Primary School: 17/04/2019

I would like to wish the PYP Community a wonderful holiday and I am looking forward to the exciting adventures we will have with your children on their return on Thursday, May 2.

Mother’s Day Breakfast


On behalf of the Student Council, I would like to invite all Mums to our Mother’s Day Breakfast on Friday, May 10. Mums will be able to visit their child’s class from 08:30 to 08:45 and will then be called to the Cafeteria for breakfast. There will be a short presentation plus an activity in the gym lead by Ms Carla! Excited? We are! We hope to see as many mums as possible at the event. A formal invitation will arrive from school shortly where we kindly ask you to inform us if you will be attending the event.

Upcoming Parent Workshop


On Tuesday, May 21 at 08:50 I will host the final PYP Parent Workshop of the year on the topic of Student Led Conferences. This is an opportunity to find out how the Conferences will work and the role of the parent during the Conference. I hope to see you there and as always the presentation will be uploaded to the ManageBac Parents Page.

Self Study Parent Groups

Ms Karen, Ms Pearce and I would like to request that the parents involved in the Self Study attend the next meeting after the coffee morning on May 14. This will give us the opportunity to add more evidence from the parents point of view.  The meeting will take place from 09:30 to 10:30.

Student Led Conferences

I would like to remind you that Friday, May 24 is Student Led Conference Day. School will be closed for the day and you will be asked to sign up for a slot with your child. Please note the day is a normal school day for Pre K and Grade 6 students. Child Care provision for children with siblings will be provided to allow for parents to spend the quality time with one child at a time.

Creative Arts Month

Dance club

May 2 sees the launch of Creative Arts Month. During the entire month of May there will be many extra activities at break times and lunchtimes for your children to explore – from art to drama, from rap to rock, from line dancing to freestyle we hope your children will have fun engaging with the Arts. Every PYP assembly in May will be dedicated to the Creative Arts. There will be whole school colouring, our very own School of Rock will perform, our teacher Band will treat us to a performance and Grade 3 will also perform work connected to their Unit of Inquiry. If you would like to be involved in Creative Arts Month and support our children in an activity, please do let me know (

End of Unit Reports

From April 18, you will be able to download the Unit 4 End of Unit Reports from the ManageBac Portfolio Page. I hope you find these helpful indicators of the progress your child is making in the Elements of the PYP.

Grade 6 Exhibition Update


Our Grade 6 students are working really hard on the research component of the Exhibition. In Maths they have been quantifying their research using graphs and in Language they are beginning an essay on a chosen line of inquiry. We do hope as many parents as possible will visit the Exhibition this year.
Please save the date: May 29.

And finally…


Heelys (or any shoes with wheels) are a fun and creative shoe (I even have a pair!) however they are not suitable to wear in school.  Your children are walking up and downstairs a lot and it takes one wheel to pop out and they go tumbling.  Please do not send your child to school in Heelys, or any other shoe with wheels, as they are far too dangerous for a school setting.