add a comment about what you are proud of

Unit 2 Newsletters

On 25 October, you will be able to download the Unit 2 Newsletter for Grade 2-6.  These are downloaded from ManageBac from the ISC Parents Page and give you an overview of the unit coming up.  There are also tips from the teacher on how to help your child at home.  I hope you find these helpful guidelines for the unit ahead.

Dress Up Days


A reminder that Thursday 24 October is UN Day and your children are invited to dress in traditional dress from their country or in clothes or colours which represent their country.  On Friday 25 October we have our first Free Dress Day where your children can come in their own choice of clothes.

And Finally….

nut freeI sent a communication reminding parents that we do provide fruit snacks for morning playtime.  In Grade 2-6 some parents choose to pack their own snack however the communication reminded parents these must be NUT FREE and HEALTHY.  Parents have requested a definition of what we mean by a healthy snack and you can find this below.

A healthy snack includes:

  • Fruit
  • Plain crackers
  • Plain biscuits
  • A small sandwich
  • Juice
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Pieces of cold meat

Snacks that are not permitted include:

  • Nut products
  • Chocolate products
  • Cakes
  • Sweets
  • Biscuits full of cream etc..
  • Fizzy Drinks

I would be very grateful if parents could adhere to this communication to avoid their child’s snack being taken away and given back at the end of the day.

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