Primary School: 18/01/2019

Welcome to the first Newsletter of 2019 – I wish the entire community a happy and healthy year ahead and I am very excited about what we have coming up at ISC this term.  If you have any questions about the PYP please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Making Science Fun

Classes across the entire school have been exploring Scientific concepts this week and developing their understanding of what makes a Scientific experiment.  The language of Science has been ringing through the hallways and your children have been investigating a range of physics, biology and chemistry topics.  From making slime, to rainbow skittles, to Gummy Bear dipping and observation of a heart dissection it has been a very busy week!  Thank you for supporting our Dress Like a Scientist day and perhaps you could ask your child to sing the Science song they learnt in assembly.

If you would like to explore and discuss with your child at home, I have posted a range of Science films on Class Dojo.

NO Nuts….NO Nits…

Whilst the title might be light-hearted, the message is a strong one.  I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that we are a NUT FREE School.  We have students with nut allergies across many grades.  Allergic reactions can happen from smelling the nuts, not only tasting and some children’s snacks are putting other students at risk.  Please help us to keep our school safe for everyone and ensure that no nuts nor products containing derivatives/traces are brought to school.


In terms of head lice, please may you continue to check your child’s hair for lice.  A film on how to do this can be downloaded here.  We kindly ask that if you find nits, you treat your child’s hair immediately and let the school know.  We need to work together to minimise lice and I would like to thank you for your cooperation in this matter.  Please also ensure that long hair is tied back to help prevent the spread of lice.

Mid-Year Reports

On January 31 PYP Parents will receive their child’s Mid Year Report.  This is a summary of where your child is achieving at this half way point of the year.  Teachers will comment on your child’s strengths and suggest areas they wish to see your child develop.  There will be Teacher Parent Conferences which follow the reporting period if you have any questions about the report.  Early Years Parents will receive the report by email.  Grade 2-6 Parents will be able to download the report from ManageBac by clicking on the REPORTS tab on the left hand side.  For ManageBac login issues please email Mr. Humphrey:

Step One:  Log in to ManageBac:

Step Two:  Click on the Reports Tab on the left hand side – you find it below Portfolio.


Step Three:  You will see the report ready to download as a PDF

I hope you find the reports helpful and indicative of your child’s progress and areas to develop.

Planning Afternoon

On Friday, January 25 school will close at 13:00 so that teachers can work together collaboratively on the upcoming Unit 4.  I will lead the teachers through a workshop on the PYP Action Cycle and this will be followed by planning of the 4th unit.  You will find the Unit 4 Newsletters on ManageBac in the Parent Page by clicking on your child’s Grade Level.

Upcoming Parent Workshops

Thank you to those parents who attended the Assessment in the PYP Workshop last week.  On Tuesday 22 I would like to invite you to my workshop on Language in the PYP where I will be presenting our reading and writing programmes across Early Years and Elementary.  If you have questions about how your children develop their language skills and you would like to know more about our Language Programme, this is the workshop for you!

Following this workshop on February 5 Ms Lockett and I would  like to invite parents to learn more about our IB Self Study which is a process of evaluation and review ahead of our IB Visit in February 2020.  The workshop will explain the process and invite parents to be part of a Parent Committee responsible for evaluating certain elements of the programme from a parent’s point of view.  If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to be part of the committee please contact me:

All Parent Workshops can be downloaded from the Parent Page of ManageBac.

Thank you for reading the first Newsletter of the year.  I invite you to open the PYP Curriculum Corner to read all about Cycle Assessments in the PYP.